Why roulette players are turning to crypto?

As technology advances, the new payment method using crypto in casinos starts to dominate even more. Now there are plenty of online casinos that offer to gamble using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or others, and many casino lovers are transferring from traditional FIAT casinos to crypto casinos.

With roulette being one of the most popular games in online casinos, many players now prefer to play this game of luck using crypto instead of traditional fiat currencies.

But why?

Well, in order to understand why gamblers are using cryptocurrencies for gambling we have to dive deeper and understand all the benefits that come from using the new payment method.

Benefits that Come from Using Crypto in Online Roulette

The new payment gateway comes with many benefits over the traditional payment method, which is the obvious reason why many players are transferring to crypto casinos. Let’s look at some of the benefits that come from playing roulette using crypto.

Safety and Security

Even though traditional online casinos need to obtain licenses, establish encryption and make the process safe for people, the crypto alternative still provides better safety and security for gamblers.

Both methods might look very similar in terms of gambling but they are quite different in terms of security.

First of all, crypto wallets are considered much safer than credit cards and bank accounts since it is very difficult for hackers to access them. You can visit this website and check out the security they offer.

Since all transfers on crypto casinos are going through the blockchain, it is virtually impossible for someone to access or steal your information.


Another big benefit that comes from crypto casinos is transparency. As we mentioned before, crypto casinos work on the Blockchain, which is a digital public ledger that nobody controls. Therefore, casinos can create games that are more transparent than ever before.

Nowadays, even though online casinos go through many checks before they obtain their license, players still have doubts that the company can play with the results of each bet in order to increase their profits.

With crypto roulette, this is impossible. Since games are based on a decentralized network, once they are published, the casino has no control over the results giving a fair chance to everyone that makes a bet.


One of the biggest benefits that come from crypto casinos is the cost-effectiveness of the network which allows fast money transfers with low fees. Compared to traditional bank or credit-card transfers, crypto payments or withdrawals happen almost instantly and there is no wait time.

Additionally, banks might charge you per transaction for using their network to transfer the money, but in the crypto space, the fees are much lower than traditional fiat transfers.

This means that roulette gamblers get a chance to keep most of their profits, and not pay high fees to the banks.

Bypasses Geo-Restrictions

Sometimes accessing an online casino to play roulette can be difficult in certain parts of the world. This is because of the many regulations and entities involved in the process. In order for a player to play online roulette, it needs online casino gambling to be legalized in their country and to have a proper bank account in order to transfer their winnings.

With cryptocurrencies, there are no borders. This means that you can access every casino in the world, play roulette, and transfer your winnings using your hot or cold crypto wallet address.


The world is talking about crypto being the new way of finances in the world, which is why it goes up in value. Players are considering crypto casinos more than traditional ones just because this will unlock potential growth in the future when the price of currencies like Bitcoin rises more.

This means that crypto casino players will not only earn from the gambling process but also make money as the value of the cryptocurrency rises.

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