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If you’re like most Roulette players, you have a system you’ve been trying for some time. But unfortunately most players don’t properly test their strategies. This article will discuss where you should test your system, and how.

If you intend to play European roulette for free, it is critical to understand the spins must be fair. After all there’s no point to beating spins that are rigged in your favor. There is no shortage of free roulette games, whether your preference is American or European Roulette. But many have questionable sources of spins, which produce unrealistic results.

European Roulette Vs American Roulette

It’s important to understand the different varieties of roulette wheels. The two main types are the European and American roulette wheels. As the name suggests, the American wheel is in service mostly in the USA. However, it is also available in other jurisdictions such as Korea. The European wheel is used in the vast majority of European casinos.

Essentially the only differences are the order of numbers, and the American wheel has an additional pocket, which is the 00.

Once upon a time, the American and European wheels were the only variants being used. In modern times, there is an even greater variety. For example, some wheels have a single and 00, but with both green pockets directly next to each other. But typically, the American wheel layout has a single and 00 is at opposing sides.

The house edge on the American wheel is basically double that of the European wheel. This means you should always play the European wheel if it is available. Strangely some players believe the green 0 is a lucky pocket. And some believe an extra green 0 pocket is an extra chance to win. The truth is very different. Put simply, the payout on either version is 35-1 for single number wins. Of the odds are different for each wheels. This is because the American wheel has thirty-eight numbers, and the European wheel has thirty-seven numbers.

See our roulette odds page for more information.

Online Roulette With Best Odds

Speaking of roulette wheel variations, one particular online roulette casino has a game with no zero at all. You can see a roulette demo to understand how it works. We have also written a detailed review at the page here, if you want to understand further details.

In a nutshell, the casino has no zero on their roulette wheel. This means during gameplay, the casino has no advantage over you. The catch is when you win, you pay back the casino 10% of your winnings. The mathematics of it is the longer you play, the greater the benefits of playing at this casino are over other casinos.

The only disadvantage is the casino does not offer live WebCam roulette, where real wheels are used. This limits the opportunities for professional players, who exploit defects of real physical roulette wheels. But if you intend to play purely for entertainment, then Betvoyager is a significantly better option than other casinos. Having no real wheel means that the your essentially playing a slot machine, but with roulette animations. Technically although it isn’t real roulette, this is a type of game most players prefer.

Where to Play for Free

If you would rather not risk real money, or perhaps just want to test your system, try the recommended free European roulette games. They cost you nothing, and give you fair spins to play against. Be aware that some dishonest online casinos give free test accounts, but they are rigged to ensure you win. This is typically done with rogue casinos, which are not licensed. Always carefully check the reputation and license of any casino you play out.

Online Communities & Forums

Forums and discussion boards are a useful resource, whether you play for fun, or professionally. Unfortunately though, the majority of discussions on roulette forums involve ineffective approaches. Once you understand why an approach doesn’t work, you better understand approaches that do work. Casinos call effective methods “advantage play”. This is because the player has a legitimate long-term advantage over the casino.

European Roulette Systems & Strategies

As discussed above, European single roulette is preferable to American 00 roulette. Again this is because the European Roulette house edge is lower.

First determine if you intend to play professionally, or just for fun. If you are playing just for fun, the unpopular fact is almost every roulette system is as bad as another. The only thing separating one system from another is how the bets are selected, and how the bet amounts are selected.

For example, one system may be the martingale. This is simply doubling bet size until you win or go bust. Another system may be betting only 5% of your bankroll.

If the spins are favourable, the martingale can win a very large sum in a short time. Or it can break your bankroll very quickly. If a player did well with the martingale, they may assume the system works well. But the fact is you just had some good luck.

Alternatively, if you bet only a portion of your bankroll, your system will last much longer. The eventual result is you go bust because of the house edge. But the player of such a system may assume their system is best, because it lasted longer. But a long lasting system doesn’t make it effective. It only prolongs the inevitable outcome, which is losing to the casino.

In any case, don’t test your system on any free game, unless you know full details of how winning numbers are selected. You may assume that typical games produce significantly random spin outcomes. But the fact is the vast majority of free European roulette games use unreliable and quite predictable random number generators. One example is numbers tend to repeat more often than they do on real roulette wheels, but there are many other issues that make some spin sources unrealistic.

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