Best Way to Win at Jackpot City Online Casino

When you join an online casino there are hopes that you will win money or at least not lose it in a single sitting. To this end, many people spend time searching the Internet looking for tips and advice to winning. Sadly, most of the advice that is given is from other people just like you. They may have had a lucky day and wrote about what worked for them that one time, or they may have shared some advice they heard from another, but rarely are there any long-term success models shared. Luckily, if the online casino you have chosen to spend your time at is Jackpot City, then there actually is a best way to win at Jackpot City online casino.

Which gambling systems really work?

There are some games that should not be played in casinos if you want the best chance of winning, and the odds are the same online. These games include progressive slots, Keno, and several craps bets (2, 12, world, horn, and any hard bets). Unless you have been touched by a leprechaun, you are better off re-selling items on Ebay than playing these games. Other games, like poker or blackjack, are actually not bad games to play in the casino or online. In poker, the house will always win because they take a cut off the top no matter what else happens, and your chances of winning depend on who else is at the table, your luck, and your skill. Roulette is one of the games with better odds and a minimal house advantage if you are playing in Europe or an online casino featuring European roulette.

While roulette is ranked among the games like blackjack and poker with good odds of winning, it is also the best game in the casino to play if you want to win. This fact will be disputed by many who do not understand the game, and if all you are doing is putting chips down on the table as the dealer spins the wheel, then the critics are right. If you understand the way the game works, however, you can change the house advantage to your advantage and win consistently at roulette. It is the only game in the casino where this is possible. In short, the best way to win at Jackpot City online casino is by playing roulette.

Understanding the Different Types of Roulette

Before you log in and put your money down, you should understand the different types of roulette. First, there is a difference between European roulette and American roulette. Both roulette wheels have 36 numbers set up in a non-linear pattern with alternating red and black coloration. The difference comes with the green number slots. In European roulette, there is only one green slot which is labeled zero. In American roulette, there are two green slots labeled zero and double zero. This means that on a European roulette wheel, there are 37 slots; there are 38 on an American wheel. The extra slot on the American wheel doubles the house advantage.

French roulette is played on a European wheel, but the numbers on the board are laid out in a different pattern. French roulette also provides the advantage of “en prison” or “le partage” rules when placing even money bets. When these rules are in play, a ball that lands in the green zero slot does not win for the house, but puts your money in prison for the next spin, or splits it in half with the house. These rules serve to lower the house advantage.

Online digital roulette. While physical casinos use physical wheels and real balls that are spun, many online casinos feature digital roulette wheels. These wheels spin numbers with a random number generator, and you are never sure what other elements may be programmed into the spin code. In this way, it’s not much different than playing a slot machine.

Online “live” roulette. Several online casinos, including Jackpot City, have added a new variant to their roulette lineup. The “live” roulette game involves a real-life roulette wheel with a real ball and a real-life dealer spinning the ball and calling the winners. A real-time camera is set up so players can see what is happening “live”. When you are gambling online, European of French roulette is your best chance to win, but you have to play the live casino version of these games. In short, the best way to win at Jackpot City online casino is to play their live European roulette, once you know the secret to success.

Secrets To Win at Jackpot City Online Casino

The secret to overcoming the house advantage is not a magic formula or special betting strategy, it is in understanding the physics of the game. This is why it is essential that you play on real wheels that rely on spin and gravity. These are physical game elements that can be analyzed through physics and the outcome of the game can be predicted at an increased win rate that negates the house edge.

You can learn to identify wheel bias, dealer bias, and dominant diamond spin patterns. You can learn to calculate the approximate location of the winning number based on the dealer spin bias, and you can learn to spot the patterns in ball rotations from the point of release, and so forth. All of these things can be learned and mastered with practice. Using computer software makes the calculations even easier. You would record the data, enter it into the formula outside the casino, and then determine whether the wheel is worth playing and what your chances of winning were based on the computer analysis. There are also small smart phone based applications and roulette computers with advanced algorithms that will calculate the predicted results right on the spot. The computers are illegal in about half of the physical casinos, with an online casino they don’t know if you are using one or not.

Downloading the best free gambling systems

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