Why Most Roulette Players Lose (Why Systems Lose)

Most roulette players have no idea about winning at roulette. I see it every day on roulette forums. Consider this:

There are two players at a table. They both wait until there are 10 reds in a row.

Player 1 says: “Ooh, red is on a streak. I’ll bet red next”.

Player 2 says: “Ooh, black must be due. I’ll bet black next.”

Who is more likely to win?… They are just as likely as each other.

Here’s proof. Test a billion spins, and look for instances where there are 10 reds in a row. Then look at how many times red or black spins next. Try repeating the test as many times as you like. What you will find is red and black have an equal chance of spinning next.

Now consider the same roulette strategy, but in a situation where over 10,000 spins, there are 4000 reds and 6000 blacks. Let’s say you bet red until there is a “more balanced” distribution….. So you bet for thousands of time on red. Does this at all change the fact that the probability of red is exactly the same as black? NO, NOT EVEN REMOTELY.

Now consider if you added a betting progression in the mix. You are not betting to cover losses. All you are doing is making different sized bets on completely separate events.

This is the reality of playing roulette. And I waste many hours explaining it. Why? Only to help people so they don’t waste time. Anyway, anyone reading can make up their own mind about whether or not these are facts about roulette you can bypass.

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