For $1, I’ll Send You The Roulette System That Earns Part-Time Players $180,000 Per Year

It works at real or online casinos and takes minutes to learn. The only limit is what you can win without being banned.


Dear Roulette Player,

Most roulette systems are scams, and there’s nothing I could say you haven’t heard before. So to prove it works, you can test it for 5-days for just $1. Proof doesn’t get better than this.

Trial accounts are created Mondays. See the confirmation page via Paypal for details.

I expect and encourage you to be skeptical. But have a healthy level of skepticism so you also have an open mind.

NOTE: The trial is $1 instead of free because the Paypal transaction verifies who you are, which helps prevent multiple trials from the same players. Using the software at some roulette tables may be illegal. You could research laws, but I suggest just test it on real spins from live online casinos. If you buy the full version, you receive another software version that does NOT require any electronic device at the wheel and is legal in all casinos. Trial accounts begin on Mondays and end on Fridays.

* Terms of service for JAA software trial

Want More Proof?

I do provide more proof, but it’s better to keep it simple. Why? . . . Because if I provide lab test results, maybe you’d think I paid the researchers to be biased, or that the wheel was easily beaten. If I gave you a personal demonstration, you might think I use magnets. If you spoke to other players, you might think they are paid actors. Written testimonials can easily be faked. And the list goes on. So if you want real proof, the 5-day trial is all you need. But you can still find more proof at

Warning About False Negative Reviews

“Gambling system sellers” spread manipulative and often blatant false information to discredit “competitors”. I’ve also been attacked by people who have been banned for spamming on my roulette forum. Because anyone can make elaborate false claims to discredit someone, it’s difficult to know what to believe. So instead of you wasting time figuring out what’s true or false, you’ll find it easier and more productive to test my roulette systems and computers for yourself. There’s no better proof. And if it’s not enough for you, nothing will be.

How & Why It Works

The JAA roulette system predicts the winning number before the wheel is released. Basically it works by exploiting anomalies of wheel designs that create predictable spins. In simpler terms, it uses roulette wheel physics. I’m not going to explain further details because perhaps the only people who would understand it would use the knowledge against players. And besides, explaining it serves no purpose because for all you’d know, it could be mumbo-jumbo science talk. Again, let the 5-day trial do the talking.

Ultimately, the edge you achieve over the casino is usually 5-15%. It may not seem like much, but consider blackjack card-counters make millions with just a 2% edge.

The basics of how it is used is explained in the video below, although it applies for the “Web Version” of the software. The phone version is even simpler:

The Different Software Versions Explained

My roulette system software has TWO different version explained below:

Mobile phone version: This is the version you get with the 5-day trial. It is used via a hidden phone at the wheel, but it’s only legal in about half of casinos. Legal or not, it is still used with a hidden cable and invisible wireless earpiece because casinos are paranoid of hidden computers (for good reason). So they’ll ban anyone using electronic devices. Basically you enter data like the winning numbers, and it tells you where to bet next. The software runs on almost any modern Android phone. It also runs on a Windows or MAC computer if you use an android emulator.

Web version (legal in all casinos): This version is accessed via any phone or computer with an Internet browser (iphone, android, pc or mac). It is legal everywhere because it does NOT require electronic devices at the wheel, so it’s legal in all casinos. You simply save spin data on pencil and paper, then enter the data when outside the casino. The software then gives you convenient betting charts that tell you where to bet.

Why I’m Selling It

Basically I manage private roulette computer teams and don’t need the JAA system. It doesn’t mean the JAA system doesn’t work. Simply my roulette computers are quicker to use.

Features & Benefits

• No limit to winnings. It’s possible to earn over $30,000 per week.

• Works at online and real casinos

• Beat 30% if modern European and American 00 wheels

• Player edge between 5-15% (a “beatable” wheel has greater than 1% edge. But your typical edge is 5-15% because you are advised to avoid wheels with a lower edge)

• Takes minutes to learn, and you can start profiting today

• Works on both new or old wheels

• No betting progression (no increasing bet size after losses)

• Unlimited free support

• Works on PC, MAC, or Android devices (full version also works on iphone)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know this isn’t a scam?
The purpose of the trial is so you can see it’s not a scam.

Q. Do I bet before or after the wheel spins?
You bet BEFORE the wheel spins.

Q. How much can I earn?
It depends mostly on your bet size and frequency of spins. It could be $100 or $100,000 per hour. The only limit is what the casino will allow. In smaller casinos, it is reasonably easy to earn $1,000 per session without being noticed. Much higher amounts are possible in larger casinos. The only real limit is what the casino will allow.

Q. What do I get with the full version?
You get access to an additional version which enables you to print convenient betting charts that tell you when and where to bet. Then you wont need the phone in the casino at all. It works on any phone or computer that accesses the Internet. You also get unlimited free support via email.

Q. Is it legal to use a mobile phone at the table?
It is legal in about half of casinos, so you need to check your local laws. Although you always hide the phone because casinos will still ban you for consistent winning. However, the web version does not require any electronic device at the table, so it’s legal everywhere.

Q. Exactly what do you bet on?
You bet on individual numbers (inside bets). The software usually gives you around 15 predictions, but you only need to bet ONE of them for an edge. However, you will win more in less time if you bet on more. You only ever bet one unit per number.

Q. Do you have any other proof that the system works?
Yes, more of proof is provided here. But the best proof is just test the system for yourself.

Q. How can you possibly beat roulette? Isn’t it all random?
Actually roulette is well known to be beatable in the right conditions. People who tell you otherwise have no experience, and get opinions from others with no experience.

Q. Aren’t you worried your system might be reverse engineered?
The parts that can be reverse engineered are unimportant. It’s easy to understand the basics of the system, but the analysis server performs a critical and sophisticated analysis which is nearly impossible to reverse engineer.

Q. Can I use the trial software (phone version) in a real casino?
In about half of casinos, it is unlawful to use electronic prediction devices at the table. But the full software version gives you convenient charts that tell you where to bet, so you don’t need a computer at the table at all (and it’s legal everywhere). I suggest use the trial version in one of the online casinos that offer live roulette with real wheels.

Q. Where can I test the 5-day trial?
Unless you are sure use is legal in your casino, test it at online casinos that use real wheels but with a test account without real money. That way you don’t need to worry if the online casino is honest, but you still get to test the system without risk.

Q. Where can I use the system?
It works on approximately 30% of real wheels, including the real wheels at many online casinos. It is not possible to beat every wheel, but rarely is it a problem to find a suitable wheel.

Q. Does the wheel need to be defective in any way?
No. It will simply exploit predictable spins that occur on both new and old wheels.

Q. Is the system guaranteed to work?
Even a casino may make a loss in one day, but will make back losses another day because of their long term advantage. It’s the same with the system because you have the advantage. You may lose on some days, but eventually win back losses. But keep in mind nothing is ever 100% guaranteed.

Q. When can I expect access to the free trial?
Trial accounts are created on Mondays, and deactivated at the end of Friday.

Got More Questions?

See the full list of Frequently Asked Questions, and the 5-day Trial should answer any other questions. You can also Contact Me if you have further questions, but please fully read this site first because the only way i can offer the system is if I don’t waste time answering questions that are already answered here.

How To Get The Full System

Full access to the analysis software (and all other services) is US$2500 for unlimited access, which isn’t much considering it’s a business that can literally earn enough to buy a house, without needing products, employees or paperwork. And you can take it almost anywhere in the world. Click the below link and follow the instructions.

Join now

IMPORTANT: Requirements For Players

From September 18, 2016, we have introduced restrictions on who can purchase the full version. The requirements for new players are below. If you don’t qualify, please do not proceed.

  • Requirement 1 – You have significant experience with traditional advantage play strategies (such as visual ballistics, bias analysis, card counting etc). Your experience doesn’t need to be with roulette. And you don’t need to be an expert. You just need to have a reasonable amount of experience. This requirement is important because an advantage player already has the right mindset and learns quickly.
  • Requirement 2 – You are fluent with English. It’s not that our systems are difficult to apply because they aren’t. It’s because providing support to players with poor comprehension of English takes far more time – even to explain simple concepts.

Basically an inexperienced player who barely speaks English can take 10 times more time to assist than a player with reasonable experience and fluent English. If you believe you meet the requirements, you can proceed to purchase as normal. But otherwise please do not proceed.

30 Day Profit Guarantee

Fully guaranteedIf you don’t profit within 30 days, I’ll provide a full refund. I only ask that you give the system a fair shot. I give you what I promise and only ask you be fair to me too (see the official guarantee). I know you’d prefer an “unconditional guarantee”, but keep in mind any guarantee is only as good as the seller, and most sellers use any excuse to avoid refunds. However if you genuinely use the system properly and don’t profit, then I don’t want to keep your money.

Comparison Chart – Free Vs Full System

  The free roulette system course is provided so you can see my systems work, but it is not as effective or practical as the full system. Below is a comparison chart:

Roulette ComputersJAA SystemVisual BallisticsDealer SignatureBias Analysis
Hourly Profit (units/hr)120 units60 units35 units30 units20 units
Wheels Beaten90%30%3%4%3%
Time Needed (hrs/week)1hr5hrs10hrs10hrs30hrs
Suitable ONLINE Casinos1%35%1%5%2%
Prediction TimeDuring SpinBefore SpinDuring SpinBefore SpinBefore Spin
Required Bankroll50 units200 units150 units250 units500 units
Where Legal50% of casinosAll CasinosAll CasinosAll CasinosAll Casinos

* The data above is based on typical results and is not a guarantee you will achieve the same results. Some players earn more, and some earn less. Also “difficulty” is largely opinion. The comparisons of difficulty are relative to other strategies. Use the free roulette strategies provided for a better understanding of what professional play involves.

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