The Winning Roulette System Casinos Are Trying To Ban. Average Players Earn $180,000 Per Year

The Cross Referencing Roulette System (JAA) is the most advanced roulette strategy for real or online casinos. Enter spin data into software to automatically analyze patterns, then get simple charts that tell you when & where to bet.

World Gaming Conference: We've forced casinos to consultants to advise them about our players.
World Gaming Conference: We’ve forced casinos to hire consultants that advise them about our players.

Forget what you think you know about roulette. I’ll show you a roulette system that really can set you up for life. The more you use this roulette strategy, the more you earn. And the only limit is what you can earn without being noticed by casino staff.

  • It works at both online and real casinos
  • It’s practical and takes minutes to learn
  • There is no betting progression (increasing bet size after losses)
  • The average players earn $180,000 per year playing part-time with $5 units
  • Recession-proof income: earn money even during global financial recessions
  • See REAL proof including TV documentaries, FREE trial, video demonstrations, and even a government lab test report.

You are right to be skeptical because most roulette systems are scams, and why would anyone sell a winning system? But take the time to review everything here and you’ll see this is the real thing.

Closed to New Players (from 18th Sep)

We are now closed to new “purchasers” for both the roulette computers and JAA roulette systemThis is because we’re expanding our private teams so we don’t have available time to support inexperienced players, or players with poor English. The upside is new players for our private teams can use our Hybrid roulette computer for $0.00 up-front, and pay us from winnings. However, player selection is competitive. If you’re a serious player with available time, see details at – and learn more about roulette computers at We only ever play legally, so don’t bother asking to play illegally.


Q. Is it still possible to “purchase” either your roulette computers or roulette system so I don’t need to share winnings with you?

We aren’t taking new “purchasing” players because many have no experience at all, and often barely speak English. So it takes a lot of time to provide some players with support for even simple things. But for now we can still accept new players that meet the below requirements:

  • Requirement 1 – You have significant experience with traditional advantage play strategies (such as visual ballistics, bias analysis, card counting etc). Your experience doesn’t need to be with roulette. And you don’t need to be an expert. You just need to have a reasonable amount of experience. This requirement is important because an advantage player already has the right mindset and learns quickly.
  • Requirement 2 – You are fluent with English. It’s not that our systems are difficult to apply because they aren’t. It’s because providing support to players with poor comprehension of English takes far more time – even to explain simple concepts.

Q. What’s the difference between “purchasing” and being a player in your “private team”?

Purchasers can keep all their winnings, and have no restrictions on when and where they play. Members of our private teams pay a fee for each winning sessions, and can only play at designated casinos and times.

IF YOU WANT TO “PURCHASE”: We have time to provide support to people that meet the requirements. But we don’t have time especially for players who we can’t easily communicate with. Please be honest about the above points if you wish to “purchase”. If you believe you meet the requirements, you can proceed to purchase as normal. But otherwise please do not proceed.


Try It Free

The evaluation system is a subscription based course. Enter your email and you’ll receive a different part of the course via email every 3 days.

courseWhat You’ll Receive:

  • Free instructional videos revealing a complete professional system that won a player almost $6M, and it can still be used today
  • The principles that make roulette spins predictable
  • How to avoid detection by casino staff
  • How to build your own electronic prediction devices (roulette computers)
  • How to accurately predict spins before the ball is released
  • How to properly tests systems, and why most systems lose . . . and much more

It is not specifically a trial of the cross-reference system but it includes other proven systems, and is the best free information about beating roulette you’ll find anywhere (see the comparison chart for the Free System Vs Cross Reference system at the bottom of this page). Enter your email below to subscribe:

Proof It Works

Tested By a Qualified Physicist & Proven Effective. Official test resultsWe hired an independent physicist to test our system. The results were a profit of $7,350, and less than a 1% chance of the results being due to “luck”. The report was originally intended for government authorities who may question the legitimacy of our claims. The full uncensored report and contact details of the tester is available to any government authority upon request, although you can download the censored version. Download the Test Report (PDF)

Government Lab Testing Finds Roulette Is Predictable

UK Government Lab TestingThis is a separate lab test from a UK government lab ( This report explains testing they conducted to determine how predictable roulette spins actually were in specific common conditions. They found that roulette is easily beaten with the correct approach, even with very basic prediction methods like the FREE system we provide on this site. Download the UK Government Lab Test Results (PDF) In their testing they used an electronic device (roulette computer) although our system uses the same principles that make roulette predictable, but with bets before the ball is released.

See It Win $8,850 In An Hour

This is a basic demonstration on one of the world’s most common wheels. The starting bankroll is 100 units and a profit of +354 units is achieved, without betting progression (bets are always the same size). With $25 units, this is a profit of over $8,850 which can be achieved without attracting unwanted attention from casino staff (provided you don’t do it too frequently at the same casino). The system works the same on automated wheels where the ball is automatically released, and at live online casinos where a real wheel is used. There are approximately 20 suitable online casinos.

Want More Proof? Click Here For The Full List


How Much Can You Win?

With a suitable wheel, you can expect to profit $1,000 – $5,000 per day. Much more is possible and the main limitation is what you can earn without drawing attention from casino staff. We teach you how to avoid detection to maximize your winnings.


Play Online or in Real Casinos

online You can apply the system at real or online casinos. It makes no difference provided the wheel is physically real. Click here for an explanation of why you cannot beat software roulette (where there’s no actual wheel). There are approximately 20 suitable online casinos and players regularly share information about online casinos via the player-only forum.


How It Works

See the video for more details, although the basics are explained below:

STEP 1 – Write Down The Winning Numbers: First you need data for our automated software to analyze. This includes information such as the winning number and some additional information about each spin. You collect 100+ spins per direction for each wheel. You can write spin data on the paper supplied by casinos, and apply a simple system to blend in with other players. This part takes about 5 hours, but you only do it ONCE for each wheel, and can do it over multiple days.

STEP 2 – Let the Automated Software Analyse the Data Now enter the spin data into the software at You can do this from anywhere with Internet access, including a mobile phone. The software tell you how profitable the wheel is, and generates simple charts that tell you when and where to bet.


Easy To Learn & Practical To Use

The software and entire roulette strategy’s process is designed for beginners – it makes a sophisticated system easy for anyone to use. The automated software does the analysis for you. All you need to do is submit the spin data and let it generate charts that tell you when and where to bet. The software is very easy to use and takes most players about 30 minutes to learn. Basically all you need is to watch a 15 minute video, but you still get unlimited free support if you have questions. Once you have the betting charts the software gives you, knowing where to bet next literally takes seconds. * “Easy and practical” is subjective opinion, although the clear majority (95%) of players agree the system is easy and practical. Please review the FAQs page so you understand what’s involved.


Summary of Features

    • Easy and practical: The procedures and application of the system are simple. You can achieve the same results as experienced players from day one, even if you’ve never played roulette before, and even if you barely speak a word of English.
    • Software compatible with iphone, Android, MAC and Windows PC: it works on any modern device Internet access
    • Effective on approximately 35% of modern roulette wheels: There is no shortage of wheels to play on
    • Player edge is usually +5 to +15%: the typical edge against you is -2.7%, although your advantage will be usually be between +5 to +15%
    • No betting progression: Your bets are the same-size each spin (flat bets only).
    • Free unlimited support: You’ll quickly learn I sincerely care about your success and give all the help you need
    • Free trial available: Proof doesn’t get better than a free trial.
    • Recession-proof income: earn money even during global financial recessions


Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs page has much more information, but the most common questions are answered below:

Q. Why would you sell a system that works?

I sell it because I use my roulette computers which are more accurate and quicker to use. So I don’t need the system or any other roulette strategy, but that doesn’t mean I’ll let it sit un-used.

Q. If it worked, why isn’t everyone using it?

Most players expect a winning system to take minutes to apply. Like anything profitable, my system takes time and effort so it doesn’t suit everyone. My software automatically does the complicated analysis for you, but the difficult part is collecting the 100-300 spins for analysis. You only usually collect this data ONCE for each wheel. This takes several hours, and can be done over multiple days. It’s like any job because you still need to work to profit. But for the time you dedicate, you’re likely to earn much more than a standard job.

Q. If roulette could be beaten, why aren’t casinos broke?

Professional players have existed for as long as casinos. But there are far more consistent losers than winners. The best defence casinos have against professional players is the detection of consistent winners. Once a professional player is detected, the casino takes various steps to protect themselves. As a last resort, they can easily ban a player. This is why we teach all players how to avoid detection.

Q. Does your system work online?

YES, but only at live webcam casinos where a real wheel is viewed via webcam. Many online casinos offer live webcam roulette. In fact about 30% of players only ever play online as there are over 20 suitable online casinos. The advantages of online play are that you can play from home, and you can easily share data with other players via the player forum. Also you can use automated software to video record all the spins you need, then play them back later at a faster speed to get the data you need. This saves you a lot of time, so online play is much quicker than real casino play. The disadvantage is you frequently need to use multiple accounts to avoid detection. Hear the audio testimonial of one player that won $80,000 online: although there are many like him. You can also see a video recording of online play with real money at – Also see for suggested strategies for playing online, but much more detail is provided in the private forum for players only. Although you can do very well online, the more serious players tend to eventually focus on real casinos because you can win more without being noticed.

Q. Is it easy for a beginner? How long do beginners take to learn it?

It is designed for beginners. The entire process and software is designed to make a sophisticated system easy for anyone to use. All it takes to learn it is watching a 15 minute tutorial video. Plus you have full unlimited support if you have questions. There is nothing complicated about using the system although we advise you test for a week or so before betting for real, to be sure you understand everything.

Got more questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions page


What You Receive

The only part you really need is the analysis software, but you also receive various other tools. The full list of what you receive is below:

Automated Roulette Wheel Analysis Software (JAA software)

Betting chart generation This is the only part you need. It is the software that automatically analyses the spins and generates the betting charts. You access it at with virtually any phone or computer with Internet access. Simply enter the spin data and let the software do the analysis for you. The instructions are simple enough for anyone to understand (includes a tutorial video and written instructions).

E-book: The Best Traditional Professional Systems

primordialdocThis ebook teaches you the roulette strategies used by other professional players. You don’t need any of these because you’ll have my software, although others teach these methods for as much as $5000.

Unlimited access to the player-only forum

This is the most active professional roulette player forum in the world. You will be able to speak with other players, share information, form teams, and get additional help.

Automatic Online Casino Betting Bot (value $495)

Automated bet botThis makes betting much quicker and easier at online casinos. Basically instead of placing individual bets which takes about 10 seconds, bets are placed almost instantly at the click of a button. This is particularly useful for casinos that allow you to bet after ball release, because then you can more easily apply the roulette computer.

Roulette Computer Software for Mobile Phones. Measure ball speed and predict winning numbers (software only, value $500)

Free roulette computer This is roulette computer software that calculates ball speed and predicts the winning number. This version is normally $1250 when sold with the phone. It achieves the equivalent accuracy of other roulette computers that cost almost $2,000, but you get it free. Many players use this at particular online casinos. To use this software, you need a compatible phone. Or if you use it at online casinos, you can run it from your PC. (*software only, phone not provided)

Spin collection software for mobile phones (value $850)

Spin collection software This software can be installed on most mobile phones and allows you to save data without the casino staff seeing anything. You enter the spin data via a hidden cable and invisible wireless earpiece, so it’s even easier to blend in with other players. The software also helps you quickly assess which wheels are likely to be most profitable. Soon this software will be integrated with the automated wheel analysis software, which will communicate directly with the analysis server so you don’t need to manually enter spin data again, and the predictions are announced directly in your wireless earpiece. (*software only, phone and earpiece not provided).

Videos of Real Spins from a 2014 model roulette wheel

Roulette wheel videosYou can practise using the system for free at online casinos that use webcam footage, although we also provide many high quality videos of modern roulette wheels. This footage is particularly useful for players that want to use the provided roulette computer.

OPTIONAL (for extra $200): “Vibe mobile phone” with metronome software (value $650)

Vibe mobile phone roulette computerBecause I’ve decided to stop taking new players soon, I’m clearing up old stock. This includes a variety of different mobile phone models (new and used). These mobile phones are basically “timers” which give vibration pulses at regular intervals, and have many uses. They are most commonly used in casinos where roulette computers are illegal, but the “vibe phones” are not. When used with the right techniques (which are included), they achieve comparable edge to a basic roulette computer, without breaking laws. In other words, they are like a basic roulette computer that is legal in many more casinos than traditional roulette computers. The vibe mobile phone with techniques are normally $650 and can be purchased separately, but are included with the JAA system for an additional US$200 (you save $450). NOTE: This phone is completely unrelated to the JAA system and is not needed. It is simply an extra way to beat roulette, which sometimes produces comparable results to JAA in less time. To include this item when ordering JAA, simply add an extra US$200 to the payment you send. *Phone battery not included as Australia regulations forbid shipping of lithium batteries. But they are inexpensive and easily ordered from Ebay.


How To Get The Full System

Full access to the analysis software (and all other services) is US$2500 for unlimited access, which isn’t much considering it’s a business that can literally earn enough to buy a house, without needing products, employees or paperwork. And you can take it almost anywhere in the world. Click the below link and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can receive the full system for free (see details). Join now

30 Day Profit Guarantee

Fully guaranteedIf you don’t profit within 30 days, I’ll provide a full refund. I only ask that you give the system a fair shot. I give you what I promise and only ask you be fair to me too (see the official guarantee). I know you’d prefer an “unconditional guarantee”, but keep in mind any guarantee is only as good as the seller, and most sellers use any excuse to avoid refunds. However if you genuinely use the system properly and don’t profit, then I don’t want to keep your money.

Comparison Chart – Free Vs Full System

  The free roulette system course is provided so you can see my systems work, but it is not as effective or practical as the full system. Below is a comparison chart:

Roulette ComputersJAA SystemVisual BallisticsDealer SignatureBias Analysis
Hourly Profit (units/hr)120 units60 units35 units30 units20 units
Wheels Beaten90%30%3%4%3%
Time Needed (hrs/week)1hr5hrs10hrs10hrs30hrs
Suitable ONLINE Casinos1%35%1%5%2%
Prediction TimeDuring SpinBefore SpinDuring SpinBefore SpinBefore Spin
Required Bankroll50 units200 units150 units250 units500 units
Where Legal50% of casinosAll CasinosAll CasinosAll CasinosAll Casinos

* The data above is based on typical results and is not a guarantee you will achieve the same results. Some players earn more, and some earn less. Also “difficulty” is largely opinion. The comparisons of difficulty are relative to other strategies. Use the free roulette strategies provided for a better understanding of what professional play involves.


About Us

We are the world’s foremost experts in roulette prediction and many casinos now hire consultants to help them detect our players. We have developed numerous roulette strategies and technology, including automated hidden electronic devices that predict winning numbers, and the completely legal non-electronic roulette system explained on this site. Review our websites to understand the technology we’ve developed and who we are.

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