5 New Roulette Variations to Play Online

Unusual Online Roulette Variations

Roulette is considered by most to be a classic and simplistic table game where you merely need to place a bet, spin a wheel, and wait to see if your betting prediction(s) are correct. Since its inception in the 17th century, there has been several variations of this classic game invented around the world. Some of the most popular roulette variations include French Roulette, American Roulette, and European Roulette.

These three roulette variations managed to spread across the globe and can be found in nearly all land-based casinos. However, that all changed with the inception of the internet. Once roulette made its way into the online world, it created a pathway for new roulette variations to be born. The online casino industry had room to experiment with new ideas, while players could gain more knowledge about this incredible game in terms of how to win at roulette and the different strategies that one could use to make a profit.

Software providers decided to create more unique and captivating roulette variations, giving players far more diversity in the online environment as opposed to playing roulette at a land-based casino. It’s for this very reason that we decided to list some of the most unusual and exciting roulette variations you can play online, giving you more reasons to enjoy roulette from the comfort of your own home.

Lucky Star

If you are searching for a roulette variant that comes with an Oriental twist, look no further than the unusual Lucky Star game. The game rules in Lucky Star are exactly the same as the game rules you will find in European and American roulette variations. However, there is one key difference between the two and that comes into play when you look at the betting board that is shaped like a star.

The numbers on the betting board range from 0 through to 8. You will notice that 2, 4, 5, and 7 are in black, while 1, 3, and 6 is in red. The 0 and 8 are both green. You are welcome to bet on the three different colours, individual numbers, odd or even, and the paylines that will be highlighted with Chinese symbols located on the gameboard during each betting round. It’s considered an extremely straightforward game that is easy to understand once you spend some time familiarizing yourself with the layout and betting options. The roulette variant is available at some of the best online casinos in the world, so make sure you register with any one of them right away.

Pinball Roulette

If you enjoy playing the classic pinball game from the 1980s, you will definitely appreciate the mash-up between pinball and online roulette. Pinball Roulette is actually easier to understand than you might think. You start your betting round as you normally would, placing your chips on either colours, groups, or numbers followed by pressing the “Bet” button. Once the button is pressed, a second screen will pop-up on the left-hand side of the screen that will feature a classic pinball machine.

The white roulette ball will then be released into the pinball machine where you will notice all the roulette numbers neatly presented at the bottom of the pinball machine, each with its very own pocket. You will have the opportunity to use flippers and buffers to potentially alter where the white ball will end up. Once the roulette ball has landed in one of the pockets at the bottom of the pinball machine, the winning number is announced and all bets are paid. This is definitely a unique why to play roulette as opposed to using the American or European roulette wheel that can be found in all online casinos across the internet.

Double Ball Roulette

If you believe that a single white ball is not enough to get you excited for roulette, why not try a variation that offers two white balls? The game rules in Double Ball Roulette is exactly the same as European roulette. However, the only difference is that you will get two opportunities for the white ball to land on one of your selected bets.

What makes this roulette variation so attractive to players is the fact that it comes with some truly astonishing payouts. Aside from a wide variety of straight and split bets, there is a double ball jackpot – here you can also bet that the two white balls will land on a specific numbers, providing a payout of 1,200 to 1.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

If you are not interested in playing roulette with two white balls, why not try a roulette variation that comes equipped with multiple roulette wheels on a single betting layout instead? The Multi Wheel Roulette variation comes with 8 different roulette wheels that are situated above the betting layout. The game rules are the same as European roulette. However, you will essentially have 8 chances to potentially get some winnings.

Each of the roulette wheels will spin after your bets have been placed, giving you more opportunities to win. This definitely provides enough excitement in one game and will certainly keep you away from trying something like Russian Roulette with your friend. We recommend that you rather watch the 2012 ‘Roulette’ movie if you want to see how dangerous Russian Roulette actually is. It’s far better to play multi wheel roulette as it will keep you entertained and alive.

Marvel Roulette

It should come as no surprise that Playtech is behind the phenomenal Marvel roulette variation. The software provider decided to take the two things that players love most and combine them into one amazing roulette game. Although the slot received a brand-new visual design, depicting Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk, the overall gameplay is very much the same as you would find in European roulette.

However, the one thing that the Marvel Roulette variation has that other roulette variations don’t have is a progressive jackpot. Once you open the game, you will notice four progressive jackpots at the top of the roulette wheel. Simply activate the progressive jackpot feature on the game to stand a chance to win a life-changing sum of money if the white ball lands in the correct pocket. The Marvel Roulette variant from Playtech is also an ideal game if you want to test your betting methods, while playing for a progressive jackpot in the process.

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