Best Roulette Games To Test Roulette Systems

It makes sense to properly test your roulette system before betting for real. But most roulette players are not aware the majority of free games are unrealistic. This article discusses why particular roulette simulators are a bad place to test. We will also reveal the best software to test your system.

Random number generators, or real spin database?

Since the widespread use of online casinos, random number generator roulette has become extremely popular. This is roulette where there is no physical roulette wheel. Instead, you see a computer animation of a wheel, and the winning number is determined by a random number generator. As many of our other articles discuss, this is not real roulette. The only real roulette involves a wheel and a ball.

If you prefer random number generator roulette, understand you are simply playing a slot machine. You’re actually deluding yourself if you believe it’s roulette. Instead of the roulette wheel animation, it may as well be animated bingo balls. Nevertheless, that’s what some players still prefer.

But assuming you test your roulette system on real wheel spins, the question is where to get the spins. Also, should you use a database of real spins, or test on a real wheel?

There exists software that allows you to conveniently download historic spins, which were from real casinos. Many casinos publicly publish winning spins on their website. This allows you to obtain all the real spins you need.

Should you test on a live wheel?

It is natural to assume the ultimate test is on a real-life wheel. The problem with this is you need to test a statistically significant amount of spins.

For example, most players may never play ten thousand spins in our lifetime. But ten thousand spins is still considered relative short term. If you use automated roulette system testing software, you will find it comes bundled with pre-programmed systems you can test. This includes the Martingale, which is basically doubling bet size until you win. Of course all the systems provided with the software eventually lose. But you’ll find testing over as many as ten thousand spins yields a profit.

What does this tell you? Basically that even a losing system will sometimes win over thousands of spins. It doesn’t mean the system actually works.

Another way of looking at it is if one hundred players all use the same system, most players might win. And of course there will be losing players. The problem is the losing players will lose a combined amount greater than the winnings from winning players. So the combined result of using the system is a loss.

How do you know if you’re one of the winners or losers? You don’t. It’s simply a matter of chance.

Essentially you need to test on real spins to get a realistic idea of your system’s performance. But live spins take time. And with live spins, it will take weeks to have a realistic understanding whether or not your system works.

Consider the alternative, which is downloading a database of historic roulette spins from real casinos. If you have correctly coded your system into your roulette system testing software, you’ll save a lot of time. Generally a test of one hundred thousand spins will take a few minutes.

Do you really need to test so many spins?

Yes, you do. Remember the example provided above. It is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes of roulette system players to think that they need only test short-term data.

Of course when you play for real, in a real casino and on live spins, you may only play one hundred or so spins. Even if you have a system that works, you may still lose. But if you have an advantage, the chances are you will profit.

Consider it from the perspective of the casino. The house edge against players is -2.7% on the European roulette wheel. If a player made random bets for a hundred spins, there’s a chance the casino will lose. But because of the house edge of -2.7%, the chances are the player will lose, and the casino profits.

It is important to understand that casinos have both winners and losers. But the casino makes this money because the majority of players are losers. Casinos don’t at all mind paying winning players. In fact, winning players are like an advertisement for the casino. The casino needs the winning players to give the losing players hope. The casino also needs you to win once in a while, to keep your hopes alive.

Where should you not test?

Never test on software provided by casinos. Many particularly dishonest casinos provide free roulette games in which the player has an advantage. Needless to say, this is extremely dishonest and fraudulent. Well you may think it’s fraudulent, but it depends on the jurisdiction in which the casino is based. For example, there is one particular casino based in the United States of America. It is both a land-based casino, and an online casino. And they provide a free online game for players to test their system. You may find yourself having uncanny luck, and an ever-growing bankroll. The casino’s terms of service specifically state that no real money is wagered, and that the games are purely for entertainment. This makes it legal. But the actual game is rigged for players to win. It would be difficult to argue in court that the casino is deceiving players. Because after all, the casino will argue that there is nothing wrong with providing free games for entertainment. To make it worse for the player and better for the casino, their terms of service specifically state the games may not be “realistic”.

If you have the time to spare, you can test using a live WebCam spins from online casinos. The Casinopedia site lists some casinos, although there are many other sites with similar listings. As always, carefully check the reputation of any casino you join.

Also avoid any roulette games where specific casinos are recommended or promoted. This is because you don’t always know who created the roulette software. It may be designed to give you unrealistic winnings, while promoting specific casinos whose staff created the software.

Regardless of the software you use, you should always question the integrity of the spins used. Many use random number generators which are flawed, and produce predictable spins. This is especially the case if the simulator uses default random generators installed on servers. There are many different types of random number generators. Also pay close attention to variables such as betting limits. This is because if you have very broad and unrealistic betting limits, even the Martingale system can achieve very large winnings. But it’s a very different matter in real casinos where the limits are much tighter.

The best software to test your systems

Overall the only software you should trust to test the system is one of the below:

Multiplayer roulette at it’s a free game we provide. The winning numbers are determined by a database file which we upload. This database can be obtained from, or from roulette system players who use our methods.

Roulette Xtreme: this is relatively cheap but very useful software. It allows you to test your best roulette system at the click of a button. The only downside is each system must be coded in the software’s own language. The language is not particularly complicated. However, if you are not a programmer, you would find it very difficult to code your system for testing. This leaves you only with the option of manually testing, one spin at a time. But at least you’re more assured it isn’t rigged to ensure you win.

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