Traditional vs. Online Roulette – Pros and Cons

Roulette has been considered one of the most engaging casino games ever since it first emerged in 18th century France. The game maintained its incredible popularity up to this day, and it also expanded to modern online casinos. Since roulette is now available both in online and offline establishments, it is important to compare the two options to understand their pros and cons.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Roulette

Let’s begin with the main pros and cons of web-based roulette:


Firstly, when you opt for online roulette, you will have a chance to access the game whenever you want, and to play on the go as long as you have a proper mobile device and a solid internet connection. No matter if you’re in Ireland, America, or even South Africa, there is an online operator for everyone. Today’s players have the luck of having an abundance of available operators, and there are more and more roulette sites Ireland has to offer, and the other countries are not falling behind either. The biggest advantage is the fact they can be accessed from anywhere. Also, there is no need to wait in lines for a seat at the table because online operators have unlimited capacity when it comes to the number of players. On top of that, web-based platforms are truly open 24/7, which is not always the case with traditional venues. 

More Variety

Each time you access an online operator, you will have a chance to choose between an amazing variety of different roulette games. This is definitely not the case in land-based establishments where the game selection depends on the amount of physical space in the venue. The top online gambling sites offer all the most popular variants like French, American, and European roulette, as well as some innovative options like 3D and live games. This allows the players to try out unexplored categories and potentially discover some new favourites. 

It’s Easier to Get Frustrated

Even though virtual gaming features great odds, if you find yourself in the middle of a losing streak, it is easier to get frustrated than in regular casinos. Playing on your own can make you feel like the house has an unbeatable advantage over you, and not being able to see the dealer and the opponents can make it harder to implement the right strategies. When you’re sitting at the real table, you can see the reactions of others, which is not the case when you’re playing from home. 

The Pros and Cons of Traditional Roulette

On the other hand, traditional roulette has its own advantages and disadvantages:

The Social Component

Casinos have been known as popular social hubs for centuries, and if you decide to play the games without paying a visit to a physical venue, you will miss out on the social aspect of the whole process. In fact, many people only engage in casino games in order to experience the atmosphere unique to brick-and-mortar establishments. Whether it’s a fun night out with friends or family, or a single person’s adventure, some players just can’t imagine not being surrounded by others while they’re sitting at the gaming table. 

The Excitement of Anticipation

When you’re physically present at the roulette table, you can get a closer look whenever the dealer starts spinning the wheel. During those moments, you can feel a true adrenaline rush as you’re watching how the ball is bouncing around until it finally picks a pocket to land. Even though advanced video-based versions of the game do provide a similar experience, watching a computer-generated wheel simply does not match the feeling you get in a land-based venue. Also, playing in brick-and-mortar casinos keeps the game flowing in a dynamic manner since the speed is controlled by the dealer who makes sure there are no dull moments that would kill the overall mood.

Lower Odds

Although many players who are drawn to traditional games dislike the fact that the outcome of web-based gaming is controlled by the random number generator (RNG), they are also unaware of its benefits. Namely, computerized game sessions provided by online casinos feature slightly higher odds than the ones available in physical venues. And even when you’re stuck in a losing streak, it is much easier to keep track of the money spent online than it is when you sit at the table and continue to pay in cash. Moreover, even when luck is on your side in a land-based venue, you will miss out on additional perks that come from attractive promotions and bonuses offered by online operators. 

Roulette is one of the most exciting casino games out there, and whether you play it online or offline, you are bound to have a fantastic time. However, each type of gaming has its own benefits and drawbacks, and now that you know all about them, you can pick the option that suits you better. 

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