Is Betvoyager No Zero Roulette Better That European Roulette, or Is It a Scam?

Betvoyager is an online casino that boasts it provides “no zero roulette”, in attempt to lure in unsuspecting gamblers. After all, most inexperienced players think roulette is unfair because of the green zero in roulette. In actual fact, zero is just another pocket. What gives the casino an edge is unfair payouts for the odds of winning. This is explained in detail at

Comparing Single 0 Roulette with No Zero Roulette

The first thing to understand is if Betvoyager was being fair, there would be no house edge at all. There would simply be a 50% chance of you losing, and 50% chance of you winning. So in the long term, neither you or them will profit. However, Betvoyager’s “no zero roulette” condition is that you pay 10% on all winnings. Of course it’s in the “fine print”. And it sounds great because you only pay if you win, right? But let’s take a closer look…

We’ll consider two situations: one with European roulette with single 0, and the other with Betvoyager no zero. And in both cases we’ll start with $1000, and bet $100 on red for each spin.


48.65% Chance of winning $1000

51.35% Chance of losing $1000




50% Chance of winning $900 (because $1000-10% = $900)

50% Chance of losing $1000

So you half the time you lose $1000, and half the time you profit $900.


So in this simulation, the house edge for typical single 0 roulette is -2.70%, and for Beyvoyager no zero roulette is -5.00%.

What The Results Mean

Basically because you pay 10% of your winnings back to Betvoyager, the “house edge” with no zero roulette is almost double that of single zero European roulette. So you have almost twice the chance of LOSING with Betvoyager no zero.

But there’s more to it. The calculations are based on the wagered amounts. A Betvoyager player could bet $1,000,000 and just profit $1. This would make their “calculated edge” almost zero. But if a player wagered $1,000,000 on single 0 roulette, they’d likely lose a lot. So this is a case where the “house edge” is not so easy to compare.

Is Betvoyager Scamming People?

The problem is Betvoyager claim to have “equal odds” games. This misleads people into thinking the players can play without really losing money. But the fact is the player is still statistically guaranteed to lose. Of course Betvoyager’s owners know this. And they would reasonably know their conduct is deceptive. But they get away with it because:

  1. They aren’t hiding the odds from players. Any player can still do the math for themselves.
  2. Their affiliates (who promote them for commission) don’t understand the math themselves, and incorrectly claim there is “no house edge”. So the affiliates, who do the promoting, are doing the dirty work for Betvoyager. And Betvoyager gets to deny liability.

But what they have with “no zero roulette” is not exactly “no house edge”. The game itself may not have a house edge. But the fee on winnings is like a tax. And the effect is similar to the house edge, where the casino always wins in the long term. To claim Betvoyager has fair games is like the tax office (IRS) claiming you don’t need to pay any tax. But the fine print might read “you pay no tax… until you earn money“. And that’s just what Betvoyager is doing.

Betvoyager Fairness Control

Betvoyager also boasts that they have a rock-solid way for players to verify game outcomes are fair and random. They do this by allowing you to download an encrypted zip file containing the spin outcomes that will occur in the future. Then after the spins have occurred, they give you a password to check the winning numbers.

It sounds great, but the problem is encrypted files can use multiple passwords. One password can produce one encrypted file, and another password can produce a completely different encrypted file. This means that Betvoyager could automatically AVOID the bets and minimize payouts, then simply provide the password to unlock the spin results that profit them most. And players would have no idea because they only see one file being unzipped. They would have no idea that the same encrypted file could contain multiple files, without any trace of other files.

I’m not saying Betvoyager is cheating like this. But I am saying their fairness control is not acceptable proof of fairness. The only acceptable proof of fairness should be certified fair random by a modernized gaming authority. You have to wonder why they don’t do this. Shady online casinos choose to run from island countries in the middle of the ocean. That’s where they can get away with shady business.

More of Betvoyager’s Bad Behavior

Recently a number of new forum members started spamming links to Betvoyager, claiming they were forced to do so as a condition of being paid by Betvoyager. So their winnings were being held random until they posted spam to promote Betvoyager.

Making it simple

You need to understand the house edge. It is not complicated math. Here’s an example:


Say you are playing the game with three cups, and have to guess where the ball is. You have a 1 in 3 chance of guessing correctly. If you bet $1 on a cup and won, these are FAIR odds and payouts:

1 out of 3 times: You are correct. You get back your wagered amount PLUS TWO dollars.

2 out of 3 times: You are incorrect and lose $1.

So if you played 3 games, you are paid $2 once ($2×1=$2), and lose $1 twice ($1×2=$2). So if you have guesses with 1 in 3 accuracy, then you wont win or lose anything. You’ll just break even.

Now here’s an example of UNFAIR odds and payouts:

1 out of 3 times: You are correct. You get back your wagered amount PLUS ONE dollar.

2 out of 3 times: You are incorrect and lose $1.

Pay close attention to the red text and think about it. The odds of winning haven’t changed. What’s changed is WHEN YOU WIN, YOU ARE PAID AN UNFAIR AMOUNT. And that’s exactly what the “house edge” is. It’s something you really shouldn’t ignore.

And to take it one step further, consider that you can’t change the “payouts” the casino gives you. But you CAN change the “ODDS OF WINNING” with some strategies. For example, card counting can give you a better idea of what card will be dealt next. So you can base bet size on the expectation that you are more likely to win. And roulette computers use physics to predict where the ball will land, with enough accuracy to IMPROVE THE ODDS OF WINNING and therefore get an edge over the casino. These types of strategies are called “advantage play” by casinos specifically because they give the player the “edge”.

Now compare that to most gambling systems, which don’t even give any thought to predicting spin outcomes. Or the method they use doesn’t at all change the “odds”, like expecting after 10 reds in a row will make black more likely to spin next. In fact most roulette system players don’t even bother to test if their method of “bet selection” even changes the odds!

Bringing this all back to Beytvoyager, what they’re doing is like removing one cup, keeping the payouts the same, but then taking a large cut of whatever you win. It’s much the same thing as “single zero roulette” where the casino pays you less than what’s fair.


I think Betvoyager has done well to survive as long as it has, but in my view it is a dodgey casino. In fact most online casinos are, which is why they operate from the middle of nowhere. There are only a handful of honest casinos who don’t mislead players about results to expect, and who don’t refuse payouts. I list the recommended ones at although I’ve only considered the roulette games.

Just considering the no zero roulette and their claims of being an “equal odds casino”, Betvoyager would not get away with this in a country with fair gaming regulations. For example, like the UK, Canada, Australia, USA etc. It is too deceptive. The very concept of taking the zero away is to make the game more appealing, as if players had an equal chance of winning or losing. Again Betvoyager know this, so I can’t see it as anything but deceptive.

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