American Roulette Tips Tricks for Vegas and Bet365

Is this an American wheel, European wheel, or neither?
Is this an American wheel, European wheel, or neither?

Most American roulette tips and roulette strategy websites are designed to promote online casinos such as Bet365, not to accurately inform you on American roulette tips and tricks. This page will explain the best tips if you intend to profit, whether it be in Vegas or online roulette casinos. The most popular professional roulette system for American roulette is the JAA cross reference system available here. It is widely used across the USA and although it works on double zero wheels, it is always better to seek single zero wheels.

Why American Roulette Makes You Lose More

Read about advantage play and why it’s the only approach that works. American roulette wheels have a double 0 pocket, and a single 0 pocket. But the payouts are the same as the European single zero wheels, which only have a single 0 pocket. Most people do not have a choice of which type of roulette wheel they play on, although in cases where you have a choice, it makes sense to choose the single zero European wheel layout. To put things into perspective, the European roulette wheel has half the edge of the American roulette wheel. An amateur gambler may actually believe that the extra zero give them an extra chance to win, but to a professional player this notion is absurd.

Bet365 American Roulette Tips UK

Start with the best and worst advice for playing roulette. Bet365 is an online casino that gives you a choice between each of the wheel layout types. If you are from the United States of America, it may be tempting to choose the American wheel format because you are more familiar with it. But keep in mind you will have a reduced edge. Of course Bet365 realizes this, and rely on the ignorance of players.

Why do some people call it American roulette when the wheel is single 0?

In many European nations, casino staff may refer to all roulette as American roulette, regardless of the wheel layout. This is technically wrong to the rest of the world, but it is worth taking note of if you are ordering a roulette wheel from Europe, because you may not get the wheel layout you are expecting.

How is American roulette usually different?

My experience with American roulette is that the rotor, which is the spinning part, tend to spin significantly faster than in other parts of the world. Other than this, and the wheel layout, there are essentially is no difference between a roulette wheel on one side of the world all the other. This is because there are few particular will roulette wheel manufacturers that are favoured by casino establishments. Some casinos may strictly use only the latest models, while other casinos may continue to use particular wheel designs for 20 or so years, which is a viable option especially when they have their own in-house wheel refurbishment service.

Roulette wheels are not cheap, if the average wheel costing around $10,000. This may be at an insignificant amount for a casino, but not so much when you have 20 or so wheels and really encounter a professional player, so there is not so much of a need to keep wheels in perfect condition. Even if the casino has strict rules about the condition of their wheels, keep in mind that all operations are overseen by staff who do not necessarily do their job properly.

Best tips to win at American roulette

The best tips I provide are essentially identical to any other roulette tips, which are:

1. Focus your bets on what happens at the actual physical wheel. Roulette has nothing to do with the betting table. Even Einstein himself said a roulette table cannot be beaten, but he said nothing about the actual wheel. He was referring to the mathematical edges and the scattered representation of the wheel. If Einstein dedicated time to beat roulette, you can be sure that he would have relied on physics.

2. If you are using professional methods, understand scatter and how to properly assess it. Scatter is a kind of measure to determine how predictable the ball bounce is. If the ball bounce is too unpredictable, then you will find it very difficult to beat this wheel, and you only option may be a roulette computer that has features to minimize scatter. My computers are the only devices I know of have such capabilities.

3. If you are playing specifically at an online roulette casino such as Bet365, always choose the single zero European wheel layout, as your edge is significantly greater. Or rather the casinos edge is lower.

4. Carefully manage your bankroll: if you are unaware of how much you have won or lost, you can easily blow your entire bankroll.

5. Be aware of the odds for your bets: Knowing what you expect to win helps you determine expected profit and loss.

6. Avoid outside bets such as odds, evens, 1-18, 19-36, the columns and dozens. You cannot consistent beat roulette with outside bets.

7. Avoid using the coloured chips as they help casinos track your winnings.

8. Be friendly to the croupier (dealer) as their behavior can sometimes influence the predictability of spins.

9. Monitor your edge. The house edge is always present, but you can overcome it with a winning roulette strategy.

10. Study the mathematics of the game, so you know what to expect. This is also relevant to the roulette odds and payouts.

11. Know the roulette systems that are well known to lose, and avoid them. These inclue the Labouchere, the Martingale and more.

12. If you play online, focus on real wheels only, not random number generators.

13. Learn the rules so you can focus on correct application of your system.


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