The Roulette System That Wins Average Players $180,000/Year Part-Time Betting With Only $5 Chips. No Tax, No Boss & No Paperwork.

The limit is what you can win without casino staff noticing. It’s real & you’ll see all the proof you need. It’s easy to learn even if you’ve never played roulette before.

Professional roulette system that uses physics

World Gaming Conference: We've forced casinos to consultants to advise them about our players.

World Gaming Conference: We’ve forced casinos to hire consultants that advise them about our players.

Dear Roulette Player,

If you’re tired of roulette system scams and want something that can earn you a living, this is what you’re looking for. I’ll show you a system that’s so effective you must limit winnings to avoid being banned. Many casinos even hire consultants to help detect our players.

The system takes minutes to learn, even if you’ve never played roulette before. It works at either real or online casinos. It’s completely legal and doesn’t use electronics at the table.

You are right to be skeptical because most systems are scams, but you’ll get all the proof you need including a free trial. You can speak to real players using it, and even witness a demo in-person. I’ll show you official test results, including some from government labs that explain the principles that make roulette beatable. I’ll even show you how casinos try to stop you winning if they find you using it. There is no reasonable proof you wont see. Take the time to read my site thoroughly and you’ll see this is real.

“The average player profits $180,000 per year playing part-time. The limit is what you can win without being noticed by casino staff, but we teach you to avoid detection.”

* The average profit is based on a July 2014 survey of actual results from players who bet with $5 units for 20 hours/week. This is an average of $3,400 per week.

Free Trial

Subscribe to the best free roulette system course you’ll find. We email a new part every 2 days and it includes:

  • A completely FREE roulette system that won one player over $6M. Even casinos acknowledge it is effective. You’ll receive clear tutorial videos and instructions.
  • What makes roulette predictable
  • How it is possible to get accurate predictions before ball release
  • How to avoid detection by casino staff

And much more. We’ll also keep you updated on the latest technology to beat the casinos. Your email is kept private and you can unsubscribe instantly anytime.

Subscribe to the free course by entering your name & email on the right side of this page (in the blue box – click here). Remain subscribed to see all tutorial videos and explanations.

The free trial is less effective and not as practical as my full system, but it’s more to show my systems really work. While I do provide other proof of effectiveness, nothing compares to a free trial. See a comparison of the free system Vs the full system. Below is a summary of proof for my full system.

Officially Lab-Tested & Proven Effective

Official test resultsTo verify claims about our system, we hired an independent physicist to test it. The results were a profit of $7,350, and less than a 1% chance of the results being due to “luck”. The report was originally intended for government authorities who may question the legitimacy of our claims. This is because we trade as a corporation, and are therefore subject to stricter trading standards. The full uncensored report and contact details of the tester is available to any government authority upon request, although you can download the censored version.

Download the Test Report (PDF)

“The system is very easy to learn and you can start profiting the same day you receive it. You can achieve the same results as experienced players from day one.”

* The system is very easy to understand and you can begin profiting the same day you receive it. But we advise at least 1 week of thorough testing to ensure you are applying the system correctly.

Government Lab Testing Finds Roulette Is Predictable

UK Government Lab Testing

This is a separate lab test from a UK government lab ( This report explains testing they conducted to determine how predictable roulette spins actually were in specific common conditions. They found that roulette is easily beaten with the correct approach, even with very basic prediction methods like the FREE system we provide on this site.

Download the UK Government Lab Test Results (PDF)

See It Win $8,850 In An Hour

Realistically videos without a live audience shouldn’t be considered proof of anything, because I could have made many recordings and just published the best one. This video is different because I hit a losing streak and continue recording to demonstrate recovery, instead of cutting the video before the losing streak. The wheel is a Mk2 John Huxley Wheel, which is one of the most common designs in the world. The starting bankroll is 100 units and a profit of +354 units is achieved, without betting progression (bets are always the same size). With $25 units, this is a profit of over $8,850 which can be achieved without attracting unwanted attention from casino staff (provided you don’t do it too frequently at the same casino).

Check back here soon for our latest video.

See a Personal Demo & Meet Me In-Person

York on Lilydale Conference Center

York on Lilydale Conference Center: This is where most of the public demonstrations are conducted. We also conduct live webcam demos that anyone can view via the Internet.

Often I conduct live public demonstrations of my roulette prediction technology. They are usually held at York on Lilydale Conference Center in Australia (photo shown left). Anyone can attend these events, and they’re a good way to meet me personally and understand I’m a real and honest person without anything to hide. Register to attend the next demonstration. Below are some recordings of previous demonstrations. They are both of my roulette computer devices although soon I’ll upload a video of my system being demonstrated.

We also conduct live webcam demonstrations you can view via the Internet.

Public Demo 1: At York Conference Centre

In this video I demonstrate my roulette computer winning on almost every spin (93%) while betting 15 numbers. Betting 15 numbers is the ideal situation, although we could have easily bet only 1 number. This is on a modern roulette wheel and with predictions about 15 seconds before the ball falls, which is ample time to bet in most casinos. My computers are capable of even more although you must visit personally to see everything.

“Forget what you think you know about beating casinos. Professional players have won more from roulette than any other casino game, and many casinos now hire consultants to help them detect professional players.”

Public Demo 2: Live Demo Via Webcam

Often I’ll conduct live webcam demos so anyone can witness them without travelling. There were 40 people that witnessed the live demo below. The computer achieved a +28% edge with predictions approximately 15 seconds before the ball falls. This is an enormous edge when you consider the normal edge against players is -2.7%, and it’s enough to earn casinos billions.

The Hidden Computer That Automatically Predicts Winning Numbers

This is our most controversial technology. It is capable of automatically predicting the winning number 1 in 15 spins. This is an enormous edge considering the wheel has 37 numbers.

NOTE: The above three videos are for my roulette computers, not the system explained on most of this site. The roulette computers are legal in most but not all casinos. The computers are not relevant to the non-electronic roulette system, but these videos helps explain who we are and what we do. Learn more about our roulette computers. They are significantly more accurate, although more has been won with the non-electronic system explained on this website. This is because more players use it and it’s legal everywhere.

“Being able to earn money whenever you need it, even in a financial recession, gives you tremendous freedom. Our system has changed lives.”

Roulette System Testimonials

Although testimonials are easily faked, keep in mind you can speak to these and other players via the player forum if you become a player. You can also hear recorded phone conversations in the proof section.

“My partners and I have been using Steve’s systems for over 4 years now.  Prior to using his system I was a blackjack card counter but the use of continuous shuffle machines reduced opportunities, which is why I searched for alternate methods. Using Steve’s systems my team and I have earned in the vicinity of $1.5M. This is with a few of his different systems and not just his software. I say earned and not won because it doesn’t come effortlessly and it should be clear that some people would find the system hard work because you must commit proper time which gets monotonous. But his systems absolutely work and I’m very grateful for everything he has done for me.”

“For the dealer to keep paying me money spin after spin while I watch others lose is one amazing feeling. I still find it hard to believe and keep waiting for someone to ask me to leave. What you have done for me and my family is something I cant explain.”

“I have won over $220,000 in a 2 year period and will be forever grateful to Steve and write this so you know my story and Steves system the are the best you will ever find”

“I am a regular user of the methods have been able to supplement my existing income from approximate 10 days each month to play. This has earned me approximately $60,000 in the two year period since becoming a player. To anyone considering the gw system, it really does work. . . I have made my money back many times over and highly recommend it.”

“I started with $1000 and now have $5000. It might not be a lot but I am VERY happy with this because I know I can do it over and over.”

“In the years I used the system, I earned between $400k-500k in total which was split between myself and my two partners”

“I have been using the system for the past year or so and I have earned £125,000 which has changed my life completely. It is true that you can only get away with a certain amount before they start to notice you, but so far I am doing this part time and I am just astonished at the results”

See the Proof page for more, including audio recordings.

How My Roulette System Works

STEP 1 – Write Down The Winning Numbers

Winning number display

First you need data for our automated software to analyze. This includes information such as the winning number and some additional information about each spin. You collect 100+ spins per direction for each wheel. You can write spin data on the paper supplied by casinos, and apply a simple system to blend in with other players. This part takes about 5 hours, but you only do it ONCE for each wheel, and can do it over multiple days.

STEP 2 – Let the Automated Software Analyse the Data

Betting chart generationNow enter the spin data into the software at

You can do this from anywhere with Internet access, including a mobile phone. Of course do this where casino staff can’t see you. The software gives a “wheel rating” that tells you how profitable it is, and simple charts that tell you when and where to bet.

Copy the betting charts to the paper supplied by the casinos. Some players print them on small stickers and place them on ordinary objects like cigarette lighters. The charts can also be simplified and memorized, then you can easily reconstruct them after each spin without needing the full charts. We teach you many ways to use them and avoid detection.

Essentially our software makes the application of an advanced roulette system very simple and practical.

* “Simple and practical” is an opinion. If you are accustomed to very simple but losing systems like “doubling up” bets after losses, you will find our system complicated. The most difficult part is tedious hours in casinos. But most players agree the actual application of the system is quite simple.

Summary of Features

  • Easy to use & understand: The hardest part is dealing with tedious hours in the casino, but it takes much less time than a typical job, but you can earn much more. The actual procedures and application of the system are quite simple. You could consider it a tedious but relatively simple job that pays well. You can achieve the same results as experienced players from day one, even if you’ve never played roulette before, and even if you barely speak a word of English (although we advise thorough practise before betting with real money).
  • Effective on approximately 35% of modern roulette wheels: There is no shortage of wheels to play on
  • Player edge is usually +5 to +15%: the typical edge against you is -2.7%, although your advantage will be usually be between +5 to +15%
  • No betting progression: Your bets are the same-size each spin (flat bets only), although you can still increase bet size to compound winnings.
  • Free unlimited support: You’ll quickly learn I sincerely care about your success and give all the help you need
  • Free trial available:  Proof doesn’t get better than a free trial.

“Our automated software makes sophisticated and profitable techniques easy to use.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs page has much more information, but the most common questions are answered below:

Q. Why would you sell a system that works?

I sell it because I use my roulette computers which are more accurate and quicker to use. So I don’t need the system, but that doesn’t mean I’ll let it sit un-used.

Q. If it worked, why isn’t everyone using it?

Most players expect a winning system to take minutes to apply. Like anything profitable, my system takes time and effort so it doesn’t suit everyone. My software automatically does the complicated analysis for you, but the difficult part is collecting the 100-300 spins for analysis. You only usually collect this data ONCE for each wheel. This takes several hours, and can be done over multiple days. It’s like any job because you still need to work to profit. But for the time you dedicate, you’re likely to earn much more than a standard job.

Q. If roulette could be beaten, why aren’t casinos broke?

Professional players have existed for as long as casinos. But there are far more consistent losers than winners. The best defence casinos have against professional players is the detection of consistent winners. Once a professional player is detected, the casino takes various steps to protect themselves. As a last resort, they can easily ban a player. This is why we teach all players how to avoid detection.

Q. Does your system work online?

YES, but only at live webcam casinos where a real wheel is viewed via webcam. Many online casinos offer live webcam roulette. In fact about 30% of players only ever play online as there are over 20 suitable online casinos. The advantages of online play are that you can play from home, and you can easily share data with other players via the player forum. The disadvantage is you frequently need to use multiple accounts to avoid detection. Hear the audio testimonial of one player that won $80,000 online, although there are many like him. You can also see a video recording of online play with real money at Also see for suggested strategies for playing online, but much more detail is provided in the private forum for players only. Although you can do very well online, the more serious players tend to eventually focus on real casinos because you can win more without being noticed.

Q. How much time must I dedicate?

As an example, say your casino had 10 different wheels. Below is a summary of how long each part will take:

Part 1 (1hr): First you’d conduct quick checks to see which 3 of the 10 wheels are likely to be most profitable. This will take about an hour.

Part 2 (4hrs): Next you collect around 50 spins from each of the 3 wheels you narrowed down. Enter the spin data into the software, and it will tell you which one of the three wheels is likely best.

Part 3 (5hrs): Finally collect a further 150 spins from the wheel that appears to be best, so you’ll have a total of around 200 spins from this wheel.

You enter the data from 200 spins in the analysis software. This gives you the most precise idea of how profitable the wheel is, and generates the betting charts that tell you when and where to bet. You can access the software on any device with Internet access, including mobile phones.

Now you can return to the casino with the betting charts copied to somewhere like the paper casino’s supply (to avoid suspicion). If you are returning the same day, you can begin play without delay. But if you are returning on a different day, you must conduct a basic test to confirm the wheel’s patterns haven’t changed. This is simple and takes only about 30 minutes per wheel. And assuming nothing has changed, you can resume play. At this point you can play for as short or long as you want.

So basically the whole process to scout wheels in a casino with 10 wheels, and collect data for your target wheel, takes about about 10 hours. This can be split between different days. When you resume play on different days, you don’t need to repeat the whole process – you need only run quick checks to confirm patterns are the same, then resume using the same betting charts.

It is still possible that you do the entire process and don’t find a suitable wheel. It can and does happen from time to time. But on average, you can expect approximately 30% of wheels to be suitable.

Got more questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions page

What You Receive

The only part you really need is the analysis software, but you also receive various other tools. The full list of what you receive is below:

Automated Roulette Wheel Analysis Software (JAA software)

Betting chart generation

This is the only part you need. It is the software that automatically analyses the spins and generates the betting charts. You access it at Simply enter the spin data and let the software do the analysis for you.


E-book: The Best Traditional Professional Systems

primordialdocThis ebook teaches you the techniques used by other professional roulette players. You don’t need any of these because you’ll have my software, although others teach these methods for as much as $5000.


Unlimited free access to the player-only forum

Player support forumThis is the most active professional roulette player forum in the world. You will be able to speak with other players, share information, form teams, and get additional help.


Automatic Online Casino Betting Bot (value $495)

Automated bet botThis makes betting much quicker and easier at online casinos. Basically instead of placing individual bets which takes about 10 seconds, bets are placed almost instantly at the click of a button. This is particularly useful for casinos that allow you to bet after ball release, because then you can more easily apply the roulette computer.


Free Roulette Computer Software for Mobile Phones. Measure ball speed and predict winning numbers (software only, value $500)

Free roulette computer

This is roulette computer software that calculates ball speed and predicts the winning number. This version is normally $1250 when sold with the phone. It achieves the equivalent accuracy of other roulette computers that cost almost $2,000, but you get it free. Many players use this at particular online casinos. To use this software, you need a compatible phone. Or if you use it at online casinos, you can run it from your PC. (*software only, phone not provided)


Spin collection software for mobile phones (value $850)

Spin collection software This software can be installed on most mobile phones and allows you to save data without the casino staff seeing anything. You enter the spin data via a hidden cable and invisible wireless earpiece, so it’s even easier to blend in with other players. The software also helps you quickly assess which wheels are likely to be most profitable. Soon this software will be integrated with the automated wheel analysis software, which will communicate directly with the analysis server so you don’t need to manually enter spin data again, and the predictions are announced directly in your wireless earpiece. (*software only, phone and earpiece not provided).


Videos of Real Spins from a 2014 model roulette wheel

Roulette wheel videosYou can practise using the system for free at online casinos that use webcam footage, although we also provide many high quality videos of modern roulette wheels. This footage is particularly useful for players that want to use the free roulette computer we provide.

“You get everything you need and more, including the system’s software and unlimited free support. We sincerely care and make sure you profit.”

How Much Can You Win?

With a suitable wheel, you can expect to profit $1,000 – $5,000 per day. It is a genuine winning system so the more you play, the more you profit. The only real limit is what you can earn without drawing attention from casino staff.

Much more is possible though. In fact, many players have won “millions” with professional roulette systems, not just mine. It has been done before in single sessions, even with systems like the free trial system I provide. It’s more a matter of suitably large bets, although of course if you win enormous sums, you can expect casino staff will closely monitor your behaviour, and they will be more likely to recognize you when you return. Although generally the players that win the most tend to frequently change casinos.

“Being able to earn money when you need it, without relying on anyone but yourself, gives you tremendous freedom. But you will still need to dedicate time and effort.”

Full access to the analysis software (and all other services) is US$2,100 per 6 months. OR a one-time fee of US$3,500 for unlimited access, which isn’t much considering there aren’t many businesses that can earn millions without products, employees or paperwork. And you can take it almost anywhere in the world.

30 Day Profit Guarantee:

Fully guaranteedIf you don’t profit within 30 days, I’ll provide a full refund. I only ask that you give the system a fair shot. I give you what I promise and only ask you be fair to me too (see the official guarantee). I know you’d prefer an “unconditional guarantee”, but keep in mind any guarantee is only as good as the seller, and most sellers use any excuse to avoid refunds. However if you genuinely use the system properly and don’t profit, then I don’t want to keep your money.

How To Become a Player

Click the below link and follow the instructions. Join now


“This may be the easiest way to earn large profits in a very short time. And you can do it repeatedly.”

LIMITED OFFER: US$4,200 Roulette Computer For FREE

LIMITED OFFER: New purchasers of the roulette system now receive a free roulette computer valued at US$4,200. It comes with everything you need to secretly beat roulette without casino staff ever noticing. But the offer is temporary and stock is strictly limited, as explained below.

What are roulette computers? They are electronic devices that determine the wheel and ball speed to predict the winning number. See for a news story about a team that won £1.3M in 3 days. Also see The technology is real, and still legal in half the casinos, but casinos can still ban players they catch using them. However, they are very easy to hide and use discretely.

Why I’m giving away roulette computers worth US$4,200 each for free

We are upgrading our most powerful roulette computer versions, and the new version uses different mobile phones. This means the current stock of phones will be un-used. So our middle-range roulette computer (the “Lite” version) is being installed on these older phones, then given away as a free bonus to new players of the roulette system. It is US$4,200 of hardware for free, but only a few remain.

See a public demo of our roulette computer winning on 93% of spins

The video at is a recording of a public demonstration, where our roulette computer wins on 93% of spins betting 15 numbers. Also we could easily have bet on just 3 numbers. This is a demo on a current model roulette wheel as shown at TCS Huxley (click here).The roulette computer being demonstrated in the video is the Uber version, although we only applied the settings that give exactly the same accuracy as the Lite version computer. And the Lite version is the one we’re giving for free. So if you had the Lite computer and tested on the same spins, you’d get the same accuracy.

How to claim your free roulette computer

The free computer is available onto to purchasers of the system. Details are at and below:

Option 1: If you purchase the six month subscription (US$2,100), you receive the free Basic Version roulette computer PLUS hardware (value US$1,250). Normally you receive the “basic roulette computer” software for free, but not the hardware.

Option 2: If you purchase the unlimited license (US$3,500), you receive the free Lite Version Roulette Computer for free (single player version valued at US$4,200)

See a comparison between the different versions of our roulette computers.

To proceed, first confirm that the notice explaining the offer is still at because it will be removed once the stock is gone. If the computers are still available, submit payment as per the instructions and submit the payment registration form ( Then we will reserve your free roulette computer and send everything you need once payment is received. You won’t find a better time to join as this offer has never been made before, and it is unlikely to be repeated. Please be aware that the remaining phones are likely to be claimed very quickly.

Comparison Chart – Free Vs Full System:

The free roulette system course is provided so you can see my systems work, but it is not as effective or practical as the full system. Below is a comparison chart:

Full System Free System
Automated wheel analysis software (JAA) yes no
Percentage of Modern Wheels Beaten 35% 3%
Average Overall Profit Per Hour (with $5 units) $180 to $400/hr (depending on version) $30/hr
Average Player Edge on Modern Wheel 12% 2%
Ease of Use (10 = easy, 1 = difficult) 8/10 2/10
Percentage of Suitable ONLINE Casinos 25% 1%
Discrete Application (10 = undetectable, 1 = obvious use) 9/10 2/10
Free Roulette Computer yes no
Predictions Before The Wheel Spins yes no
Ebook Containing All Professional Systems yes no
Player Forum Access & Unlimited Free Support yes no
Automated Betting Bot Software For Online Casinos yes no
Spin Collection & Wheel Evaluation Software For Mobile Phones yes no

Join now

Become a player and get the full system

About Us

We are a group of professional roulette players with varied backgrounds. While some of us are ex-casino staff, we are mostly passionate roulette players that collaboratively develop methods to beat roulette.

Over 1,000 players actively use our methods world-wide, and combined we have won approximately $32,250,000 in the past 6 years. Casinos have been forced to hire consultants to advise them how to detect our players.

Our technology is developed by numerous individuals including electronics technicians, physicists and programmers who are hired as contractors, although I design most of the algorithms myself. I’ve been a professional player and team manager for almost 20 years. We have developed the most sophisticated roulette prediction methods available anywhere, which includes automated electronic devices that use hidden cameras to automatically track roulette wheels, and predict where the ball will land. These devices are still legal in most casinos, although we apply them secretly because casinos still ban players who are caught using them. We regularly conduct public demonstrations of our technology, so other serious players can see for themselves it’s absolutely real. If you’d like to know more about these devices, click the “roulette computers” link.

You can call me personally to ask any question, or even to just understand the type of person I am. You’ll find I have nothing to hide and answer questions directly and in detail. See below for my contact details. Learn more about me.

Best Regards,

Steve | Management
Roulette Wheel Analysis Group
Skype: rouletteanalysis
Ph. +61 3 9018 5395
Calls must be on WEDNESDAYS 9am-4pm (Australia +10 GMT) unless otherwise scheduled.

See my schedule page at so you know when to expect a response. ALL players should subscribe to the blog for important updates.

Roulette system (no electronics):
Proof Of Effectiveness:

PS – While money is particularly useful, I suggest carefully reading which explains how to reduce your dependence on it. You were not born with money and don’t need it as much as you may think, if you make the right choices.

NOTE: Our system is legitimately effective, but is not magic and still has limitations. Specifically it can’t beat every wheel, but can beat enough wheels (about 35%) to be a viable and practical income source. While the analysis software is very easy to use, you may find long hours in the casino to be tedious. So it is suited more for professional players who consider it a business. If you are presently looking for ways to win back large losses in casinos, this is a sign of a gambling problem and we advise you not to purchase ours or any system, whether it works or not. This is because players that are under stress are more susceptible to mistakes that worsen their situation. It is much better to accept your losses and move on. I’ve had losses of my own, and as painful as it was, I’ve come to accept it and understand money comes and goes, and wasting time worrying about it will cost you the most

NOTE 2: The current version of JAA requires at least 100 spins per direction for analysis. But we are about to release the latest version which requires half of this (50 spins minimum). The video at the top reflects the update, although parts of this website may still incorrectly state 100. The website will be modified to reflect the change soon.


  1. I think your website is great and you have provided a lot of proof. I do believe your system works but I’m having a hard time with WHY you would sell it. Why not just use it yourself?

    And if it worked then why why would casinos still have roulette? Because wouldnt having roulette make them lose a lot?

    I have read a lot of websites and bought many systems and I have to say yours appears best by miles. I have been scammed so many times so you can understand my hesitation.

    • 1. Why I sell it is the #1 FAQ on the FAQs page. Basically I manage teams of profit split players (partners) and we prefer the roulette computers (see as they’re quicker to use and more profitable. So I don’t “need” the system anymore. It’s explained in the FAQs.

      2. 99.99% of roulette players are losers, so roulette will probably always be a profitable game for casinos. Casinos already know roulette is being beaten, but they just take action when they suspect someone is a professional player. This action is called a “counter-measure” and can be things like speeding up the wheel, changing dealers more frequently etc. Most of these countermeasures do NOT affect the system. But one way or another, if you are detected, casinos will keep trying different things until you either lose or leave. Only then will normal procedures for the casino resume. They don’t tolerate consistent winners. So its very important to remain undetected, although it’s not difficult.

      Yes it may seem too good to be true, but understand although it works, it is not magic and does have limitations. We are offering a down to earth proven system and we clearly explain its limitations. Although the limitations are perfectly reasonable and the system is viable and practical.

  2. Hi, I saw a tv documentary of professional gamblers and one part explained how people were winning at roulette with the physics. I believe you and your system works and am learning lots from your site. Thankyou:)

  3. Also I want to say I really appreciate your honesty with everything. I would love to try the full system but I cant afford it yet. But I am loving your free course and wondering can I get to whole thing at once instead of parts?

    • Hi Ryan, thanks. Also the purpose of getting everything is parts is so you have time to digest everything. But contact me directly about your request.

  4. I don’t have any doubt you have a winning system however I question how difficult this is to use,meaning implementing the software in a casino to an actual winning bet.

    • It depends on where you play. You can beat virtually any wheel, in a home environment. But things are not so easy in a real casino environment. You can beat around 95% of wheels one way or another. But only approximately 35% of wheels are both beatable AND practical to beat in the real casino environment (with this system). An example of what makes it impractical is of the wheel spins only once every 5 or so minutes. The delay between spins is just too tedious. It should be no more than 2 minutes between spins.

  5. I dont have money to buy your system but I find your candid explanation of your system’s limitations, and your honesty, to be refreshing. I know beating roulette is possible and has even been done before so I believe you. Besides lacking the $3500, I cannot become a player because I have a mon-fri job and on weekends I have to care for my son. But you have won my admiration, well done :)

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