Is It More Profitable To Play Roulette Or Bet On Football?

There are numerous ways to place bets and try to win money, from casino games and poker to sports and playing the lottery.

There is one thing all of these have in common: odds, albeit to varying degrees. However, it’s easier to look at stats and know how many Super Bowls have the Kansas City Chiefs won than to guess the number of times someone has won in a roulette. There are many variables to roulette.

The big question, though, is whether it’s more profitable to play casino games or bet on sports. After all, there have been plenty of millionaires created at slot machines and casino tables, but the same cannot be said of sports betting.

However, does the luck factor at the casino make it too risky for most people? Can the possible big wins be enough to override the potentially substantial losses? Meanwhile, sports bettors have the benefit of data and other information that can help influence their decisions – but are the wins generally profitable enough? Can most sports bettors do well enough to consistently beat the bookmaker?

As this is a roulette-focused website, we will be looking at whether playing roulette is more profitable than betting on football (the NFL kind, not the Premier League kind).

Pros for Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest, most popular, and widely played casino games in the world for a reason. The game is simple to play, easy to understand, and is reliable and consistent, meaning there are only so many variables involved; the ball can only land in one of 37 places – and it always lands. It has to be a red or black space, odd or even number (or zero). The reliability of the game means the odds are always consistent.

The reliability of the game and consistency of the odds allow players to formulate strategies with the aim of profiting as much as possible from the roulette table. Equally, those same strategies not only involve how to maximize profit but also how to limit the losses.

Another advantage for roulette is the speed of the game. It is estimated that there are, on average, 40 spins per hour on a roulette table in a casino. This can vary based on how busy the table is or the efficiency of the dealer, but that provides players a lot of opportunities to win in just an hour. Of course, roulette online is even faster.

Advantage play in roulette is a very different matter, because the right conditions can give you an edge of over +80%. No other casino game or sports betting can come close to this. For example, an edge of 80% is easily achievable with roulette computers. And an edge of 15% is common with visual ballistics.

Cons for Roulette

The biggest drawback when attempting to profit from playing roulette is you are limited by what casinos will allow you to win. There may be some strategies that work better than others, and there may be ways to limit the damage from losses, but the only way to consistently win is with methods that calculate variables that determine where the ball will land.

But most gamblers use systems that dont do this. So if you’re a pure gambler, as far as you’re concerned, each number has an equal probability every time the wheel spins.

The level of luck for gamblers involved in roulette means that players have very little control of their destiny. In games such as blackjack, and to a larger extent poker, players have an element of control over how to play their cards, but in roulette they are at the mercy of the wheel unless you’re applying advantage play.

Pros for Football

One of the biggest factors in football’s favor, compared to roulette, is you’re playing against other bettors instead of studying a wheel’s behavior. This means the casino or bookie doesn’t care how much you win. There is an ample supply of data, news, information, analysis, and expert opinion on which bettors can rely.

Anything from a team’s recent home or away record, how well they play against opponents in different conferences or in different weather conditions, average rushing or passing yards for teams and players, average points scored and conceded – all of these and many more can help sports bettors make smart bets.

Then there is the variation of the football betting market. Whereas roulette is essentially one bet (where the ball lands) broken into smaller bets, football has a multitude of options: money lines, points spreads, totals, parlays, prop bets, futures, and many others. Learn how to get this right and football betting can potentially by very profitable. Although ultimately all betting is odds vs payouts.

Cons for Football

Bettors may feel they have more control over their bets in football compared to roulette, but they have just as little influence over how a game will play out. Just like how roulette players can’t influence where the ball lands, football bettors aren’t out on the field throwing and catching passes or making tackles; they can’t affect a game in any way.

Bets might be based more on data but there is still luck involved, both bad and good. A star quarter-back can hobble off injured and ruin the chances of victory, or the opponent misses a simple field goal attempt which saves your points spread. There are so many variables that take place over the course of a football game that can’t be predicted and can harm your betting plans.

The other major obstacle in consistently making profit on football games is the oddsmakers. Because these people and organizations work so diligently in building the betting markets and forming the odds, it can be very difficult to find value that they might have missed. Even with all the data you might have to make betting decisions, they will have more.

Also, whereas you can play hundreds of games of roulette over the course of an evening, there are only a handful of football games every week for a few months a year, and each one takes numerous hours to complete.


Overall the edge for roulette can be far higher than sports betting. Although sports betting more depends on how well you understand the game’s variables.

As you can see, both roulette and football have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to players attempting to profit from either form of gambling. Roulette is the preferred option for those attempting to make a large profit quickly – but they also run the risk of massive losses just as fast if you make mistakes.

Football, meanwhile, can be approached from a far slower-paced perspective and there are many expert tipsters with proven track records who can provide insight and data into betting decisions – although there are no guarantees of sustained success, while the football season is short and the games are long.

To be successful in any form of betting requires plenty of luck, and roulette and football are no exceptions. Fundamentally, betting should be fun and should be looked at as a hobby. If you bet on roulette and/or football with the sole purpose of trying to ‘get rich quick’, then it can form an unhealthy relationship with gambling; emotions get too high after wins and too low after losses.

Enjoy what you like to play and seek out advice from more experienced players who can assist, whether it’s roulette or football. Or both.

The exception is of course if you’re an advantage player, which is not gambling – it’s exploiting the mechanisms that determine game outcomes like roulette wheels; because they’re not entirely unpredictable as most people believe.

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