Roulette Computer Service

This is a “pay as you play” service for Remote Uber and Hybrid roulette computer use. It is a commercial service, not a partnership. See the Terms of Service.


1. Our private teams are already full, and we are not accepting more players. But there may be available positions in other teams (others who have purchased the Remote Uber or Hybrid computers). You can find other teams at, but you need to be an approved player (and have passed all application stages) to access the forum. However, even then we cannot guarantee that other teams will accept you as a player.

2. If another team accepts you as a player, you may only get to play a few times per year – sometimes not at all. It depends on factors like your bankroll, bet size, where you play etc. Keep in mind other teams compete against you for the right to play. It is the owners of computers that decide.

The Basics of How It Works

This program applies only to the Remote Uber and Hybrid roulette computers. Learn more about this technology at and

They are LEGAL to use in approximately half of the casinos worldwide. We NEVER play where it’s illegal, and we will refuse service to any teams we know are playing illegally.

How To Apply

Step 1. Read the agreement and submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Step 2. If we feel you may be suitable, we’ll explain the various steps for you to become a player. This includes you collecting data about the wheels and casino you intend to play at. We also explain how to research the legalities.

Step 3. If we determine your intended casinos and wheels are suitable, we’ll ask you to purchase the required equipment. With the exception of an optional custom cable, you do NOT purchase anything from us. You can purchase most equipment from Ebay for around US$300 per player. It includes accessories such as mobile phones.

Step 4. If we wish to have you in our private teams, we’ll send you further instructions to proceed, which include for training, and how to install the apps on your phones. If we don’t have room in our private teams (most likely scenario), we’ll give you access to the private forum at so you can meet others who own a computer, and are looking for players.

The Different Types of Players

There are numerous types of team members explained below:


These are typically individuals who purchased either the Remote Uber or Hybrid roulette computer. They have full access to their own server, determine who their players are, and when they can play. Operators can see all data, including the accuracy of predictions. With the Hybrid, they can also see live video of play inside the casino.


There are four types of “Players” as explained below:

Camera users: The players who wear hidden cameras. Usually only ONE is needed for each team (for Hybrid only).

Clockers: Players who click hidden buttons to measure the speed of the rotor and/or ball (for Remote Uber only).

Bettors: The players who place bets. They hear the predicted numbers via an invisible wireless earpiece. Each team may have 1-3 bettors (for both Remote Uber and Hybrid)

Blockers (rarely needed): Players who don’t use any electronic equipment at all. They just occupy important spaces around the wheel to ensure the camera has a clear view of the wheel (for Hybrid only).

Generally “blockers” are paid the lowest share of profits because they have the least responsibility. But each player’s share is something you decide between yourselves.

General Requirements For “Players”

If you are an Operator (who purchased a computer), you don’t need to use our selection or screening process to find your own Players. But we suggest you do, although this is still no guarantee applicants will be suitable.

Some of our considerations for our private teams are below:

  • Honest and trustworthy: We only want to deal with honest people. We shouldn’t need to tell you what is right or wrong. Also sometimes things don’t go as planned. But you need to accept any risk and not blame others. If things go wrong, don’t go releasing information to casinos out of spite. You’ll be harming people with families who are trying to earn a living.
  • Teams that are already formed: it’s much easier to work with teams that are already organized.
  • Live near suitable casinos: Travel is expensive and we don’t want you spending thousands just to scout for suitable wheels. You can still travel if you choose, but it’s not as convenient as living near casinos.
  • Ample available time: you should have a predictable schedule and a reasonable amount of time. If you are a full time student or have a full time job, you probably wont be able to find enough time.
  • Calm under pressure: You need to be comfortable in the casino environment. You can’t be skittish if casino staff look at you. Illegal use is against the terms of service, so you would not be breaking laws anyway. However, you may be playing against the casino’s rules. The most they can do is ban you.
  • Patient: If you are over-eager and impatient, it can lead to costly mistakes.
  • Motivated for the right reasons: We don’t want players who have a passing interest. We want people who have thought about this carefully, are dedicated, and motivated to increase the quality of theirs and their family’s life. We don’t want greedy people.
  • Already self-funded and financially secure: If you can’t afford to risk loss, this opportunity is not for you. There is always a risk of loss and you need to accept it. You should have at least $2,000 in bankroll that you can afford to lose if things go wrong.
  • NO gambling or other serious personal problems: You need to be stable and play for the right reasons.
  • Real name and any private information about yourself must remain secret: For the agreements you must reveal your real name to us, although it will never be disclosed to anyone else for any reason. But NEVER give your real name or ANY personal information to another player. Give fake names and never disclose information about yourself such as addresses or private phone numbers. Expect others to do the same. Often there are arguments between players and it can lead to threats and various nasty behavior, such as sending information to casinos. The best policy is never give other players any private information about yourself.

When you apply, please be honest and do not mislead us about your personal circumstances. Please also be honest with yourself. Otherwise it can affect the whole team later. You do NOT need to have a team of your own to apply, because you can join existing teams or form a team with other players.

Bankroll Requirements

A $100 bankroll can become $1,000 in a few hours. But its hardly worth the time for a team of several players. So you should have a minimum bankroll of $2,000 to begin but it depends on the size of your bets. You should aim to achieve your target profit in the least time possible.

Below are three different examples of typical results if you bet on 30 spins during the “play phase”. The examples are if you are betting with $25, $50 and $100 units:


The setup phase is what usually takes time. Usually we need 60+ spins per direction to tell us how profitable the wheel is. But the period in which you bet on computer predictions is usually relatively short, and normally not more than 20 spins.

Beating wheels is usually quite easy. The main issue is avoiding detection. The recommended strategies to avoid detection (and maximize winnings) are explained in detail to players. And although you can have a strong edge, short term play sometimes results in a loss. But it is easily recovered with continued play. So you need a balance between avoiding detection and winning enough.

Payments for the Service

If you work with a computer purchaser: If you join a team not managed by us, you must determine your own agreements with your team manager (Operator).

If WE are your Operator: We do not request “profit splits” and we will not have a “partnership”. You are paying for a “Service”. Basically you pay “whatever you want”. But if you pay too little, then higher paying teams will receive priority access to the Hybrid servers. Any expenses incurred by you are your own. All we do is provide the Service as per the terms and conditions.

Understanding Your Risks of Loss

In real casino play, the typical stages for play are:

  1. Scouting: wheels and casinos are briefly considered. This costs nothing except travel and car parking.
  2. Wheel evaluation: The “player” makes minimum bets at the table for approximately 60-120 spins. The bets keep them at the table while the computer collects data and assesses prediction accuracy. If the player makes a $5 bet on each spin, they can expect to lose no more than $20 per player. So the loss is very small. This is by far the most time-consuming part, but it only needs to be done once per wheel – then you can resume play on different days without the 60-120 spins.
  3. Consideration of all data: The players can assess the accuracy and analysis data from the server, so they understand the wheel ratings and the expected profit IF application continued. This gives players a clear idea of how accurate the predictions are, so they understand the risks. Then they can choose whether or not they want to proceed.
  4. Play or moving on: If the players decide not to play, they can focus on another wheel instead. But if the players decide to play, then the predictions will be sent to the bettors using covert equipment.

So before significant money is risked, players have a reliable idea of how profitable the wheel is likely to be. Sometimes the edge is very clear, and sometimes not. It is up to the players to decide what risks they are prepared to take. The operator may send statistical data, but players need to understand the data, what it all means, and any associated risks.

Normally players must supply their own bankroll. This is basically because players take everything more seriously when their own money is wagered. Also it prevents dishonest players from running off with bankroll.

Generally if the evaluation is done properly, then there is little risk when betting commences. But there is always the chance that the ball bounce will be significantly different on future spins. Simply the more data the team has, the more time and money it takes to get the data, but the better you’ll know the wheel’s profitability. If you are going to make large bets with the computer, it is better to lose another $20 or so to get additional data before proceeding.

But even if accuracy is very high, there are other factors that can lead to loss. For example, the casino staff may detect the players, then the only option is to leave – regardless of the current bankroll. Although even if it did happen, it is easy to recover funds in other casinos.

A common issue is if the player works alone without any additional players. So they may only have time to place 1 bet per spin. This is ok for the long-term, but it means in the short-term, you may have a lot of “near wins” (ball lands just next to the prediction). This means you can lose money despite having a strong edge. It almost never happens if multiple bettors are used because more numbers are covered.

Additional Expenses For Players (Equipment & Mobile Internet Access)

Mobile 4G Internet Access

The Hybrid streams live video outside the casino via wireless 4G GSM internet. This is done from the phone used by “camera users”. But mobile internet is much more expensive than home Internet, and the cost must be paid by the Player.

It costs about $10 of data transfer per hour of play for the player with the hidden camera. In cases where the internet connection is poor, two phones are used to send the data to ensure a more reliable connection. This doubles the internet costs to around $20 per hour. The data transfer is about 300kb/sec for one phone, or 600kb/sec for two phones.

The other “bettors” only receive predicted numbers. For them, the data transfer is about 0.1MB per spin. The Hybrid uses an independent server for all data encryption. The Hybrid server itself uses a different connection. The encryption server hosting and internet connections for the Hybrid server are our responsibility as the Service provider. Basically anyone who uses an Internet connection must pay for their own.

“Blockers” don’t need any equipment, and the only additional expense they have is small random bets to stay at the table.


We do not normally supply the hardware (unless you purchase the computer as an Operator). Players in this program can easily find everything needed on Ebay for around US$300 in total.

Below is a brief explanation of what each player needs:

Camera user:

  • Your own bankroll for betting (at least $2,000)
  • About $300 for equipment purchase (from Ebay)
  • About $100 in random bets to stay at the table (while the computer collects data)


  • Your own bankroll for betting (at least $2,000)
  • About $300 for equipment purchase (from Ebay)
  • About $100 in random bets to stay at the table (to blend in with other players)


  • Your own bankroll for betting (at least $2,000)
  • About $100 in random bets to stay at the table
  • NO equipment is needed

* Normally all players supply their own bankroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the equipment I must buy?

If you purchase a computer, we send you everything. But if you join the program explained on this page, you purchase about $300 worth of equipment per player. It includes components such as mobile phones.

Q. Can you send me equipment for free?

No. Previously we did, but many people wasted our time and did not dedicate any time to play, and didn’t even bother to return the equipment we paid for. This is despite such players promising they wouldn’t do this. So now everyone in this program must purchase their own equipment.

Q. Is it possible I buy all the equipment then rarely or even never play?

Yes it’s possible. Already our private teams are full, so generally we don’t accept new players (unless you’re a high-roller). But there are computer purchasers who are looking for Players. You can find them at after you have completed the application process (including purchasing your equipment).

Unless you purchase your own computer, you can only play as frequently as your Operator allows. And because any Operator will give preference to their most profitable teams, you may only rarely play. Most Operators have no more than 10 teams, but only regularly play with the 3 or so most profitable teams.

Q. What gets installed on the phone?

Each type of Player has a specific app they install.

Q. Can I choose if my Operator uses a Remote Uber or Hybrid computer?

No. It’s more a matter of what type of computer an Operator has purchased.

Q. What is the difference between the Remote Uber and Hybrid?

The Hybrid computer uses a hidden camera to automatically measure ball and wheel speed. They don’t need to click any buttons, but they need to properly hide the camera (pinhole lens is easy to hide).

The Remote Uber determines wheel and ball speeds by one or more Player’s clicking a hidden button. It requires reasonable skill and practice, but it takes the average player only about an hour of practice to achieve reasonable competence.

So the Remote Uber requires players to do more, although it is not at all difficult.

Q. Whose bankroll is used for bets?

Players use their own bankroll. We (or your Operator) are just the service provider.

Q. Can I buy my own computer with profits?

Yes. Many players do exactly this because the earning potential is far higher for computer owners.

Q. Is there a risk of losing?

There’s always a risk of losing, but the wheels are properly evaluated before any bets are made. The evaluation gives about a 90% accurate idea of the results to expect. You will clearly understand the evaluation procedure and why it is so accurate, so you will have a good idea of the risk of losing. Usually if a loss is made, it has nothing to do with the accuracy of the computers – it would be for a reason like the team had too much attention on them, they couldn’t risk continued play, and just happened to leave after unlucky short-term losses. But in such a case, another team or bettor may continue the attack, in which case you would likely be compensated for any time you invested.

Q. Wont the casino notice players constantly winning, even if the bettors change?

Yes, eventually they may notice because most casinos monitor the winnings/losses of each wheel. This is the only real limit to the winnings. But it is quite easy to remain undetected, even over long periods, if the winnings are not greater than losses from ordinary players.

Q. Is there any contract?

The terms are at although your operator may require additional terms.

Q. Exactly what is the wheel assessment procedure, and is it difficult?

It is very simple but you need reasonable eyesight to be able to do it. If you have at least average vision, you wont have problems. If you have quite poor eyesight, it is still fine in most cases, but you will find it more difficult. We only reveal the exact procedure if you are a suitable applicant.

Q. Who are the Operators?

They are either our staff, or purchasers of our computers.

Q. What happens if I use the service in a real casino and I’m caught? Will I be charged by police?

You must never play where it is illegal. If you are detected by casino staff, the most that usually happens is you are asked to leave and possibly banned. But it is more likely the dealer will just call no more bets earlier until you leave. But if you play illegally, then you may be charged. Illegal use of the Service or any of our technology is forbidden. There are no exceptions to this, and besides there are plenty of legal places to play.

Q. Do you tell us where it’s legal?

We already know many jurisdictions which are legal or illegal, from our own research, and research from players. However, we are not legal advisers, so we cannot give you legal advice. You can find out for free with some research. You can ask local gaming authorities using a fake name. We can give you a template email to send them. Or you can hire a solicitor to find out for you, which usually costs around $1000-$2000 per jurisdiction you want to investigate.

Q. What training and support is provided?

If you are part of our service program, we train you directly. If your Operator is a computer purchaser, they will train you, or they may ask us to train you for them.

Q. What happens if I and the team lose?

Every player is responsible for their own losses. If a loss would be detrimental to you, then you are not in a suitable position to play. There is always a risk of loss. But again you will be able to see the accuracy before betting on predictions, so you’ll have a good idea of the risk.

Purchase vs Service Options

If you are unsure whether you want to purchase a computer OR or join the “computer service” program, the below comparison of options will help you decide.



  • You can manage multiple teams throughout the world, and never even need to enter casinos. Rather than be paid a percentage of profits for your own play, you’ll receive a percentage of profits from multiple teams.
  • You don’t need to even enter casinos.
  • You don’t need to compete with other teams who “bid” higher fees to access the Hybrid server. You can play when you want, and with any size bets.


  • Higher startup costs



  • Lower initial investment.


  • You pay more in the long-term.
  • You may rarely or never have the opportunity to play.

Basically if you are a “service” player, you pay “whatever you want” after a session. But if you constantly pay low amounts despite success, the Operator will prefer other players, and you may not be able to play further.

If You Play Alone

Generally if you don’t have a team but are still in a good position to play, we may find a team for you. But if for some reason it’s only possible for you to play alone, you may only have time to make 1-3 bets per spin (on real tables). It’s still ok in the long term, but it means you need to spend longer in the casino to profit. This is because the fewer numbers you bet, the greater the chance of you having lots of “near wins”.

For example, you might have a 50% edge and bet just one number. But on 100 spins, the ball may land lots of times 1 pocket either side of the prediction, but not directly on your bet. So you will have lost money despite a large edge. But if you bet perhaps 5 numbers, then you may profit after just a few spins.

Consider two situations below:

Situation 1: Single player betting 1 number per spin for 100 spins:

Situation 2: Team of 3 bettors making 2-3 bets per spin

Explanation of the differences:

  • Additional bettors only listen to the predicted numbers and bet. They sit in place to reach more numbers, and can comfortably bet on 2-3 numbers per spin.
  • Despite the lower edge with multiple bettors, the team wins more in 1/5th of the spins (20 instead of 100 spins). This is around an hour less time in the casino. More players means each player receives less per session. But still everyone still earns more because the team can more quickly move to the next casino.
  • The operator spends much less time working with a team than a lone player. So they earn more for their time, and are more likely to give preference to the higher paying team.

Dividing Winnings Between Players

It’s up to you how you share winnings with your team. But also keep in mind the amount you pay the Operator will determine whether or not they’ll work with you again. Naturally they’ll focus on teams that pay better.

Be aware that money often leads to arguments because not everyone agrees with how profits should be divided. So have clear agreements with other players.

Finding Additional Players and Forming Your Own Team

You can find Operators and other Players looking for team members at All members of this forum are either verified Players (who have equipment ready), or Operators (who purchased their own computer).

You can find team members elsewhere, but using the forum at makes it much easier for you.

Be very careful about anyone you bring into your team. Many partnerships have turned sour and quite nasty because money is involved. It is very important that you have clear agreements with partners.


Anyone qualified by the terms of service is eligible. Please complete the below form to apply.

Application Form

After I receive your submission, I may contact you if further information is needed. Please don\’t be offended if I don\’t respond because I receive many applications and we don\’t have enough servers to provide service to everyone. If your application is approved, we will send you detailed instructions to evaluate the wheels in your local casino.

Where you intend to play.
The country you live in. This helps us match you to nearby teams.
ie are you able to travel anywhere in the world? If so, how much notice do you need?
Provide the names of your local casinos, and provide details on the amount of roulette wheels in each casino.
Specify the size of your bankroll. Please be honest about this and understand if you provide misleading information, the truth comes out later and it inconveniences others.
Include anything that may help, but please keep it relatively simple.

The agreement is at – submit this form only if you agree to the terms.