Winning Strategies Common To Both Roulette and Sports Betting

Roulette is loved across the world for reasons varying from its easy rules to it being a casino game that can help you score really big wins. Although without a valid working strategy, luck plays a critical role in winning roulette. Equipping yourself with certain skills and having deep knowledge about the game, are also very important.

Firstly let’s be clear that luck and advantage play strategies are completely different. Learning and mastering certain advantage play roulette strategies can help you profit offline and online sports betting too. Let’s acquaint you with some typical strategies below:

Intricate knowledge

Playing roulette and indulging in sports betting have both one very important aspect in common. To succeed in both these endeavors, you must be aware of the odds vs payouts. In fact all gambling is about odds vs payout. Typically casinos have an advantage because the payouts are below the odds. In sports betting, there are winners, losers, and the bookie in the middle. The bookie doesn’t care who wins or loses. They are like the bank in the middle.

The same applies to roulette – you should have good knowledge of the game and be very well aware of how the odds should be read, the best way to indulge in spread bets etc. Who knows you might end up winning millions of dollars like this man. But for the mere mortals, relying on luck isn’t the best strategy.

Furthermore, there is no point betting on soccer if you don’t have any clue about how it is played and what are its rules. Betting on a soccer game in the absence of such knowledge would be depending entirely on luck rather than knowledge. For example, you must understand the variables that are likely to determine a winner. Examples of variables include:

  • A team’s recent performance
  • Missing players due to injury or suspension
  • The team’s attitude and effort

Understanding A Team’s Motivation

Sports are largely psychological. If you’ve ever watched the tennis, you’d know much of a mental game it is. One set a player looks confident, and another they look defeated. Naturally if a player feels defeated, they will play in a defeated way, and probably lose. Likewise a positive and confident attitude is more likely to bring success.

The same psychological war occurs with team sports such as soccer. One example if a team may have had a winning streak. They could be perhaps over-confident, especially as they’re about the play a team facing a losing streak.

The team on a losing streak will be more motivated to improve performance. They’ll run and try harder to chase the ball. If this team begins the game hard and fast, it can somewhat shock the better-performing team. This way by the time they knew what hit them, the score could be 2-0. Then coming back from such a deficit would be difficult, especially with both teams playing at their best.

The same is true for any team sport including hockey, and even AFL (Australian Rules Football).

Habit To Gamble Online

One of the biggest positives of online gambling is that you get so many choices in one single platform. Pick any popular online casino, and you’d be able to indulge in a great multitude of games – even more so than typical land-based casinos.

However, playing and winning in an online environment is quite different than in a brick-and-mortar set-up. One of the key differences is most online roulette uses “random number generators”, which isn’t exactly roulette. More specifically it’s a slot machine, because the winning number is determined by a random number generator. The use of roulette images and computer animations can be deceiving. The only real roulette involves the use of physical roulette wheels. Although there are now automated wheels, which somewhat use a blend of random number generators, and physical roulette wheels.

How Auto Wheels Use Random Number Generators

Each automated wheel is different. The earlier versions launched the ball using an air compressor. The ball then decelerated at a natural rate. The rotor (wheel) rotated at a constant rate. But professional casino players decimated these machines and won large amounts.

Later versions of automated wheels randomized the wheel speeds, but this did not make wheels impervious to attack from professional advantage players.

Now the latest automated wheels artificially control the deceleration rate of the ball. There are a few ways this occurs. One example is towards the end of the spin, the air compressor propels the ball for a few extra seconds. The number of seconds is decided by a random number generator. The end result is the winning number is artificially controlled, while giving the players an illusion the ball falls by itself.

This makes professional roulette systems far more difficult to apply. It may sound like a casino’s dream, but there’s a catch.

The large portion of casino players don’t trust automated roulette machines. They feel the machines cheat. This means fewer players with make bets on automated roulette machines. So while the casino may be protecting themselves from professional players, they ultimate lose revenue because they lose the trust from ordinary players.

Is Roulette Better Than Sports Betting?

As mentioned earlier, all gambling is about odds vs payout. The advantage of roulette is you can achieve a far greater statistical advantage with various technology such as roulette computers. The downside you must deliberately cap winnings to avoid being detected.

While not as profitable, sports betting has the advantage of you not needing to hide your winnings from casinos. The bookies who accept your bets really don’t care who wins or loses. They are like the tax man – they’re just in the middle and always get their cut.

The real question of whether roulette is better than sports betting depends on the individual sports event you’re betting on, and the individual roulette wheel you’re playing on. Essentially, sometimes roulette is better. And sometimes sports betting is better. So if you intend to profit from gaming in any capacity, don’t pigeonhole yourself into one particular sport or casino game.

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