5 Roulette Strategies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The strategies used by professional and novice players are different, to say the least. But almost every professional player started with the same nonsensical systems, which ultimately guarantee failure. This article delves into some of the systems and strategies used by professional players. However, you may want to familiarise yourself with the top five systems revealed on this website.

It’s important to understand that not every strategy in the casino revolves around beating an actual game. There are other ways to profit from casinos.

Strategies Vs Systems

Roulette strategies and systems are often considered the same thing. However, there are some technical differences. A system is more an algorithm or approach designed to beat the game. And beating the game means changing the odds of winning. You can’t change the payouts, but you can change the odds of winning in some types of roulette. For example, visual ballistics is a popular method for professional players. It works by estimating when and where the ball will fall, and betting around that region.

A strategy is more to do with things around the system, like money-management, cashing in wins, avoiding detection, and so on.

Below is a list of five strategies you may not have heard of. Some are designed to improve your chances of winning, where others are more about avoiding detection.

1. Multiple Online Accounts

Beating real physical wheels is not particularly difficult. In my experience, almost every wheel can be beaten one way or another. This mostly a question of “is it worth the effort compared to other wheels?” It makes more sense to focus on the easiest wheels to beat.

Still, all effective roulette systems rely on avoiding detection. But once online roulette casinos opened up, in particularly with live online roulette, professional players did particularly well. Online casinos quickly learned they need to better track professional players. So now most online casinos use automated triggers that help detect professional players. The problem for casinos was that players could easily create multiple accounts. If you intend to do this, be aware that this is almost always against the terms of the casino service. And for good reason. Firstly, it is usually a legal requirement an obligation for the casino, to prevent money-laundering. And secondly, the casino of course wants to identify any consistent winners.

The easy way around this for professional players is to create multiple accounts, using legitimate identification from multiple jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions allow you to have different aliases and names, despite it being legitimate government identification. Naturally the smarter casinos are aware of this, and prohibit identification from these jurisdictions. Alternatively for professional players, they can use legitimate and ID-verified accounts of other players.

For example, a professional player my find 10 online players at a roulette forum. The professional player will assume control of the other players accounts, and fund them with their own money. At this point, the original account holder should not be able to access the account, which prevents them stealing the bankroll. When the professional player has finished, the payouts can be processed, and the original account holder is paid their commission. Generally this is safe, because the arrangement is mutually beneficial, and it doesn’t make sense for one party to cheat the other. Just remember if you make this arrangement, never allow someone else to play with your money. Doing so is a massive risk, and has led to many people being defrauded.

2. Casino Comps

Casino comps so essentially awards from the casino, which are received for long-term play. Basically the more you play, the more comps you receive. A comp can be anything, such as free meal vouchers or even hotel accommodation. Usually they are promotional in value, like introducing you to a new restaurant. Nevertheless, they still hold real value.

Usually a casino will require you to join their membership program, and receive an awards card. Although casino comps are great for numbers players, they are usually avoided by professional players. This is because professional players rely on avoiding detection. After all, casinos only profit if players lose. An awards cards from casinos sometimes track your transactions, which may reveal your winnings and losings. That’s the last thing a professional player wants the casino to know about them. The whole idea of playing for comps is you can receive more value than what you lose at the table. And often the differences are quite significant.

3. Avoiding Payout Reporting

Every casino must log payouts over a particular threshold. For example, a payout over $1,000 may require the casino to pay only as a cheque. This is inconvenient, but is not by choice for the casino. Generally it is done to avoid money-laundering and tax evasion.

Professional players don’t necessarily want to avoid tax. But they do want to avoid informing the casino of their success. So if a team wins perhaps $30,000 in one night, they aren’t going to catch it in all at once. To avoid detection, multiple team members will cash in the winnings are different cashiers, and at different times.

4. Collaborating Wheel Scouts

Some professional roulette systems require large amounts of data. But before data is collected, one of the team members is required to scout wheels. Scouting broadly refers to finding suitable conditions to play in. This is because most professional roulette systems may only beat 5 to 20% of wheels. And of course the edge will vary between each wheel.

Scouting between different countries and jurisdictions can be quite expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately groups of players from varying jurisdictions often work together. This allows teams to collaborate and share data.

Why would anyone want to share data on beatable wheels? Because generally wheels are not difficult to beat. The problem with profiting casinos is the casino won’t allow you to win for ever. You could theoretically win $1 million in a day. What makes it very difficult is casino surveillance. Chances are you will be detected by surveillance by the time you win $20,000 or so. How much you win before detection depends on many variables, such as your style of play, and the type of system you are using.

By sharing data between different teams, multiple teams are able to win discreetly, without raising too much attention from the casino. Basically different faces enables the collaborating groups to win without drawing attention.

5. Fully Occupying Tables

If you have a legitimately effective roulette system, the more spins you play, the more you will profit. This is in contrast to a losing system, where the more you play, the more you lose. So the amount of spins you play directly relates to your profit.

For this reason, most professional players avoid busy tables. It is particularly painful when several minutes elapsed between spins. It makes play very tedious, not to mention much less profitable.

However, careful consideration must be given to avoiding detection. Because no casino will allow you to win forever. So there must be balance between having enough people at the table, to blend in, and having frequent spins. For this reason, some of the teams with higher bankroll is employ bettors to occupy positions around the roulette table. In their role is solely to make the table less appealing for other players who would make very slow bets, in turn making the wheel spin less frequently.

For example, a table may only be able to accommodate 10 players. If eight bettors occupied the wheel, and only made quick minimum bets, the wheel would spin quite frequently. The bets may be entirely random. However, the two remaining players may be part of a roulette computer team. And there bets may be quite large, which counteract the deliberately losing bets of the other players. This is just an example of how it can work, although it’s not exactly what happens in real life. In reality it may be that all 10 players are part of the same roulette computer team, each with their own hidden devices. And the computer server may randomly distribute bets to the players, so too the casino surveillance staff, the wins look random. Also with a lot of players at the table, it makes it much easier for the professional team to blend in and avoid detection.

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