Roulette Computer Partnership Opportunities

You can access the roulette computer service where you pay nothing up-front to use our roulette computers. However, not all players are accepted.

This page explains how to become a partner for roulette computer application. At this stage we are only looking for roulette computer partners, not JAA system partners. This does include for an online roulette strategy although you need a reliable internet connection such as cable.

Selection for partners is extremely competitive. Previously I sent partners all equipment for free, and they simply paid me part of winnings. I don’t accept new partnerships like this because I found many players weren’t paying my full entitlements. I also found many players who promised to be productive simply didn’t dedicate enough time. Some were so inconsiderate that they never bothered to return the equipment, even though it becomes locked after some time. So only the below partnership options are available:

Operators: These are players with the computers. They are the players who basically use the computer and organize attacks on casinos. Usually these are players who I already know well. If you already have experience as a professional player, you can apply to become an operator although selection for this position is extremely competitive.

Bettors: This is the most common types of partnership. Basically “bettors” are wheel scouts. They find the most suitable wheels, and become one of the people who later place bets. We can use multiple bettors on the same table. The idea is we rotate bettors to avoid detection, and each of us receive part of the winnings. More specifically their role is to:

  • Research casinos to determine suitability of wheels and conditions: You should do this in local casinos. I don’t want you spending thousands to travel, because there’s no guarantee I will have players who can travel to your casinos. But if there is no serious chance that players can travel to your casinos, then I wont ask you to do the research.
  • Place bets: Assuming suitable wheels and casinos are found, you may be asked to place bets. You will wear a hidden wireless earpiece that tells you where to place bets.

General Requirements For Bettors

  • Solid understanding of the wheel assessment procedures: you need to understand the information we need, and how to obtain it
  • Available time: you must have a predictable schedule and a reasonable amount of time.
  • Honest and trustworthy: There are lots of “not so nice” people in this industry and I only deal with honourable people. If you do something wrong by another player or myself, expect that you wont be invited when other casinos are attacked. I shouldn’t need to tell you what is right or not.
  • Calm under pressure: You need to be comfortable in the casino environment. You can’t be skittish if casino staff look at you. You need to understand we never apply the computers illegally, so you are not breaking laws. However, you are playing against the casino’s rules. Although the most they can do is ban you.
  • Patient: If you are over-eager and impatient, it will lead to mistakes that can affect the whole team.
  • Motivated for the right reasons: We don’t want players who have a passing interest. We need people who have thought about this carefully, are dedicated, and motivated to increase the quality of theirs and their family’s life. We don’t want greedy people.
  • Self-funded: I give preference to players who have their own money. Generally people are more careful with their own money. But in cases where you are otherwise a suitable candidate, you can play with a bankroll grant I provide.

WARNING: If you become a partner or player of mine, you are going to see me say this many times: NEVER give your real name or any personal information to any other player. The only person that has this kind of information is myself and it is kept strictly private unless I am required to release it (ie by law). Often there are arguments between players and it can lead to threats and various nasty behaviour. The best policy is never give other players any private information about yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can a bettor earn?

It depends on the casino and wheel, and what amount of winnings is reasonable to avoid detection. It also depends on how you contribute. If our teams won $50,000 on a wheel you found and evaluated, and you actually participating by betting, then you can expect to receive approximately $10,000-$20,000.

Q. If I use my bankroll, is there a risk of losing it?

There’s always a risk of losing, but before any bets are made, the wheels are properly evaluated. When done correctly, the evaluation gives us about a 99.5% accurate idea of the results to expect. You will clearly understand the evaluation procedure and why it is so accurate, so you will have a good idea of the risk of losing. Usually if a loss is made, it has nothing to do with the accuracy of the computers – it would be for a reason like the team had too much attention on them, they couldn’t risk continued play, and just happened to leave after short-term unlucky losses. But in such a case, another team or bettor may continue the attack, in which case you would likely be compensated for any time you invested.

Q. Wont the casino notice players constantly winning, even if the bettors constantly change?

Yes, eventually they may notice because most casinos monitor the winnings/losses of each wheel. This is the only real limit to the winnings. But it is quite easy to remain undetected, even over long periods, if the winnings are not greater than losses from ordinary players.

Q. Is there any written contract?

Yes but only once we decide to attack a wheel based on your research.

Q. What if I spend lots of time and find suitable wheels, but you don’t actually attack them? Am I paid anything for my time?

In such a case you receive nothing. The risk of lost time is yours. An important consideration is you will need at least 60 spins (30+ per direction) to fully evaluate a wheel. Usually you need to collect this data at the table, and you will need to be a betting player to be allowed there. In such a case, you could make random $5 bets on single numbers and statistically you will lose only about $10. But a $10 or so investment to have the data you need is worth it. Sometimes you can sit at a poker machine and collect the data from a distance.

Q. Exactly what is the wheel assessment procedure, and is it difficult?

It is very simple but you need reasonable eyesight to be able to do it. If you have average vision, you wont have problems. If you have quite poor eyesight, it is still fine in most cases, but you will find it more difficult. I only reveal the exact procedure if you are a suitable applicant.

How To Apply

Visit and complete the application form at the bottom of the page.

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