How To Win At Roulette: The Truth

How real players are secretly winning millions on today's casinos, and how you can do it too. It's absolutely real, and the only limit is what you can win without being noticed.

Most roulette tips websites are designed to promote online casinos, not to help you win roulette. They give inaccurate and harmful information, which spreads to other websites. So it’s hard to find accurate advice.

I’ve been been a professional roulette player for over 20 years. I manage the world’s largest team of professional roulette players. Here I explain the truth about beating roulette.

Can You Consistently Win Roulette?

Absolutely. But most players go about it all wrong. You can learn all the typical mistakes players make on our roulette strategy page. The main mistake they make is they don’t even consider what happens on the wheel. Yet the roulette wheel is what determines the winning number.

So start by looking at the wheel, and why the ball lands where it does. It’s actually quite easy to predict the winning number, at least with sufficient accuracy to profit. Remember the house edge is only slight. So you only need slightly accurate predictions for consistent profits.

So if it’s so easy, why aren’t casinos broke?

The real problem is casinos don’t tolerate consistent winners. Once they notice you consistently winning, they’ll take steps to stop you – one way or another.

The Only Strategies That Concern Casinos

Casinos know which strategies work, and watch for tell-tale signs of professional players.

Casinos aren’t stupid. If you win a large amount, the casino will review surveillance video to determine how you likely won. They know which strategies don’t work, and which are serious threats.

If your winnings were probably from luck, they may offer you free drinks or accommodation. This is so you’re likely to continue playing and lose your winnings. They’ll know your wins were from luck if you made bets like red or black, because long-term winning is almost impossible with outside bets.

However, matters are quite different if they suspect you used a professional roulette system. One of the tell-tale signs of a professional player is they make bets based on sectors of the physical wheel. Unless you broke the law, they’ll still pay your winnings, but you won’t be welcome back. You’ll probably be added to their database of suspected professional players. And if you return, they’ll take steps to make winning harder for you. These steps are called “counter-measures”.

The “counter-measures” casinos apply give clues to what makes casinos nervous, and strategies that really work.

Typical Counter-measures

  • Spinning the wheel rotor faster, or at deliberately inconsistent speeds.
  • Frequently changing dealers.
  • Closing bets before the wheel spins, and forbidding late bets.
  • Frequently changing balls.

There’s more, but you may notice it’s all about what happens at the wheel. This is because the wheel is what determines the winning number. And if spins are predictable, players can get an advantage.

The Right Strategy Can Turn $2,000 Into $1,000,000+

The house edge in European roulette is just 2.7%. So the casino’s advantage over players is relatively small. Still it earns them millions.

But if you have even a slight edge over the casino, you’d be the one earning millions. The only question is whether or not the casino staff will notice you, and then take steps like ban you.

Profiting over $1M from just $1,000 may sound outrageous. However, it’s real and has been done before. Some examples are below:

Spanish Players Turn $2,000 into $1,000,000 in 12 months

These players achieved an edge of around only +2% to +4%. Again you only need a small edge. This is why blackjack card counters get excited about a +1% edge.

They beat the wheel using roulette wheel bias, which is exploiting physical flaws of wheels. This approach was used by “the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo. Contrary to popular belief, biased wheels still exist in modern casinos. They are just rare, and more advanced methods must be used to detect any bias before casinos notice.

Nevertheless, there are much better ways to beat roulette. I know it sounds outrageous, but it’s even possible to achieve a +150% edge on modern roulette wheels – even if the wheel is new and unbiased.

So getting an edge and beating wheels is not a problem. Again the real problem is avoiding detection, because no casino tolerates a consistent winner.

The Systems That Work In Modern Casinos

Most people think roulette is the most unpredictable game, and it’s impossible to beat. The truth is the complete opposite. Roulette is by far the most vulnerable game for casinos. It is nearly impossible to design a roulette wheel with completely unpredictable spins.

Roulette is still a profitable game for casinos because the vast majority if players lose. Casinos know some players win consistently. But their winnings are limited with careful casino surveillance and countermeasures.

The best professional roulette systems for modern casinos are listed below.

Roulette Computers

Group of roulette computers
Roulette computers are incorporated into every-day objects, and used in plain-sight.

These are hidden devices that measure the speed or the wheel and ball, then predict where the ball will land. They are by far the most effective way to win at roulette.

They are legal in approximately half the world’s jurisdictions. This is because they only predict spins, without influencing them. But legal or not, no casino will allow you to use them. You might not break laws, but the casino will ban players caught using them. This is why they are used discretely.

Examples of players winning fortunes

You don’t hear about 99% of roulette computer players because they avoid detection. Here are only some known cases:

Laszlo Kovacs: Won about $200,000 in a few months in Australian casino.

Yujin Wu: Australian man won about $1m across the world, but was finally detected after winning $50,000 in Canada.

Ritz Casino Team: Team of 3 players won £1.3M in 3 days. They were not charged with any crime, because police determined no laws were broken.

Learn more about roulette computers at

Roulette Advantage Play System

Roulette wheel schematic
Winning numbers are determined by roulette wheel physics.

This system performs an analysis of spin results to determine statistical anomalies, that reveal predictable results. It uses roulette wheel physics, which itself isn’t new.

What makes this system unique is how it cross-references data to improve the reliability of short-term data. It’s somewhat like cross-checking facts. Without this process, the data about spins would be insufficient.

Basically it uses proven principles of roulette wheel physics, and performs a very efficient analysis to make it practical in real casino conditions.

Learn more at

Visual Ballistics

Using eyesight to determine winning numbers
Visual ballistics is a popular strategy for professional players.

The technique which uses your eyesight to determine approximately where the ball will fall. It’s not as difficult as it first sounds, but it does require practice. You can get a free basic visual ballistics course by submitting your email in the subscription form on this page.

There are various visual ballistics courses you can purchase on the Internet. From the ones I’ve seen, they all work to some degree. Some are too basic and don’t do everything needed for modern wheels. And some are too complicated and difficult for real casino conditions.

My techniques achieve the required accuracy, while still being practical for use in real casino conditions.

Dealer Signature

Many dealers exhibit predictable behavior that makes spins less random.

Roulette dealers are frequently swapped to help randomize spin results. The longer a dealer’s shift, the easier it is from players to study and exploit predictable spins. This phenomena is called “dealer signature”.

It’s not a myth. It really does work, but most dealer signature systems have limitations that make it impractical in most casinos. More advanced methods are capable of winning in a wider range of conditions.

Wheel Bias Analysis

Roulette wheels all have imperfections, and are subject to wear and tear.

Almost every casino uses automated software that analyzes spins to detect biased wheels. If a wheel appears to be biased, it is repaired or replaced. But the casino’s software only does half of what it should.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking biased wheels don’t exist today. The reality is every wheel has at least some bias. They keys are:

  • Often bias only occurs when specific conditions are met. So a bias can be present one day, but not others.
  • The casino’s software is incapable of observations that enable earlier detection of bias.

With the right knowledge, professional roulette wheel bias players can detect and exploit roulette wheel bias before casinos notice.

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