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Pedro the man

The Best Roulette Players of All Time

It is a truth universally acknowledged that roulette is a game designed with casino advantage in mind. Notoriously difficult and typically associated with immense...
Old roulette wheel

All About Roulette: History, Where to Play, How to Play

Roulette is a popular casino attraction and has been in gambling halls for hundreds of years. The first iterations...
Soccer ball

Safety Precautions Every Sports Bettor Should Know

If you frequently place wagers on your favorite sports team, then for sure you are already aware of numerous online betting platforms,...
Insides of roulette wheel

Why You Don’t Need To Worry About Rigged Roulette Wheels

Do casinos rig roulette wheels? The question has been around for as long as roulette itself, with suspicious players often claiming that...

Important Differences Between Online and Offline Roulette

Roulette has long been a favorite form of gambling ever since the 17th century. Its popularity never seems to have waned over...
Online casino games

The Upward Trajectory of Live Casino Games

Online casino games are more popular than ever thanks to the incredible advancements in technology that software providers have been able to utilise in...
Law books

Opportunities For US Punters to Gamble at Online Casinos Around The...

Gambling and casino are restricted in many parts of the United States; this is due to the perception of an average American...
Las Vegas

Roulette Winnings in Vegas and How They Have Changed Over the...

Throughout the years, roulette has established itself as one of the most popular casino games throughout the globe. Because of that, there has been...
Comparing blackjacj to roulette

Is Roulette a Good Casino Game to Play Compared to Blackjack?

Roulette and Blackjack are both top-rated classic casino games. You’ll find these games at any good casino, and almost anyone who’s played at a...
Tips for winning roulette

Winning Roulette Tips From a Professional Player

The best roulette tips for you depend on your style of play, and what you want to achieve. Everyone wants to win,...
Sexy roulette dealer

Your Guide to the Lesser-Known Roulette Strategies

Now that all in-house, online, and online live roulette games are professionally run and checked for fairness, the game of roulette is...
Random number generators

How to Beat RNG Roulette, Slot Machines & Other Casino Games

Usually if someone asks me if they can beat RNG casino games, my answer would be "NO". It's a generalized answer, and...
Credit card and chips

Tips To Playing Only On Legitimate And Secured Casino Sites

Playing casino online is a fantastic experience that brings lots of excitement, and some extra cash when you win. When playing for...
Russian roulette

How To Beat The Game: Russian Roulette

If you’re fairly new to the world of gambling, scoring the jackpot at a casino game might seem like rocket science to...
Lightning Roulette By Evolution

A Guide To the Best Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette Casino is the biggest event in the 25 hear history of online gambling. The industry has always harnessed the...
Best roulette systems and strategies

The Top 5 Roulette Systems & Strategies That Really Work

Roulette is not the unbeatable game most people think. But there are only a few roulette systems that actually work. If you...
Roulette wheel wins on 8

What’s The Best Casino Game For Professional Players?

Let's look at which casino games are best for professional players. You can probably guess I'm going to say roulette. Do I...
Psychic roulette prediction

Can Precognition Predict Casino & Gambling Games?

The possibility of profiting in casinos with psychic prediction. Most so-called "rational" people would say you can't use...
Variations of roulette

5 New Roulette Variations to Play Online

Roulette is considered by most to be a classic and simplistic table game where you merely need to place a bet, spin...
Casino dealer

How to Become a Casino Dealer

The casino industry is booming both online and in physical locations across the globe. More people are gambling, and that means...
Gambling addiction

Keeping Your Gambling Under Control

The gambling industry already leveraged advancements in modern technology. Online gambling sites provided people to have more access to several games of...
Casino bonus claims

Protected: Why no deposit casino bonuses must always be claimed

If you have been in the online casino world for a while now, you will already be familiar with the world of...
Phones and apps

Why are Apps Better in iOS than in Android

It’s no secret that there is a war of innovation being waged between behemoths of the technology industries. The most famous and...
Trends in roulette

Six Trends that will Impact Online Roulette Positively in 2020

It is incredible how much the world has changed in the last decade. In 2010, no one imagined ride-sharing would become such a...
Brain function

How Games Like Bingo and Roulette Can Boost Brain Function

A wealth of research has been conducted over the past few decades into the positive cognitive effects and lifestyle improvements of mathematical games of...
Roulette computer law

Are Roulette Computers Really Legal?

People on forums regularly speak about matters they have no idea about. Yet they profess to be experts. This article clarifies the...
Egyptian street art

What Street Art is Popular in Egypt?

Street art, all over the world, has been gaining popularity and is finally being recognized as a form of expressive art. Once...
American or European roulette

Double, Single, or No Zero: Which Roulette is the Best?

Roulette has been around for centuries but, since its inception, the playing table has changed significantly as it has moved across continents and into the...
Sports betting

5 Benefits of Sports Betting

Many people have grown to love sports, so much so that they express their love and appreciation for the games in various...
Electronic roulette

Electronic Roulette: Everything You Need to Know

With the digital gambling world evolving at an impressive pace, punters can now enjoy electronic casino games at brick-and-mortar casinos, as well...
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