What Are Roulette Computers?

Roulette computers are the most effective roulette strategy a player can use. They are hidden electronic devices that predict where the ball will land. They are a completely different thing to the physics roulette system explained on this site. Essentially the roulette computers are electronic devices used at the table, whereas the physics roulette system does not require any electronic devices at the table. 

The best site to learn about roulette computers is www.roulette-computers.com, which also explains how to make your own. This page is more a summary of what the devices do and how they work.

How roulette computers work

They measure the speed of the wheel and ball after it is released, then calculate where the ball is most likely to lose momentum and fall. Once the player receives a prediction, the player has a short time in which to place bets before the dealer closes betting. Usually to determine the wheel and ball speed, the player clicks a hidden button when the wheel and ball complete revolutions. This is of course subject to some error, but with proper design, the errors are acceptable.

Are they legal?

You might think that these devices are illegal, but they are actually legal in most jurisdictions. This doesn’t mean the casino will allow them, which is why they are applied secretly. Usually they are worn under the players clothes, and operated with hidden cables and wireless invisible earpieces. So the casino staff don’t actually see the devices themselves.

Nevertheless, casino staff are trained to monitor for suspicious behaviour by players. If a player is suspected of using a roulette computer, then the casino surveillance staff instruct the dealer to call no more bets earlier. This usually makes the roulette computer obsolete. But it also means that other players wont be able to place late bets either. This means less bets overall, and the casino will lose revenue.

Roulette computers for sale

There are numerous roulette computers for sale on the Internet. And as with any gambling product, the claims from sellers are greatly exaggerated. The seller usually claims their device is remarkably sophisticated with unparalleled accuracy. The reality is you will achieve much the same accuracy with the free roulette system I provide, without needing to buy a roulette computer. This is because both the free system and basic roulette computers do the exactly same thing. And the errors in application for the free system and basic computers is comparable, so the resulting accuracy is much the same. You can easily use my free system to test on roulette demonstration videos created by sellers, and see how results compare. It will just take you a day or so to practise with the free system before you can achieve the same accuracy.

Our computers

We have developed numerous roulette computers, with the main ones listed below:

Hybrid V3: This is the most effective technology that has ever been developed to beat roulette. The hybrid roulette computer users hidden cameras and image recognition processors to automatically determine the rotor and ball speed. By considering the location of the ball in individual frames, it measures the ball speed accurate to 1 millisecond. Instead of considering ball position at a single point, it can consider ball location at many points in a single revolution. This enables it to determines the ball speed with approximately 50 times more accurately than any other computer. There are many benefits to this. Obviously the predictions are much more accurate. But very importantly, it also means the computer can obtain accurate predictions much earlier in the spin.

Uber: This uses the same algorithms as the hybrid, although it obtains its timings from the traditional method of clicking hidden buttons. It was named the Uber by one of its users, which basically means above and beyond, or the best of the best. The algorithms used by the Uber properly account for the variation of ball bounce on different rotor speeds, how the ball will behave when it hits particular diamonds, and the variation of ball deceleration rates that occur because of air pressure variations. These capabilities are exclusive to the Uber and Hybrid devices. If you’ve purchased a device and the seller claims it also has these features, it is very easy to test and know whether or not you’ve been scammed (see www.roulette-computers.com)

Lite version: The Lite version Users of the traditional roulette computer algorithms, which unfortunately are very simplistic and incapable of beating most modern roulette wheels. It has all the essential features for covert play, but is designed more as a stepping stone to our more advanced computers. It will give you comparable accuracy to my free roulette system, but is easier to apply.

Basic version: This version is given free to all of our roulette physics system players. It uses the traditional algorithm explained on our roulette computer’s website. This version will give you the same results as our free roulette course as if you have applied at perfectly. It will give you much the same results as an average roulette computer. Similar devices have been sold for thousands of dollars by unscrupulous sellers that proclaim the superiority of their devices.

For a detailed comparison of all roulette computers you can buy, see our roulette computers website

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