How To Play Roulette Like A Pro With Free Spins

Roulette is a timeless casino game that shows no indication of slowing down in popularity. Players have been spinning the wheel for hundreds of years, with early versions of the game dating back to the 17th century. These days many online casinos tend to attract new customers by offering free spins like the free spins no deposit in SA which has generated a buzz among new gamers.

To play roulette like a pro, even using free spins, here are some tips to follow:

Abstain from Side Bets

Throughout the majority of roulette’s lengthy history, side bets were unavailable. However, there has recently been an explosion of side bets across virtually every type of table game, and roulette has gradually followed suit with more and more side bet options becoming available.

The house advantage of these side bets will vary from wager to wager. Still, side bets are substantially more harmful to the player than any other wager on the layout. Casinos add these wagers to entice you to wager more, typically by offering a large jackpot or progressive prize.

Side bets should be avoided at all costs because they will quickly deplete your bankroll. You’ll never find a professional gambler wasting their money on an unbeatable side bet. Avoid side bets if you wish to play roulette like a professional.

Take Advantage of the Free Offers

If you’re going to master your roulette and give the casino a lot of action, make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the perks that come with it. The key to maximizing your win rate is to take advantage of offers such as free play, comped meals or rooms, and others. Freebies are plentiful in a casino, and you should use them to your advantage if you wish to win.

Most casinos give new players a bonus just for signing up, which you should take advantage of before making a deposit. You never want to spend a dollar in a casino without receiving credit for it, so get a player’s card and use it!

Only Play At Tables With A Single Zero

When the roulette game first appeared, there were 36 numbered and colored slots and one green zero slot. When a green zero is rolled, it goes into the green zero slots and collects almost every bet on the table. A roulette table with only one zero slot is an appealing game for players in terms of house advantage.

Over the years, however, casinos have sought new ways to generate additional revenue from roulette tables, and they have done so by introducing a second green zero slot, the double zero slot. Adding a second kiss-of-death slot doubled the casino’s take from the game while the other odds and payouts remained unchanged.

If you see a roulette table with zero, double zero, and triple zero slots, you should immediately turn around and flee! A triple-zero game has a house advantage nearly three times that of a single-zero game, which makes it extremely challenging for players to win. There are numerous roulette wheels with a single zero, and playing on a double or triple-zero game is asking to lose.

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