Why Roulette Isn’t Random, and Why Most Players Lose


In the last issue you learned what roulette really is. To recap, it is not a table – the betting table has nothing to do with roulette. And the only real roulette consists of a roulette wheel and ball. Nobody has ever made a living by playing RNG (software) roulette because it cannot be beaten. But many players have earned a living by playing on real wheels. No casino will care about your style of play on RNG roulette, but certain styles of play at a real roulette wheel may cause them to watch you closely. This should tell you something.

If you are looking for a system that beats even RNG roulette (a slot machine), I’m sorry but you can only beat real wheels. You can certainly waste time trying though. Most people want to hear otherwise, but the truth isn’t always popular.

Anyway let’s get started on lesson 2 . . .

Is Roulette Really “Random”?

When the ball is released, it does many revolutions before losing momentum, then falls onto the rotor (the part with pockets). It may hit some of the metal deflectors along the way (diamonds). It may bounce all over the place, or barely bounce at all. And of course you never know the ball and wheel speed, right? So who knows where that ball will land. I mean it’s just all random, right? Well, forget what you think you know about roulette. Forget what you saw on TV from some TV presenter that has probably never spent more than a day learning about roulette and is perhaps just reciting what another similar “professional” said. Let’s have a close look at whether or not roulette really is “random” . . .

The basic definition of random is “Having no specific pattern”. So does roulette really have no specific pattern?

The fact of the matter is nothing ever has “no specific pattern”, so nothing is “random”. People call things “random” when they don’t see or understand the “cause and effect”. In other words, events occur because of the variables that cause the event to happen. In the context of roulette, the roulette ball lands where it does because of real physical variables such as ball release speed, ball physical properties, wheel (rotor) speed and so on. This should be obvious, so the question is not whether or not roulette is “random”, but more whether or not we can determine the variables and predict the winning number with sufficient accuracy to overcome the casino’s “unfair payouts”.

Remember, the house edge is only a very small “unfair payout”, so you only need slight accuracy of predictions to overcome it and beat the casino in the long term.

Before I continue, remember my explanation of what the “house edge” is:

If you bet on number 32 for 37 spins, statistically you will win once where you are paid 35 units plus the original unit you wagered. So after 37 spins, you are left with 36 units. Now this is the critical part to understand . . . If the payouts were FAIR, the payout would be 36-1 which means that after the 37 spins, you would be left with 36 units + the 1 unit you wagered, which means you have broken even.

Having no accuracy of predictions (random) is a 1 in 37 prediction accuracy. So to break even, you need to achieve a 1 in 36 prediction accuracy. And to finally turn the odds in your favour, you need to predict where the ball will land with only 1 in 35 spins. This is easy to achieve.

In terms of player edge, it is incredibly easy to get a 3% edge with roulette – even on wheels other so-called professionals say are impossible to beat. If you think 3% is small, consider the casino’s edge against players is 2.7% and they make millions from it. Now take into account my full system will give you an edge between 5% to 30% on about 1/3rd of wheels, then you can understand why I tell players “the only limit to what you earn is what you can win without being noticed”. The free methods I’m teaching you in this course have indeed won millions, but they are still no comparison to my full methods in terms of effectiveness and practicality. Specifically the full system is much more accurate, and much easier to learn, and much easier to use. The automated software does the hard work for you as explained on my site. To become a player of my full methods, see www.roulettephysics.com/purchase/

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