See a Demonstration

caThe best proof you can get is seeing everything IN PERSON OR LIVE VIA WEBCAM for yourself. In-person demos are in Melbourne Australia, but you can see live webcam demos from anywhere. I conduct both private and group demonstrations.

IMPORTANT: You are not under any obligation to buy after a demo. But my time is limited so please do not schedule a demo unless you are already in position to purchase, with intent to purchase shortly after a favorable demo.

PRIVATE Demos (Uber & Hybrid roulette computers only)

These are conducted either IN-PERSON OR LIVE VIA WEBCAM, and are only for players with serious intent to purchase following a favorable demo. You will see the full capabilities of technology so you understand what you are purchasing. You will be able to test everything for yourself on the world’s most common roulette wheel. You can also bring your own wheel for testing if the demonstration is in-person, or even bring other roulette computers for comparative testing. For webcam demos, you will be able to chat me live and request verification the footage is live. You see everything needed to understand how it’s used in real casinos without being detected.

1 on 1 Private Demo Setup

Below is the typical setup for 1 on 1 demonstrations. Everything is clearly explained, and you’ll see a detailed analysis of the results.

Group Demonstration Setup

Group demos are usually done with no more than 9 attendees at a time. This ensures everyone has the chance to have questions answered. It also keeps things close and personal.

John Huxley Mk7 Wheel

This is a 2018 model wheel, which is one of the most common designs in the world. Normally we use this for demos unless you bring a wheel of your own for testing. You can spin the wheel yourself, and even disassemble it to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with.

General Facilities

Lunch, coffee, tea and snacks are provided by the conference center staff. Usually we take a break for lunch at the on-site restaurant.

FREE TRIAL Roulette Computer

You can use the free trial roulette computer to test from home. It costs nothing and there’s no risk. For details see A screenshot is shown below. It uses the same algorithms as our “Lite” version roulette computer, but you can clearly see it works. The Uber and Hybrid much more sophisticated and more accurate, and you can see the differences in person.


PUBLIC GROUP Demos (Uber & Hybrid roulette computers only)

Public group demos are conducted either IN-PERSON OR LIVE VIA WEBCAM, and are for anyone for any reason, even if you have no intention to purchase. Unlike with the private demos, you will not see “everything” because some parts are secret. For example, you will still see a clear demonstration of effectiveness, but the advanced features wont be explained or demonstrated to you. These demos are to give people a better understanding of my technology’s capabilities, and to address false claims from unscrupulous sellers of other technology. Also in public group demos I usually teach attendees a free technique to beat roulette. I previously conducted one group public demo per year. But due to limited time, I can now only conduct private demos (for players with intent to purchase).

Recording of previous PUBLIC GROUP demonstrations

In the below recording of a public demo, I demonstrated the Uber version of my roulette computer. We covered 15 numbers and the accuracy rate was over 90% win rate. We could have easily bet just 1 to 3 numbers. The edge achieved was approximately +120%, which is enormous considering the casino’s edge over typical players is just -2.7%. The full length version of this video is long and tedious so I showed only the most relevant parts:

This video was also published so purchasers of other roulette computers can compare their device on the same spins. One computer from another vendor initially achieved 1/3rd of the edge, although the edge eventually evaporated to no edge at all as the ball’s deceleration rate changed. Another computer achieved no edge at all.

How to Attend a Demonstration

Anyone can attend public demos. But private demos have the following terms, which unfortunately are necessary because many people have wasted my time:

  • US$500 deposit to be made prior to the demo.
  • I’ll provide a demonstration either in person or via live webcam. Because this takes my time, the deposit is non-refundable except in circumstances where “proof of effectiveness” is not demonstrated. If you decide not to purchase for any other reason, the deposit will be considered non-refundable reimbursement for my time to provide the demonstration.
  • The definition of “proof of effectiveness” is an edge (“simulated profit”) on a mk7 Huxley wheel with an ivorine ball, and in a manner that’s required for profit (predictions at least 7 seconds before the ball hits the rotor, and rotor speed approximately 4-5 seconds / revolution). To be more specific, first we’ll test at least 60 spins to determine ball bounce (peak location). I will specify the peaks we will bet on before proceeding, and you will be shown all data at intervals throughout the demo. Then after the initial 60+ spins, we’ll repeat at least the same amount of spins to simulate real casino betting. If the result is “simulated profit”, I will have fulfilled my obligations in full. However, to prove the results weren’t just “luck”, I will also provide you with a detailed analysis of the charts produced by the computer. You may take your own notes to verify the charts are accurate. This is basically to prove that even when we didn’t win on specific spins, the ball at least landed close to predictions an inordinate amount of times.
  • If you dispute the results for any reason, you agree to provide detailed reasons within 7 days of me sending you the post-demo analysis. Failure to do so forfeits your right to dispute the results. The entire demo will be recorded to settle any disputes.
  • If you cancel the demonstration after I’ve booked a physical venue for the meeting, I don’t receive a refund from the venue, so your deposit is non-refundable (required amount to cover any of my expenses, including bank fees).
  • If I’m unable to do the demo for any reason on my side, your deposit will be fully refunded.

Submit the below form to register your interest to attend a demonstration. You will be contacted with further details.

Demonstration Request Form
This helps me understand how far you need to travel
For private demos I usually need 1 week to make arrangements on my end. But if you are coming from overseas, you may need more time to make travel plans.
List all dates you are available for the next 6 months. Please be as specific as possible. If you want a public (group) demo, you will be assigned to a particular demonstration based on information you provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you demonstrate the roulette system, which does not use electronic devices?

I only do demos of the roulette computers. I don’t do system demos anymore because it takes much longer to demonstrate, and the payment I receive does not justify the time it takes. But the free trial allows you to test working systems for as long as you want.

Q. Can you demonstrate your roulette computers in real casinos?

You can see a demonstration on my latest wheel, which is a 2017 model John Huxley Mk7 wheel with Velstone ball track, and a bouncy ivorine ball. This is one of the most difficult wheels to beat. Learn about this wheel at We can also disassemble the wheel so you know it has not been tampered with. You can also bring your own wheel, or hire one from a roulette wheel hire company. I can also demonstrate accurate predictions with live online casino wheels (with Hybrid or Uber computers only). You can even record video from your local casino and I can test the computer on spins you record.

But unless it’s for the Hybrid computer, I will not demonstrate it live in a real casino because:

  • Real casinos spin the wheel less frequently than we can in a private demo, so demonstrations of enough spins in real casinos take much longer.
  • I’m well known by casinos and too easily recognized.
  • Roulette computers are not legal where I live (Australia), and I don’t have time to travel overseas just for a demonstration.

If you are a serious purchaser, there is no reasonable proof you wont see. But live casino testing is not practical. If you will only consider spins from a real casino, then record video for testing. You will see me test on the spins the first time I see them, so it wouldn’t be possible for me to cheat.

Q. Under what circumstances can you demonstrate in real casinos?

I only demonstrate the Hybrid computer in real casinos. Basically one of your players wears a hidden camera, and your other team members can watch the live video and Hybrid work live from home. If you are a lone player, then everything can be recorded for you to watch later.

The requirements for real casino demos are:

  • You must supply details to ensure it is legal to play in your chosen casino: supply details of relevant laws you found, or written legal advice from a solicitor. We never play illegally.
  • You need all hardware: this includes a suitable Android phone, induction loop, wireless earpiece, and mini camera on cable. I can supply these at cost price, or you can follow instructions to obtain the hardware yourself.
  • Your camera must be suitably hidden. This requires suitably modified clothing.
  • I’ll need to spend an additional hour with you to explain what you need to do.
  • Normal demo deposit applies (US$500).

Testing in a real casino may be the ultimate “proof”. However, as explained above it’s not so practical for a demonstration. Additionally, the wheel in real casinos spins much less frequently than a wheel in your home. If you hired a wheel instead, you don’t need equipment like the earpiece, induction loop or mini camera – you’ll just need a suitable phone.

Basically demonstrations in real casinos sound like a good idea, but it’s not as practical as you simply hiring a wheel to have in your home, and simulating real casino conditions. I can still do real casino demos if the above requirements are met.

Q. Can you visit me to give a demonstration?

No, I simply don’t have time even if you pay extra. Besides you can see whatever you need via live webcam if you are unable to travel to me.

Q. Can you test the computers on live video I stream to you via an Internet service like Skype?

Yes. This option is suitable if you have your own wheel at home. Simply aim your webcam at the wheel and you will hear the computer’s predictions live via Skype.

Q. Can the roulette computers be applied at online casinos?

The Hybrid and Uber computers can get accurate predictions at online casinos, but only the Hybrid can actually get predictions in time to bet. But I don’t expect for much longer. This is because we have won enough to force some online casinos to call no more bets much earlier, and other online casinos may eventually do the same. But real casinos usually only call no more bets much earlier when they suspect a roulette computer player is present. It is very unlikely most real casinos will ever forbid bets after ball release because it speeds up the game, so more bets are placed, and the casino ultimately earns more. There are far more losers than winning roulette computer players, so it is not financially viable for real casinos to call no more bets too early. Perhaps 1 in 50,000 players use a roulette computer. If casino staff in a real casino suspect you are using a roulette computer, they simply call no more bets earlier until you leave, then they resume normal procedures. Online casinos generally adopt a “prevention is better than a cure” approach, so they can avoid roulette computer players winning large sums, even if it means they will ultimately earn less from other players. After all they can’t physically see who the players are. So online casinos usually prefer less risk in exchange for less but more assured profit. More experienced casinos tend to allow late no more bets to maximize their profit, but are more vigilant in detecting roulette computer players before they do damage. But even in such casinos, a professional team can easily avoid detection.

More about online casino demos: I can show you the Uber beat online wheels, but with predictions given about 10 seconds before the ball falls (not early enough to place bets at online casinos). With the Hybrid computer, I can show you accurate predictions that are early enough to actually bet. But this situation may change at any time for reasons explained above. Although if it does change, I’ll always be at least able to show accurate predictions that are early enough for betting in normal casinos. This way you can see accuracy on a wheel I don’t own.

Another consideration with online casino demos is many of them stream video from real casinos, which means sometimes the tables aren’t even open. And sometimes spins occur once every few minutes. This makes testing a significant volume of spins very tedious. Testing with my own wheel, or a wheel you bring yourself, makes testing much easier and more practical because we can spin it more frequently.

Q. Can you do demonstrations from online casinos?

My internet connection isn’t fast enough to download live video from online casinos while simultaneously uploading video for you to see. But what we can do is you pre-record spins from an online casino for me to test on. Then when it’s time for the demo I download the video to conduct the demo. It will be the first I’ve seen the video so it wont be possible for me to cheat. Then I’ll play the video while you watch me get predictions with the computer. If you choose this option, I’ll need video with a reasonable view of the wheel, and smooth frame rate. You should have 140 spins for one direction (testing in one direction only saves time). And the video must be continuous and uncut to ensure the wheel wasn’t changed mid-play. Most online casinos close bets before the ball is released but at least you will see prediction accuracy on a wheel you know I don’t control. Before you take the time to record the required spins, send me a small sample recording and I can tell you whether or not the video is suitable. Generally avoid the auto wheels and focus on live dealer wheels. We can often beat auto wheels but they’re more difficult so we usually avoid them.

How To Record Spins From Online Casinos

The wheel I own is one of the most common designs in the world. It is maintained better than most casino wheels, and is more difficult to beat than average wheels. So it is suitable for testing. We can even disassemble it so you see it hasn’t been modified. But if you want to see a demo on a wheel I don’t own, you can record spins from an online casino. I recommend using the free software from – see the instructions below to record videos. There are many online casinos that provide good, clear and smooth video.

How To Record Online Roulette Video

How To Record Video in Real Casinos

The wheels in real casinos are mostly the same models you’ll see at online casinos. You can see demos in-person with me, but I do not send you a free full version computer to test. But perhaps you want a demo on the exact wheels you intend to play on. As a compromise, we can test on videos you record from inside your casino. Usually a well-hidden mobile phone is all your need. You can have another player connect to the phone via software to stop and start videos, and to make sure video is still recording. Remember you can’t see the phone screen in the casino.


  • Make sure it’s legal. Sometimes recording video inside the casino is illegal. Usually if the roulette computers aren’t legal there, recording video wont be legal either.
  • Record at least 120 spins for one direction. Most wheels alternate direction each spin, in which case you can just as easily record 120 spins per direction (240 spins). But we only need to test one direction (120 spins). There isn’t much point testing fewer spins. You need to see the accuracy is clearly not luck.
  • The video should be clear and steady.
  • The videos should clearly show each winning number. Otherwise accuracy can’t be assessed.
  • Video resolution not greater than 720p (1280 x 720). Keep it as small s possible, while still being clear. Otherwise the video is very large and difficult to work with.
  • Try to capture when bets are closed. This will give you an idea of whether or not predictions were in time for the demo.