How Do You Win at Roulette Every Time?

A system that wins at roulette every time is called the “Holy Grail”. Most people would tell you it doesn’t exist. But it isn’t such a “black-and-white” case.

The short answer is YES, you can win almost every time on some wheels. But not on others. And I say “almost” because there are always things you can’t control.

First Define “Win”

Anyone can WIN sometimes, even with random bets. Every casino has both winners and losers. The casino has a long-term advantage by paying less than fair amounts. This is called the house edge. Learn the basic odds and payouts of roulette.

You can also “win” many days or weeks in a row, just from luck. It might be profit for you, but it’s not what I’d call real winning. Real winning means the more you play, the more you win. It means you could theoretically play forever, and just keep profiting.

Almost every roulette system wins for a while, but eventually loses. This gives the illusion that a system “sometimes works”. It happens because most systems use betting progression, like increasing the size of bets after losses. The occasional win then covers previous losses. The problem is eventually you reach the table limit, or run out of money – then you blow your bankroll.

So “real winning” means a system or strategy that wins in the long-term. What happens in the “short-term” is meaningless. And if your system “wins most of the time, but rarely loses everything”, then your system never worked at all.

Types of Roulette You Can and Can’t Beat

It’s important to distinguish between the different types of roulette. This is because some can be beaten almost all the time. Some can be beaten sometimes. And some can never be beaten.

Rigged RNG Roulette

RNG stands for “random number generator“. They are essentially computer programs that use an algorithm to determine the winning number.

Slots use random number generators, and honest casinos publish the payouts of their slots. But a rigged RNG game isn’t exactly “fair” random. Specifically they randomize game outcomes to a degree. But they also consider previous payouts to players. In doing so, the software determines when to pay players money, and went to payout, to guarantee the casino profit. This way the casino is guaranteed to profit, and players are guaranteed to lose. So there is no real element of luck. And certainly there’s no system that can win.

If you play roulette that is just a computer animation, then it’s not real roulette. It is a slot machine with roulette computer graphics. Whether or not the slot machine is fair depends on the casino. Generally any regulated casino will offer fair random number generators, rather than rigged results. Even with rigged roulette, you’ll win sometimes. But again it’s impossible to win all the time.

Fair RNG Roulette

Fair random numbers produce winning numbers the casino doesn’t control. Especially regulated online casinos use certified random number generators, which give players a greater assurance they aren’t being ripped off. Review sites like uudet kasinot can help you identify legitimate casinos, but still do extended research on casinos – especially if they’re new.

Besides lucky wins, it generally isn’t possible to beat this type of roulette. It is still possible, although only in very few circumstances, such as exploiting flaws in their RNG software.

With fair RNG, you can win sometimes. But it’s impossible to win all the time, unless you’re somehow exploited the RNG software. This is not realistically possible in modern online casinos because you don’t have access to their RNG algorithms, or sufficient data.

Real Roulette Wheels

The only real roulette consists of the wheel and ball. This will always be the case.

Most people believe spins from wheels are completely random and unpredictable. The reality is roulette spins are quite predictable, although not in all circumstances. Some roulette wheels have physical imperfections that make spins quite predictable. They can be exploited by intelligent players, who increase their odds of winning.

Every Real Wheel Can Be Beaten, One Way or Another

After over 20 years of playing roulette professionally, I can confidently state that:

  • You can beat almost every real wheel in a controlled environment, like your home. But you wont make money at your kitchen table.
  • You can beat about 90% of real wheels in a real casino environment. But you can realistically profit from only about 50% of them.

So basically you can beat almost every wheel, one way or another. But beating a wheel at home is different to a wheel in a casino. One reason is at home, you can spin the wheel however you want. You can spin the wheel very slowly to make spins more predictable. But you have no control over the wheels in casinos.

To be more specific, the most effective way to predict winning numbers is with a roulette computer. They enable you to measure the speed of the rotor and ball, and calculate where the ball will likely land. But you can’t profit from this unless you get predictions in time. Fortunately most real casinos allow late betting. But most online casinos close roulette bets before the wheel spins. This makes roulette computers mostly useless online.

However, there are other techniques that predict the winning number even before the wheel spins. They are nowhere near as effective as roulette computers, but still achieve a reasonable edge of 2-8%. However, they’re only effective on about 30% of online wheels.

But this doesn’t mean you’ll win every time you play on these 30% of wheels. Even if you have a legitimate advantage, you’ll still lose some days. Likewise, casinos normally have an edge over players, but they’ll still have losing days. But the casinos know they have a long-term advantage, so will make back losses.


The closest you can get to winning roulette every time his with a roulette computer. To win every time you play, you would need to play enough spins to overcome any temporary losses, from bad luck (variance). So you can still lose on individual spins, but quickly make back losses. If my teams don’t profit in a particular day with a roulette computer, it is for reasons like a wheel being closed early due to maintenance – or some other reason they can’t control. In such a case, they may have lost the first few spins. If they were allowed to continue betting, then they’d be very unlikely to lose.

Roulette computers may be the ultimate way of winning, but still some casinos aren’t suitable. So you would need to use alternate techniques. But even they have limitations.

So there is no perfect technique or system that wins roulette every time, and in all casinos. But do you really need a system to win every time to profit? No. Every professional player understands to consider results over weeks and months – not hours and days. Just like casinos do.

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