Popularity of Roulette in Ireland

Ireland was one of the early pioneers when it came to online roulette. It was one of the first jurisdictions to offer live roulette via webcam. And this wasn’t just a typical online casino, because it was live video from a real casino. This gave players confidence in the fairness of online gambling.

Times have changed since then, and there are live roulette casinos in many other jurisdictions.

Are Live Casinos Better?

There’s no shortage of online roulette casinos. There’s a list of https://www.betinireland.ie/casino/free-games/roulette/. When choosing a casino, don’t rely wholly on deposit bonuses because they come with strings attached. Carefully read the fine print to understand your obligations.

Whether or not live casinos are better depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Your objective is of course to win, but there’s more to it. For example, a legitimate advantage is possible with live online roulette. This is achieved with advantage play techniques, such as visual ballistics. But getting an advantage with RNG games is another matter.

Firstly, understand most online casinos determine game results from random number generators (known as RNG). The odds and payouts are the same as live games, but there’s no practical or reasonable way to predict RNG results.

This isn’t the case when it comes to real physical roulette wheels, which is what you’ll see with live online roulette casinos. Because roulette wheels are always physically imperfect. There’s no such thing as a perfe3ct roulette wheel, so there’s no such thing as truly random spins. And if spins aren’t random, there’s a degree of predictability. The exploitation of physical imperfections is known as wheel bias.

The Development of Roulette In The UK

Being close to England, Ireland naturally inherited much of the technology used by casinos. It is more-so the case in more recent times, because casinos and the technology they used have become somewhat standardized.

Roulette may have started in France, but it was most prominent in England for many years. Due to the popularity of the game, it quickly became a “staple” for most casinos. It doesn’t mean it’s the most profitable game for casinos, because it isn’t. That award goes to slot machines, because they make more profit for casinos “per square foot” than any other casino game. However, casinos must cater for all players, with their varying interests. You could imagine a casino with only slot machines – not very exciting.

Nowadays, there aren’t many differences between roulette in Ireland, and roulette in other parts of the world. The exception is of course in the USA and Canada, where American double zero wheels are used.

How Is Roulette Different In Ireland?

Roulette is mostly the same throughout Europe, and overall the conditions in Europe are best for professional players. The relevant factors are explained below.

Slower Rotor Speeds

Every combination of wheel, rotor and ball has a “sweet speed”, which is a speed range in which the ball bounce is most predictable. Similarly, specific rotor speed ranges produce the most random ball bounce. Naturally the wheel manufacturers tell casinos to maintain rotor speed ranges where the ball is least predictable. But perhaps what casino staff don’t know is the ideal parameters will vary as the wheel becomes worn, and develops physical anomalies. But as a general rule, slower rotor speeds are better. Ideally a rotor speed range is optimal at 4-5 seconds per revolutions for successful advantage play.

Faster rotor speeds often can be a good thing though. It ultimately depends on a variety of variables though. For example, a faster rotor speed can deflect the ball upwards, or at a trajectory that rapidly removes the ball’s momentum. Or perhaps the ball is deflected onto a path that ultimately makes ball bounce more predictable. So faster rotors can indeed be more favorable. The main downside of faster rotors is that timing them can be prone to errors – the faster the rotor, the more difficult they are to “clock” for devices like roulette computers. But still as a general rule, slower rotors are easier to beat. And Irish casinos tend to spin rotors more slowly.

Favorable Laws

There are techniques and technologies you wouldn’t use in some parts of the world, because laws expressly prohibit them. But at the time of writing, they legalities aren’t expressly illegal in Ireland. This is the case for many of the surrounding regions.

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