Which Roulette Bet Calculator Works?

The different types of roulette bet calculators: which work, and which fail.

A roulette bet calculator is a computer program designed to help you win. Specifically they are supposed to calculate where to bet next, based on previous spins. There’s a variety of different calculators, which are discussed below.

Roulette Trackers

Trackers are a running log of which particular numbers or types of bets have won most frequently. They can apply to any length of time.

The most common tracker displays how frequently particular numbers have won. Almost every online casino displays them in the interface.

Hot number tracker, as provided by most online casinos.
Hot number tracker, as provided by most online casinos.

Unfortunately, tracking “hot numbers” simply doesn’t help. The exception is if the wheel has a physical anomaly, causing some numbers to win more than others. This is known as roulette wheel bias.

However, proper wheel bias techniques involve much more than looking at the past few hundred spins. It must involve proper statistical analysis.

Bet Trackers

There are many programs that track detailed statistics on which types of bets have recently won. One example is shown below:

One of the many trackers which can be used to “keep score” of roulette statistics.

Such trackers can often be programmed to calculate either when some bets are “on a streak”, or which haven’t won for a while and are therefore “cold”. But besides the possibility of wheel bias, these approaches are completely ineffective.

Similar statistics are available on touch-bet roulette screens. These are usually in real casinos. But instead of sitting at a betting table, you sit in front of your own screen. They are also known as “rapid roulette” in some countries, and are increasing in popularity.

If you play the best live casino sites in Ireland, you’d be familiar with one of the first online casinos that provided live dealer roulette. The difference is the video is streamed from a real casino, rather than private location specifically for online broadcast. Touch bet screens are much the same, except you can operate them in real casinos too.

Roulette Bet Calculators

So far we’ve discussed roulette trackers, which collect and log data about previous spins. The bet calculators are what make use of the data. Essentially they make the application of many systems easier.

For example, you might want to track which numbers have won in the past 37 spins. This is perhaps because you’re applying the “law of a third” which states “after 37 spins, around 1/3rd of the numbers will have been repeated”.

In attempt to exploit the “law of a third”, you might track the past 37 spins. You could start betting on every new number that won in the 37-spin cycle. This is because you expect a third of these numbers will repeat, by the time the 37 spins are complete.

But this doesn’t work, because your bets still have random accuracy.

The fault in understanding comes from the likely fact that you’ll never see 37 unique numbers in 37 spins. But this has nothing to do with some mysterious law. It occurs only because of basic probability, which I’ve explained on my forums many times. The short version is every number has a 1 in 37 probability. After the first spin, there’s a 1 in 37 chance the next number will be a repeat. If the next spin is a unique number, then the odds of the next number being a repeat is 2 in 37. Then if it happens again, it’s 3 in 37, and so on. Basically the more unique numbers that spin, the more likely a number will repeat. It’s just basic probability.

This one example of how inexperienced players become stuck with gambler’s fallacy. Read our roulette strategy tips page to better understand what does and doesn’t work.

Besides what I’ve already explained, there’s no genuinely effective way to use a tracker or roulette bet calculator. It’s because the previous spins have no influence over future spins. This is why many casinos freely display the same statistics on touch bet terminals. Online casinos do the same. The casinos know the information is useless, but it’s what inexperienced players want to see.

Roulette Computers

These are something completely different. Roulette computers are hidden electronics that measure the speed and deceleration of the roulette wheel and ball. This data is then used to calculate the deceleration of the wheel and ball, to calculate where the ball is likely to land.

They are immensely different roulette trackers or roulette bet calculators, despite the names sounding like they do similar things.

The critical difference is that roulette computers measure variables that legitimately influence the winning number, whereas bet calculators and trackers do not.


Roulette trackers keep track of previous spins, like a score card for statistics. Roulette calculators are software that tell you where to bet, based on the data collected by trackers. Often they are considered much the same thing.

The problem with trackers and bet calculators is your bets are no better than random. No matter how elaborate your calculations are, if they’re based on fallacy, your win rate is unchanged. So you’d be no better off than random betting. Casinos know this very well, which is why they freely provide statistics for you.

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