The Rise in Popularity of Online Slots

The rise of the slot machine and the internet took place in two very different eras. When Americans first began to enjoy slot machines and how they operated back at the end of the 19th Century. 

When the first design came about, it was a far cry from the superior technology we witness today. It is natural to expect some progression from a device over 120 years old.

You can’t walk across a casino floor today without being distracted by the sights and sounds of slot machines that host hundreds of titles and some with jackpots in the millions of dollars. 

The same applies to casino games you can find online, as digital casino providers use the latest computing technology to stay ahead of their competitors. Digital casinos like SlotsLV offer a massive range of slot machine titles that you can play instantly. In addition, there are also a host of other casino games you can take advantage of all from the comfort of your own home.

What Is an Online Slot Machine?

Any slot machine title that you can find in a physical casino you are also likely to find online as well. Various titles are available online, and there’s no difference between the games you find in a physical casino and their digital counterparts. 

Due to the enormous profits available in this industry, which continues to grow lightning-fast, there’s big money for game designers who can create the next big slot machine game. 

As we discussed in our introduction, slot machine games have come a long way since their initial development. The original design contained 3-reels that you had to match identically in a horizontal line to win the jackpot. As these game designs grew in sophistication, the number of reels and possibilities to win grew.

Plenty of machines now offer titles with five, seven, or sometimes ten reels. In addition, some titles have fictional character themes or other notable public figures as the face of their game, such as famous athletes. One prominent example is the slot machine themed after legendary sprinter Usain Bolt.

So Why Have Online Slots Become So Popular?

Well, the first and most obvious factor to consider is the convenience driving digital casino innovation. Many gamblers who would prefer to stay at home and not have to travel to a physical casino must have rejoiced when online casinos began to gain traction. 

In addition to the time and money spent that otherwise would have funded a trip to the casino, you can sit back and unwind with your chosen slot machine title. 

Technology offers other innovations, including bonus promotions where you can sign up and obtain free spins. Other features include bonus rounds for new customers or a matched deposit bonus where the provider will check your original stake with an unrestricted number of spins or in-play tokens that you can use. 

A digital casino is designed to be entertaining and is correctly enjoyed by many as a light and fun activity. However, they can also spell danger if you start problem gambling. Problem gambling includes things such as

  • Chasing losses.
  • Getting angry whilst playing.
  • Hiding how much or how much time you spend gambling.
  • Damaged or fractured relationships with friends and/or family.

If you see these signs in yourself or anybody close to you, it is time to take action before more red flags appear.

What Continues to Drive The Popularity?

The available selection of games continues to be a key feature of online slot machines. Irrespective of whether you play classic slot machine games or other types of slot machine games such as progressive jackpot slots, which also have an enhanced jackpot. 

Whether it is a 3-reel or a 10-reel game, the whole point of the slot machine game is to have fun and enjoy yourself whilst playing. If you can do this from home and experience cutting-edge graphics, then this explains why so many gamblers are taking to digital casinos and trying out slot machine games.

As we discussed in our previous section, with so many online casino operators providing bonuses and promotional features, it is easy to see why they are maintaining such a strong, profitable, loyal customer base.

Riding Hypes

Another thing that might be overlooked when it comes to the growth of online slots is that they’re riding the hype in various niches. It can be anything from popular movies such as Jumanji, Superman, and Wonder Woman, or seasons such as Easter and Christmas. 

By creating slots for hyped topics, the casinos continue to stay relevant and attract new players outside of their common channels of marketing.

Online Slot Machines vs Traditional Slot Machines

With the rise of online casinos, playing slot games is not only more varied, but it is also more secure. In addition to the thousands of games you can find online across various providers, they also contain features you may not receive from a physical casino. 

When playing online, you can still enjoy the social side of gambling by messaging other gamers and having the ability to connect via forums and other communities.

One such example is the security you receive from your withdrawals and deposit. In a physical casino, if you win big, you will receive large amounts of physical cash and may have to carry it around before depositing it into your bank account. You have no such issue with an online casino, as you can withdraw it directly to your bank without getting off the couch.

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