Roulette Computer Collusion With Casino Staff

Do casino staff turn a blind eye to roulette computers, for a cut of profits?

Roulette is not the unbeatable game most people believe. There are in fact numerous legitimately effective roulette strategies. Irrefutably, the king of roulette prediction is the roulette computer. This is because they directly measure the speed of the rotor and the ball, to predict where the ball will land. If you follow our website and articles, you would be aware of our technology.

Over the years, we have been contacted by tens of thousands of people who are interested in our technology. Primarily, they are players seeking to beat casinos. But occasionally we are contacted by either casino staff, or casino consultants. The motives for attempting to acquire the technology vary. This article discusses some of the details.

Are Roulette Computers Legal?

First, I’ll address the legal status of roulette computers.

Like most people, we initially thought roulette computers were inevitably illegal. This was over fifteen years ago, but the laws have barely changed since then. We were surprised to find that they are actually mostly legal. This is because most jurisdictions broadly define cheating as either deception, or influencing game outcomes. Roulette computers do neither. More details about the legalities will be explained in a different article.

We are frequently asked about using roulette computers for online roulette. After all, you could play from home, and it would be impossible for the casino to know you’re using a computer. This may be the case. But there’s much more to consider. Temporarily forgetting about the laws, keep in mind online casinos are much more sensitive to player behavior. It is very easy for casinos to monitor all your bets and winnings. Previously my teams did apply roulette computers at online casinos. A few teams in particular did extremely well, but the casinos quickly change their procedures to forbid late betting. They had the same result with other online casinos that initially permitted late bets. Real casinos don’t change procedures so readily.

There are still multiple suitable online casinos where roulette computers can be applied. But generally my private teams don’t bother with them. It’s not that we can’t beat the wheels, because we can – and quite easily. It’s mostly because the online casinos in question are notorious for refusing payouts, when they suspect the player is using something for an advantage. In some cases, the casino only needs a suspect roulette computer use.

But generally, reputable casinos do not refuse payouts. This is because they are properly licensed, and poor behavior may cause them trouble. Not to mention being subject of bad reviews from players. So what do reputable casinos do if they suspect roulette computer use? Firstly, they have the right to protect themselves. So reputable casinos typically restrict individual accounts from playing roulette, or temporarily close bets earlier until the suspected player leaves.

Collusion With Casino Staff

Surprisingly, many casino staff members have sought to acquire our roulette computers. Certainly some purchasers of our technology will not disclose exactly who they are. They may provide a fake identity. This is partly because our terms of service forbid casino staff from purchasing our equipment. But there are other reasons, such as aiming to use the computers in casinos they work at.

Collusion is a serious crime in casinos. Basically it’s when the casino staff work together with other staff members, or players, to cheat the casino.

This may be as simple as looking the other way while players exploit flawed games. One example in roulette is if a player applies visual ballistics, and wins large sums that are ignored. Without the willful ignorance of staff, the visual ballistics player will not be allowed to continue winning. Typically the casino staff would identify the most likely technique the player uses, and close bets earlier.

Proving this kind of collusion is very difficult. After all, how can you prove casino staff weren’t just incompetent?

This kind of collusion occurs in all types of casinos, right in front of casino surveillance staff. In fact in many cases, the casino staff are in on it. And it isn’t just in small or poorly regulated jurisdictions. We have had offers for collusion in many modern countries.

In all cases, we have refused offers. Although if we had accepted offers, you would expect us to say the same thing. You’ll just have to take our word. The fact is we don’t need collusion to win in casinos. And we don’t need to break any laws to profit. You may assume we have no respect for the law. After all we manufacture electronic prediction devices that are often illegal. But the reality is we want to avoid any legal troubles. It’s simply not worth it. Speaking for myself, I earn enough money legally to not need to risk making money illegally.

Roulette Computers in the Surveillance Room

One particular case of casino collusion amused me most. Casino surveillance staff are the people watching all players and staff to catch cheats. On more than one occasion, casino surveillance staff requested partnership with us. Specifically they wanted to use the live video feeds of roulette wheels to predict spins. The winning numbers would then be transmitted to their partners at the table, who would place the winning bets. Their idea was that they had perfect access to live video of the wheels, and the ability to look the other way. Who’s watching the people watching everyone? Nobody.

How do we know they were serious? Because they sent us recorded video from surveillance rooms. And they clearly had knowledge no normal person would have. I won’t reveal the exact jurisdictions although will reveal one was in an unregulated underground casino. The other was in a third world country.


If you work at a casino and are reading this, don’t bother asking us to collude with you. We don’t need special access to be roulette. Granted it may make it easier, but is not necessary. Hypothetically if we did accept an offer to collude, all we would require is for the floor manager to look the other way when our teams win big. It sounds great, and on some level it is tempting. But we have no intentions to break any laws. We don’t need to break any laws to beat roulette.

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