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See How a Roulette Computer Team Won £1.3 Million In 3 (Also download video from

Basically roulette computers are hidden devices that measure ball and wheel speed to predict the winning number. They are by the quickest and most effective way to beat roulette. They are a legal roulette strategy in approximately half of casinos, but you must apply them secretly because casinos will still ban you if you are caught using them. But if you use them legally, then you can’t be charged for it.

Can you win millions? Yes of course. It has been done before as per the video above. Your profits are more limited by what you can win without being detected by casino staff.

I often forget while beating roulette is an every-day thing for me, many people still think roulette simply can’t be beaten. You only need to do proper research to learn the truth. Start with the video above, and the following links:

Also see independent roulette computer tests at and there’s also a link to a Government Lab Test Report at

It is not uncommon for someone to email me claiming that roulette simply cannot be beaten, so my technology cannot work, and that it must be a scam. These same people form their opinions from what other people told them, and they too have no experience. The fact is the casinos know very well roulette is being beaten. This is why they invest millions to detect professional players before they win too much, but they still struggle to detect us. They call their detection methods “casino game protection”, and they call the professional methods “advantage play”.

Despite what you may have been told, roulette is by far the easiest game to profit from, and the most vulnerable to attack from professional players. The two best methods to beat roulette are the roulette physics system ( and roulette computers (, and they may be the only legitimate and legal way you will ever find to earn an enormous profit in a short time. Although it is smarter to win smaller amounts over longer periods, to avoid detection.

Some people have also said my prices are unreasonably large. But what do you expect to pay for a portable business that can buy you a house in 24hrs? We have more affordable versions as low as $1,250 although the more expensive versions are worth the price (you get what you pay for).

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