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  • Free instructional videos revealing a complete professional system that won a player almost $6M, and it can still be used today
  • The principles that make roulette spins predictable
  • How to avoid detection by casino staff
  • How to build your own electronic prediction devices (roulette computers)
  • How to accurately predict spins before the ball is released
  • How to properly tests systems, and why most systems lose

And much more. Scroll down for more detail. It is simply the best free information about beating roulette you’ll find anywhere.

What each issue includes:

Yes the course is really free and without obligations. You wont find this information anywhere else for free.

Issue 1:

  • Why almost all roulette system fail
  • The approaches that DO work
  • How to know if you are wasting time with a system before risking a cent

Issue 2:

  • Understanding what makes roulette predictable
  • Why roulette is not random
  • Why the limit to winnings is more about avoiding detection

Issue 3:

  • Roulette wheel physics simplified
  • How to know which wheels are easy to beat
  • Which ONLINE roulette casinos can be beaten? Principles and ball behavior you can see on any wheel.

 Issue 4:

  • The simple roulette system that really works (including free video tutorials)
  • More advanced methods for increased accuracy

Issue 5:

  • Comparison of the most effective systems
  • Why and when one is better than the other

Issue 6:

  • The right mindset of a professional roulette players
  • Forgetting what you think you know about roulette and beating casinos

Issue 7:

  • The key to predicting where the ball will land, before the wheel is even spun
  • The bouncy ball experiment
  • Understanding what you can and can’t predict

Issue 8:

  • How to win roulette, even when the ball and wheel speeds are intentionally randomized
  • The science of why it’s possible and how it is done

 Issue 9:

  • The secrets of modern professional roulette players
  • The easiest way to learn and use the most advanced systems

 Issue 10:

  • How to consistently win at roulette without being detected by casino staff (how casinos normally detect professional players, and how to avoid being noticed)
  • Common mistakes, and important procedures to follow

Issue 11:

  • Hidden electronic devices that predict where the ball will land
  • Legal and forbidden are different things
  • Why they are legal in half of casinos worldwide, but casinos will still ban players caught using them
  • How to make your own electronic prediction device

 Issue 12:

  • How and where to get advice from professional players for free
  • A recap on the methods that do and don’t work
  • Important points for professional players to maximize winnings in the least time

 Issue 13:

  • More advanced approaches when betting after the ball is released
  • Is more accurate always more profitable?

 Issue 14:

  • How to know if a roulette system works, before betting any real money
  • Properly testing your system in the least time possible

Issue 15:

  • Government lab testing that proves what you have learnt
  • How the average roulette wheel is easily beaten

 Issue 16:

  • More advice, procedures and software to easily test your roulette system
  • Free videos of roulette spins for testing
  • Free roulette wheel simulator

Issue 17:

  • Roulette bots and automated betting software
  • Which are the known scams?
  • Roulette betting software that does work

Issue 18:

  • The only roulette bets that can win
  • Why every other roulette bet leads to guaranteed loss
  • How to properly manage your bankroll
  • The “safest” roulette bet

Issue 19:

  •  Roulette betting progression
  • The different types of progressions
  • Which actually work, and which just blow your bankroll

Issue 20:

  • Winning ONLINE roulette
  • The best strategies to keep winnings online and avoiding account suspension

Issue 21:

  • Legal and illegal methods to cheat at roulette
  • Cheating methods compared
  • Can you cheat at online roulette?

 Issue 22:

  • How to play rapid roulette
  • Knowing which versions you can and cannot beat
  • Avoiding wheels with pre-recorded spins
  • Tips to win consistently

Issue 23:

  • Is a short term winning system all you need?
  • Can you profit with a system that wins over shorter sessions?
  • Some of the biggest and most costly misunderstandings of amateur players

Issue 24:

  • More advice about winning ONLINE roulette
  • Can you beat RNG (random number generator) roulette?
  • How maths is really used to win roulette
  • How dealers influence the winning number
  • Beating automated roulette machines (where there is no dealer)

Issue 25:

  • What the casinos know about beating roulette
  • The systems that have made players millions
  • What worked before, and what works today
  • News articles of high profile professional players

… and more issues are to come! This is the most complete and comprehensive free course to beat roulette. Subscribe for the above issues, and remain subscribed for future issues.

To get the best free roulette systems that really work, see the top 5 proven roulette systems and the video series below. It's the best 100% free information for winning roulette you'll find. It's written by professionals who are really earning a living from roulette.

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