The Main Differences Between European and American Roulettes

The roulette game in one of the best online casino real money has been around for hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until the early 1800s that people tried to put a spin on this classic game. That’s when one man changed everything with his realization that he could make the ball go where he wanted by using magnets.

Ever since then, roulette has been a staple in casinos worldwide. As its popularity spread, it was picked up and carried overseas to Europe and America by enthusiastic players looking for new ways to play the beloved game. Perhaps you’re already an experienced player in either of these locations; perhaps not. Either way, what follows is a brief look at the major differences between European and American roulette.

First of all, let’s talk about the wheel itself. European roulette wheels only have zero pockets, while American ones have two zeros (00). It may not seem like much on the surface, but that second zero changes everything because it adds 36 ways for the ball to fall into a losing position. Let’s quickly walk you through the process!

The 5 Main Differences Between European and American Roulettes

In the world of gambling, there are a lot of versions. The main difference between European and American roulettes is their different rules and how bets work. This article will discuss the seven main differences between Euro and US roulettes. Let’s look at each one to know the best online casino.

Number of Wheels

European roulette has only one wheel, whereas American roulette has two wheels. One of the wheels is for even money bets, whereas the other wheel is for odd money bets, which are also known as “the house way.”

Fixed Pays

Since both types of roulettes have different numbers of wheels, the payouts are different too. Since European roulette has only one wheel, its pays are either even or zero. American roulette offers the player more payback than the European version because it has two wheels with pay at both ends of the spectrum.

En Prison Rule

This rule is only applicable in European roulette. If your first bet wins, you lose the second half of your initial bet as a penalty for taking such an advantage. However, if you won on the other not and opt to put it back down, this rule does not apply.

In fact, if you win even money bets in European roulette, the casino only pays out even money on your next bet. If you win on the other half of your initial bet (odd or “house way”), then you get paid out at 1:1 odds for this next wager.

Single Number Bets

These bets are only available on even money bets in American roulette. They can only be placed on a single number for a payout of 35:1. In European roulette, this bet is not offered at all. If you are in European roulette, you can place bets on individual numbers, but it will only be 17:1. However, some casinos offer single number bets with better payouts even though they are not the “house way” bets. For example, most casinos have 20:1 for this bet because of its rarity.

Player Benefits

In both European and American Roulette, the rules are not the only thing. which makes a difference. The benefits of the games also differentiate from one another. Let`s take a closer look at the player benefits. 

  • Player Bet

This type of bet is only available on odd money bets in American roulette. They can be placed on individual numbers or part of a single line. What makes these bets unique is that the player can cancel them at any time before it wins. This is not available with even money bets because they are always active.

  • Limits on Bets

The limits are different in American and European roulettes. In Euro, the minimum bet is one unit, whereas, in America, it is $1. That said, maximum bets can be as much as $500 for both versions. However, most casinos only offer a maximum of $5-$10 for European roulette. In many countries, casinos typically have a max bet of €2 or £1. This is because of the lower house advantage in European roulettes compared to American ones. In some places, limits are as high as £100-£300 for players on a winning streak, but they will usually be lowered once this optimum level has been reached.

  • House Edge

American roulette has an edge of 2.63%, whereas European roulette only has a 1.35% advantage for the house. This is mainly due to the double zero slot on American wheels, decreasing player odds by roughly 47%. Also, there is a house edge of 5% on single number bets in American roulette.

Why Playing Roulettes Game in Today’s World

Many people worldwide like to play roulette games in their free time. There are many other ways to spend time, for instance, reading books or surfing the internet. However, playing the Roulettes game has some advantages that can’t be bought with money.


  • Spending Time

The foremost benefit of playing a roulette game is a free time pass. You can spend your free time on something beneficial for you instead of being idle at home. Playing a roulette game will not eat up your whole day, but it will surely give some activity to your monotonous life of yours.

  • Socializing

Playing a roulette game is more than just a boredom buster; it is also a medium to interact with your friends and loved ones. You can play the game with your family and friends and enjoy that day together. It is always good to spend some time like this as you may not get such opportunities in the future. Socializing is also one of the benefits of playing roulette games.

  • Helps In Developing Analytical Skills

Playing Roulettes Game is not an easy task. You have to analyze the game, apply probability theory and then decide your next step. All these things are important for brain development. It will keep your mind sharp and help you think faster. Playing a roulette game will benefit you in many ways, and one of them is this. It will also help you make smart decisions in the future when required.


Roulette is an extremely popular casino game that can be played in many different versions worldwide. While the rules and probabilities of roulette may seem simple, there are actually a number of subtle differences between European and American roulettes that have significant effects on your chances of winning or losing. Nonetheless, refer to this platform to better understand the best online casino.

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