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Keeping Your Gambling Under Control

The gambling industry already leveraged advancements in modern technology. Online gambling sites provided people to have more access to several games of luck with attractive jackpot prizes. In the same manner, games are also optimized to offer the ultimate user experience. There are already several online gambling sites that offer a wide variety of casino… Continue Reading

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Why are Apps Better in iOS than in Android

It’s no secret that there is a war of innovation being waged between behemoths of the technology industries. The most famous and prominent battle is between the two alpha-male operating systems of smartphones, iOS and Android.  Trying to stay objective and keeping personal preferences out of the way is the best method to assess the… Continue Reading

Six Trends that will Impact Online Roulette Positively in 2020

It is incredible how much the world has changed in the last decade. In 2010, no one imagined ride-sharing would become such a popular phenomenon. Very few people invested in Bitcoin or thought about VR and other innovations as transformative technologies. Yet, here we are talking of how you can now use Bitcoin, VR, and… Continue Reading

How Games Like Bingo and Roulette Can Boost Brain Function

A wealth of research has been conducted over the past few decades into the positive cognitive effects and lifestyle improvements of mathematical games of chance. Games like bingo, roulette, and other chance-based games are often simply viewed as gambling but the skill involved with keeping track of numbers and calculating outcomes can be very beneficial… Continue Reading

Are Roulette Computers Really Legal?

People on forums regularly speak about matters they have no idea about. Yet they profess to be experts. This article clarifies the legal situation about roulette computers. Proving roulette computers can achieve enormous profits is easy. You can see a demonstration on any wheel you want (See But for many people, it’s more a… Continue Reading

What Street Art is Popular in Egypt?

Street art, all over the world, has been gaining popularity and is finally being recognized as a form of expressive art. Once upon a time, it was only seen as vandalism of public property, and was punishable by law. This is still the case in many countries, and is still considered to be as such… Continue Reading

Does Advantage Play In Casinos Still Work?

Advantage play is what casinos call systems that “work”. Generally they are defined as techniques and strategies not considered to be “cheating”. So you can’t be charged with any criminal offence for applying advantage play to win. But does advantage play still work in modern casinos? After all, you’d think casinos would do everything possible… Continue Reading

5 Unbelievable Benefits of Sports Betting

Many people have grown to love sports, so much so that they express their love and appreciation for the games in various ways. Some make it a point to watch the games live and cheer on their favorite teams. Others place wagers to show that they believe that their team has got what it takes… Continue Reading

Electronic Roulette: Everything You Need to Know

With the digital gambling world evolving at an impressive pace, punters can now enjoy electronic casino games at brick-and-mortar casinos, as well as online, from the comfort of their home. Recently, electronic roulette has made the rounds in the gambling world.  The primary difference between electronic roulette and its live counterpart is that the former… Continue Reading

The Facts Behind the 1995 Film ‘Casino’

People often overuse the word “classic,” especially when it comes to cinema. You often hear “this film is going to be a classic in the next couple of years,” and other exaggerations. One director that definitely knows how to make a film that will live on throughout the ages is Martin Scorsese, who has helmed… Continue Reading

Can Repeaters Systems Win at Roulette?

Repeaters in roulette are numbers that repeat shortly after they’ve spun. The theory is that recent numbers are more likely to repeat sometime soon. So can they in any way be used to beat roulette? The short answer is no. This page explains why. If you’re looking for a page that explains how they can… Continue Reading

EGT Spins its way to African Gaming

Euro Games Technology has made headlines recently as it announced its African debut at the ICE gaming convention. Together with its distributor, Custom Gaming Solutions, this technological iGaming powerhouse is looking to massively expand how roulette is played in South Africa. They aim to accomplish this through the introduction of their new automated roulette wheel.… Continue Reading

Tips To Get The Best Online Casino Bonus

Acquiring a casino bonus code is a must for every player who wants to magnify the playing experience that he is seeking. Casino bonuses are the means for players to acquire free money or free stuff from an online casino. Those free offers can allure the user to stay in the online casino longer. For… Continue Reading

Are Stricter Regulations about to Affect Roulette Players?

Last month, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) suspended the operating license of EveryMatrix Ltd with immediate effect and seemingly without warning. The regulator suspended the license in order for them to carry out a review of the business in question as to whether certain conditions apply, namely that the support for players procedure is… Continue Reading

The difference between playing online roulette and the real one

Roulette has always been considered one of the most popular casino games ever. It offers a special thrill and great excitement together with a touch of mystery. The roulette wheel became the universally recognized symbol of casino gambling. Casino roulette is a very common game that is offered in all online casinos in the world.… Continue Reading

Common Mistakes Of New Roulette Players

I’ve been teaching others to play and beat roulette for around 15 or so years now. I’ve learned a lot about how to effectively teach players. I’ve also learned a lot about how players think, or don’t think. Chances are most players who read the article headline quickly lost interest. That’s because most players want… Continue Reading

What Casinos Do To Stop You Winning Roulette: Part 3

If you missed the previous parts, see these links: part 1 & part 2. To recap, mostly there are things casinos can do to make winning harder. But they come at a price for casinos, which is often they lose revenue in other ways. For this reason, most countermeasures to thwart professional players are applied… Continue Reading

Different Types of Roulette Explained

Most players are familiar with the two different types of roulette wheel layouts, which are American and European. This refers to the sequence of numbered pockets. But this article will cover the different variations in greater depth. The variations about roulette game are shown below: French Roulette French roulette uses the European wheel format. The… Continue Reading

The 6 Biggest Winners in the History of Roulette

The house has the edge and this is a known fact for every gambler. The truth hits closer to home for blackjack and roulette players, games designed to favor the house. You might be on a winning streak but the house will get it back, sometimes even more. Despite that, many patrons go in for… Continue Reading

How To Write Content For Casino Blogs

Going to a new city, some people visit museums, parks, bars, clubs, and a million other options. Punters, though, know where they’re headed: the nearest casino. Those other suggestions are cool and everything, but let’s first check out what the city’s gambling scene looks like. With the advent of online casinos, the gambling dynamics changed… Continue Reading

What Casinos Do To Stop You Winning Roulette: Part 2

If you missed it, See Part 1 here. As a recap, most people believe roulette is the most random and unbeatable game in the casino. The truth is it’s in fact by far the game that’s most vulnerable to professional players. This is because the winning number is determined by a mechanical device which is… Continue Reading

Football Betting Strategies for Newbie Gamblers

What’s the most exciting part of your day? Some people would say the moment they come home to a loving family, and enjoying dinner and a movie with them. For others, it’s some adventure they go on like climbing a mountain or hiking a trail, to remind them why they’re still alive. And then there… Continue Reading

6 Reasons Why Poker is Way Harder Than it Looks

Card games are always classified as fun, relaxing and easy going, so when someone comes along and tells you that they play a card game on a professional level, it may seem a bit strange at first. However, when you know the process and what goes into playing poker, it won’t seem all that odd… Continue Reading

Why Some High-Rollers Choose To Play At Live Casinos

If you are looking to play casino games and placing some hefty stakes, the days when you just headed for the local casino are over. Now high-rollers are discovering new ways of trying to win huge cash prizes and they don’t even need to leave their own homes. The desire to play online has increased… Continue Reading

Protect Yourself From Roulette System Scams is one of the leading authorities on roulette prediction. As such, I am regularly contacted by people who want an opinion on a particular roulette system they intend to purchase. Firstly, you shouldn’t blindly trust the word of any competitor. And technically, I am a competitor to anyone also selling systems or technology to… Continue Reading

What Casinos Do To Stop You Winning Roulette: Part 1

Most people believe the roulette is the most unpredictable game in casinos. The truth is very different. In fact it is by far the most vulnerable game for casinos. Professional roulette players can achieve an edge over +200%. Keep in mind that the house edge is -2.7%. This article discusses what some casinos do to… Continue Reading

A Beginners Guide to Online Slots

Most people are pretty clear on the workings of a traditional slot machine. You put your coin in, you pull the handle, and the reels spin round until 3 symbols line up and you find out whether you’ve won or not. If that’s the only kind of slot machine you’ve experienced, then the world of… Continue Reading

Roulette Computer Collusion With Casino Staff

Roulette is not the unbeatable game most people believe. There are in fact numerous legitimately effective roulette strategies. Irrefutably, the king of roulette prediction is the roulette computer. This is because they directly measure the speed of the rotor and the ball, to predict where the ball will land. If you follow our website and… Continue Reading

The #1 Reason Gamblers Lose

I’m going to explain the primary reason that gamblers lose. Some would call it a secret, and others would call it commonsense. It’s IGNORANCE. If you are serious about succeeding at any kind of gambling game, read on. If you are ignorant, you have probably stopped reading. This page wont reveal a roulette strategy that… Continue Reading

How To Save Money Easily By Using a 10 Euros Free Bonus

There is no doubt the casino bonuses are very popular with online players. But there are many things you need to know before accepting a casino bonus offer. There are countless websites listing details of bonuses, like this one: 10 euros free bonus. Different Types of Bonuses There are a variety of different casino bonuses.… Continue Reading

Winning Strategies Common To Both Roulette and Sports Betting

Roulette is loved across the world for reasons varying from its easy rules to it being a casino game that can help you score really big wins. Although without a valid working strategy, luck plays a critical role in roulette. Equipping yourself with certain skills and having deep knowledge about the game, are also very… Continue Reading

Which Mobile Slot Games will be the Top Runners in 2019?

Slots are the most popular type of online casino game. And really, this is no surprise. They are simple to play, come in many different varieties and can reward you with some genuinely life-changing sums of money. And this is not even to mention the stunning visuals and entertaining gameplay which is inherent in many… Continue Reading

Online Casino Tips Beginners Should Know

People may be wondering why majority of online casino beginners were usually told to start or begin with free and trial version of online casino games before playing in the real online casino games where real money is involved. This is simply because, by playing in these free and trial versions of online casino games,… Continue Reading

Tips For New Roulette Players

The tips of this page are intended for new players. If you’re after more detailed information, see the roulette tips page. Every renowned gambler knows that betting systems are set on siphoning all your money away if you aren’t careful. To put things into perspective, let’s just put it out there that most betting systems… Continue Reading

Book Of Ra Roulette – Where Slot Meets Roulette

There are many amazing slot games out there, with lots of different themes and exciting bonus features. Gamblers seem to enjoy the variety and the possibility to play slots online, win real money and have fun at the same time. However, not all of online punters are slots fans. Being a true casino classic, roulette… Continue Reading

Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Accept Bitcoin As Payment

Since its value shot up to $19,000 dollars in late 2017, bitcoin has become a household name. Due to the fact that bitcoins are popular and that transactions can happen anywhere in the world. Businesses have started to embrace bitcoins a payment. Below are five reasons why your business should include bitcoins as a payment… Continue Reading

How to Choose the Best Online Roulette Casinos in 2019

There’s no shortage of online casinos. At first sight, they all seem to be much the same. They just about all offer deposit bonuses. They all have eye-caching banners and advertisements. They all claim to advocate fair play and honesty. But with a bit of research, it doesn’t take long to find many online casinos… Continue Reading

Where Live Roulette is Headed in the Next Five Years

Being a roulette fan, you never know when you will itch to play your favorite game next time. And you won’t be able to visit a land based casino and join the roulette table in some of these cases. Several years ago, the only way out was to gamble online and give up the fair… Continue Reading

Should you use a roulette bet indicator?

After poker, roulette is perhaps the most iconic casino game going. The sound of the ball rattling around the wheel is, for many, the definitive sound of the casino – the one which sums up all the excitement and anticipation it has to offer. It has a gentler pace than other casino games, too. The… Continue Reading

What Makes the Best Online Roulette Casino?

Plenty of online casinos offer roulette games. In fact, most of them do. However, some casinos excel at providing players with these classic table games more so than others. If you are interested in spinning the wheel and throwing down your chips on black, what makes the best online roulette casino then? Most of the… Continue Reading

Online Casino: How Legal Is It In Malaysia?

Malaysia is a beautiful place to vacation. It has a wonderful beach and tourist attraction. However, if you are craving for the gambling scene like Las Vegas, you may not find it in Malaysia. Gambling anywhere in Malaysia is illegal. There are a lot of people trying to find loopholes, but there is practically none.… Continue Reading

How Technology Is Transforming the Gambling Industry

Ever since the beginning, the gambling industry has utilized technological methods to ensure its relevance and accessibility. Innovation in technology has been the main driver of gambling advancement. As a result, today it is easier to gamble than ever before. Every smartphone in the world is essentially a virtual casino. While a substantial chunk of… Continue Reading

Online Casinos: A New Afghan Trend

You might have heard about it for all the right or the wrong reasons, but the Asian landlocked country is one of the most popular countries in the world. As far as global peace and war heroes are concerned, Afghanistan has had quite a fair share of challenges in the past. However, the country boasts… Continue Reading

How to Stay Safe When Gambling Online

The internet isn’t like it used to be; now, it’s a much safer place for everyone to enjoy some gambling. That said, there are still many pitfalls to look out for in order to avoid losing money to a scam or getting your computer damaged by malicious software. There are still websites which are set… Continue Reading

What is the Future of Fixed Odds Betting Within the UK?

After the original decision by the UK government to reduce the maximum stake of fixed odds betting terminals in May it has now given confirmation that there is to be a new ruling which will take effect from April 2019 which states that customers of betting shops within the UK will be restricted to a… Continue Reading

Roulette at the Movies

photo by Greg Montani, CC0 1.0 With so much glitz and glamour on show, it’s no surprise that casinos are regular features in the movies. The thrill of the chase, the tension of the games and the roller-coaster of wins and losses make for great story-lines, and the action at the tables will often echo the themes… Continue Reading

Slots Strategies – Pro Tips To Maximize Your Wins

Every gambler has their strategy. Poker players can learn to read their opponents, bluff a hand, or calculate odds based on the cards left in the deck. Roulette players can use the techniques and strategies on this site to try to narrow the house edge and tip the odds in their favor. Blackjack and dice… Continue Reading

Play European Roulette For Free

If you’re like most Roulette players, you have a system you’ve been trying for some time. But unfortunately most players don’t properly test their strategies. This article will discuss where you should test your system, and how. If you intend to play European roulette for free, it is critical to understand the spins must be… Continue Reading

Roulette Wheels For Sale In The UK

So you’re looking to buy a roulette wheel in the UK? The good news is it’s one of the easiest regions in the world to acquire the same type of wheels used in real casinos. They are much the same wheels you will also find at live roulette tables online. Wheel Manufacturers There are two main… Continue Reading

Bitcoin versus Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum are two popular cryptocurrencies. Like the other phenomenons of the modern world, both cryptocurrencies stem from the desire to be independent that their creators craved for. Anyway, it stands to reason that there are some differences that allows you to understand better the mechanics of both tools. The nature of both cryptocurrencies… Continue Reading

Challenges Faced by Crypto Casinos

The success of cryptocurrency has soared exponentially since its inception a few years ago, and this immense success is partly attributed to online gambling. Many people are still highly skeptical about the use of cryptocurrency in gambling, leaving many crypto enthusiasts perplexed. This article will cover the challenges hindering the overall success of online gambling… Continue Reading

How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

WHAT IS CRYPTOCURRENCY It is imperative to understand what exactly is cryptocurrency before getting into the nitty gritties of it. According to the, cryptocurrency is a digital currency or rather a virtual currency that has been designed to work as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure the transactions that are to… Continue Reading

Changing Landscape for US Online Gambling

The status of online gambling in the US has always been a bit of a rollercoaster being dependent upon legislation within each individual state. Lately the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) overturned a Federal law (1992) which effectively banned any sports betting across the United States. The ruling of 6/3 in favor of… Continue Reading

How to Stay Safe Playing Online Roulette

Source: Pexels  The rise of online casinos over the last two decades has forever changed the games industry, not least in net worth. Where once gambling was limited to green felt tables and exclusive venues, now prospective high rollers can play any game, anytime from anywhere, roulette included. The spinning table has gone from physical… Continue Reading

The Best Systems On Gambling Forums

For the past ten or so years, we have been running some of the most productive gambling forums on the Internet. Currently our most successful discussion board is our roulette forum at We have also recently created the gambling forum at As its name suggests, our roulette forum is dedicated to roulette players.… Continue Reading

Best Roulette Games To Test Roulette Systems

It makes sense to properly test your roulette system before betting for real. But most roulette players are not aware the majority of free games are unrealistic. This article discusses why particular roulette simulators are a bad place to test. We will also reveal the best software to test your system. Random number generators, or… Continue Reading

The First Arabic Casino – A Review

There are casino sites all over the world, with fun loving players no matter where you go. There are Spanish, French and even Russian casino sites, but we’re here to tell you about a world first. Casino Araby is the first site out there to offer an Arabic language site, so let’s find out more… Continue Reading

How Technology Has Changed Casino Gambling

The relentless march of technology has changed the way that we do a lot of things in our day to day lives. From the way we work and communicate to the way we relax, technology has revolutionised it all. One such way that the world has been changed is the casino industry, which has been… Continue Reading

How to Avoid Being Scammed By Online Casinos

The Internet is a fantastic tool that brings people together. But it is also used extensively to scam people. One way to avoid being scammed is by properly researching before sending anyone money. Naturally you will turn to Google to check both positive and negative reviews. When it comes to online casinos, the majority of… Continue Reading

Is the Human Brain Wired for Gambling?

There’s no doubt about it: gambling can be fun. Our brain enjoys the thrill of knowing that the next spin of the wheel, roll of dice or turn of cards can change your fortune, for better or worse. And it’s always left craving for more. However, we are not the only ones. Biologists and behavioral… Continue Reading

List of Books Worth Reading Before Playing Blackjack Online

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games that you can come across at pretty much every online casino and land based casino that offers table games. The popularity of Blackjack grew even more in the past few years with the development of live dealer games across online casinos. Today you can play many… Continue Reading

Is Variance the Enemy of Roulette Players?

Variance is basically the difference between results you expect, and results you get. A more precise definition is: In probability theory and statistics, variance is the expectation of the squared deviation of a random variable from its mean. Informally, it measures how far a set of (random) numbers are spread out from their average value. (source: Wikipedia) Simple… Continue Reading

How Slot Machines Are Designed

Casinos determine the profitability of a game to be directly related to revenue versus floor space. In other words, the less space a game occupies in the casino, the better. That is providing the game is profitable for the casino. Based on this principle, slot machines are the casino’s most profitable games. It’s not surprising… Continue Reading

Why it’s tough to beat RNGs

Roulette was, by popular opinion, invented in the mid-17th century by Blaise Pascal while he was in the process of creating a perpetual motion machine. I use the term popular opinion because there is evidence to suggest that ancient civilizations played similar games before then. By many accounts, there was a game in China that… Continue Reading

Gambling around the World and Blackjack Strategies for any player

Online casinos offer players across the globe excellent opportunities to earn some real money while also getting entertainment and value for money. Arab players from Kuwait and Egypt for example are no exception. Unlike in the past when gambling was inaccessible to players in the Arab world due to local restrictions, players today in Kuwait,… Continue Reading

Random Number Generators – The Basis of Online Roulette

Without a doubt, fairness is a vital element of casinos, both land-based and online ones. Because if establishments were not fair, nobody would indulge in gambling. Obviously, it is relatively easy to ensure players that a venue is fair when it is based on land, and not on the web. This is because players are… Continue Reading

Is Poker The Best Game To Earn a Living?

Most of the large casino wins you hear about are made with poker. This is typically with tournaments, where the winner takes all, netting the player millions. But does it mean poker is the best option to earn a living from casinos? The House Edge in Poker First let’s compare the house edge of poker… Continue Reading

Earning a Living With Online Roulette

It’s a question I am very frequently asked. Can you earn a living with online roulette? The simple answer is yes. However, don’t expect a regular paycheck like a standard 9-to-5 job. Your income will be irregular and patchy, unless you’re playing on a large scale involving many different teams. RNG Roulette Vs Live Dealer… Continue Reading

Are Online Roulette Games Realistic and Fair?

Most online roulette casinos provide a play-for-fun mode, so you can test the games. You may have noticed that your roulette system performs quite well in play mode, where there is no real money involved. So the question is: are the free mode games realistic and fair? Marketing Tactics of Dishonest Casinos I’d rather not… Continue Reading