How To Play Roulette Online

If you’re a person that’s always on the lookout for a new hobby, you have certainly gone through a wide array of activities already. In case you’ve decided that online casino games are your next target, you’re probably looking for some more information about each type of game and even some tips that would help you be more successful. Seeing as how roulette is a popular casino game, you might be wondering how to play it online. Read on to learn more about the rules, different types, and history of roulette as well as how to pick the right provider.

The popularity of roulette

When it comes to the history of roulette, the game as we know it today has been present since 1796. It is thought that it was first played in Paris, but it quickly spread all over Europe and the United States in the 19th century. Over time, different varieties of the game were developed that were offered all over the world regardless of the laws concerning the practice of gambling. In 1996, roulette became available online as well, which helped it cement its place as one of the most popular casino games of all time.

The legality of roulette

Before you start looking for websites where you can spin the wheel and win some money, you first want to check the local laws to see whether you are actually allowed to engage in this activity. Perhaps there are local, licensed providers you can turn to; perhaps you will have to look for foreign websites that accept players from your country; perhaps you’ll learn that the activity is prohibited in your region and that it would be best to take a trip to a country or state that allows it before placing a wager.

Checking the trustworthiness of a provider

Once you’re sure that the activity is legal in your area, you want to look for a trustworthy operator. Because you will be providing it with personal and financial information, you need to check how reliable an online casino is. For starters, you should check their license. Keep an eye out for licenses issued by local authorities or some international ones like the Malta Gaming Authority or Curaçao Gaming Control Board. Furthermore, you can also look up a casino on a review website like PlayCasino to learn more about them. Experts at websites like that offer opinions and ratings of everything from the design to the payment methods. For a fun online roulette casino game, you also want to see what kinds of bonuses you can find that will make your experience even more enjoyable, is a perfect place to check out all your gaming options. A variety of banking methods and fast customer service are also great signs of a trustworthy provider according to Kelvin Jones from playcasino.

Types of roulette

Having found a reliable website, you also want to learn more about the different types of roulette.

For one, there is European roulette – probably the most popular kind of the game. It has just one zero, which lowers the house’s edge and increases your chances of winning.

Then, there is American roulette, which has a double zero on the wheel as well, which increases the house edge to 5.26%. In this variety, the numbers are sequenced differently too. The types of bets you can make are the same as in the European version.

French roulette is also an option you can encounter. It is similar to European roulette and only has one zero on the wheel. However, the house edge is 1.35%, improving your chances. Another difference is that the outside bets in French roulette are split into the two sides of the roulette table.

Roulette mini is a variety that might be perfect for you if you are a beginner. If you feel overwhelmed by the range of bet options, you can play the version with only 13 slots to opt for.

You can also find multi-ball roulette online that uses up to 10 balls at the same time, which is typically played in the European format and includes new types of bets. Plus, there is multi-wheel roulette too, which means that you can play on up to 8 wheels at once. Lastly, you might also appreciate roulette with a live dealer, as it can create a real-life casino atmosphere right in your home.

Learning the rules of roulette

While roulette is a popular game due to how simple the rules are, you still want to understand them properly. With that in mind, just betting on where the ball will land on the wheel is often not enough, as you want to know all the specific rules of the variety you choose in order to make the most of each bet.

A few tips to keep in mind: start with low minimum bet tables and play simple bets like betting on odd/even and red/black.

If you’ve decided to start playing online roulette, keep in mind that there are some things you need to learn beforehand. After you conquer the rules, make sure you find a reliable operator and apply a few useful strategies.

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