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Any good roulette strategy starts with testing. But it’s important to know most strategies are guaranteed to eventually lose. The Internet is a minefield when it comes to getting accurate advice for anything. I find this is especially the case when it comes to gambling strategies, because most websites only want you to click links to join a particular casino. Accurate advise is somewhat an afterthought.

So how do you get accurate advice? A good place to start is the page explaining why strategies usually fail, and what does work. We at least have real-world experience in beating roulette, to say the least.

Where To Test Systems

Some online casinos dishonestly allow you to play roulette with their software. But you might find your system has an uncanny way of profiting. Then if you start betting real money, the results can be very different. This is because some online casinos allow you to win when testing, but not when you bet for real. This is dishonest, if not downright fraudulent. But it’s common practice online, especially as online casinos can have a physical presence where laws are somewhat unfair.

Firstly, any roulette system must be tested over a statistically significant amount of spins. One session in a casino may be typically 100 to 200 spins. Although this is very short compared to the amount of spins you should test over. Strictly speaking from a statistical standpoint, even 50,000 spins is short-term for most roulette systems. But most roulette players will never play this many spins in their lifetime.

This presents the first problem, which is efficiently testing enough spins. Because most players will test their systems at the actual casino, or using software to test spin by spin. This is a problem because testing spin by spin can take many months, or even years. So realistically, proper testing requires automated software. For more complicated systems, ready-made testing software may not be suitable. And in this case, you may need a custom programmer to code your system tester. But keep in mind, even a losing system can be tested over 50,000 spins, and shown to be profitable. This does not necessarily mean that your system works, because even losing systems can get lucky over long-term data.

Testing at Real Casinos

Casinos in Canada are use the 00 American roulette wheel format. You can still test the system on the European wheel, with the only difference being the house edge is smaller.Generally if a system works for one wheel format, it will work for the other. I’m sure there are many people that would disagree, but I would love to be proven wrong. Keep in mind that the wheel is just a disc with numbers. The arrangement of numbers doesn’t make a difference.

When you are confident your system produces desirable results, the next step may be testing on a real online casino platform. You can find a list of them at – although keep in mind what I said about free roulette games, and how some casinos may not necessarily give you an accurate experience compared to real money. Generally if you go to a reputable website that lists online casinos, you are more assured that the casinos are honest.

I wouldn’t recommend it, although you can test with real money at real casinos. This is one way to be sure that you’re playing against the genuine algorithms, rather than a rigged play for free algorithm. If you choose this option, at least make the lowest bets possible. Then you can gradually increase your bankroll and play with winnings. This is otherwise known as a positive progression.

Again keep in mind no matter where you do your testing, it must be against a real algorithm, and be over a statistically significant amount of spins.

Why is Statistically-Significant Important?

A very common mistake new players make is thinking short-term results mean anything. A new player typically say they don’t intend to play over the long-term, so long-term results don’t matter. I’ve heard it many times, and I’ve explained the situation thoroughly throughout my website. But just summarise here:

If 1,000 players all played only 100 spins, each individual player will have played only 100 spins. But the total amount of spins played will be 100,000. Now consider that each of these players applied a losing system. Statistically, there will be some losers and some winners. The winners may think they system is brilliant, and worked perfectly. The losers will take their system back to the drawing board. This illustrates the illusion of a working system for the winners. Reality is if a losing system is applied, it will be of course winners, but most will be losers. How do you know which you will be? You don’t. With a losing system, it’s just down to luck.

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