What Are The Biggest Tech Updates Since the 1990s?

The ever-growing world of technology is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. Each month, or week for that matter, a new developer is announcing new gadgets and services. With that being said, the development of these new amenities had to start somewhere, and it is the 1990s where we saw a lot of the foundations being created for what is being developed now. Different forms of technology allow people from all over the world to connect in different ways and experience the online world. Keep reading to find out some of the biggest tech updates since the 1990s.

Mobile phones

What seems to be the most obvious development over the past few decades are that of mobile phones. In the 1970s, Motorola created the first handheld mobile device but still required connections and didn’t have a lot of features. Fast forward to today and we now have the most effective and efficient wireless forms of technology in our pockets. Almost every single person has a mobile device and it is the primary way to contact people both in the next room and across the globe.

As well as seeing the extent of smart features introduced over the past decade or so, we can’t forget about all the amazing features created in the 1990s. Pay-as-you-go contracts were first introduced and the first downloadable content – the ringtone – were introduced between 1996 and 1998. Mobile development has been huge.


Another very popular tech development has been the iGaming industry. In 1996, the first online casino was created which allowed players to play live roulette online for the first time. From here, the expansion of the world wide web and general tech advancements has allowed iGaming developers to create new roulette and gambling games. As well as the amount of online gambling content increasing, developers have also introduced video games that are regularly played and enjoyed by people around the world.


Bluetooth was first introduced in the late 1990s but was formally introduced in a public capacity in the earlier 2000s. The onwards trend moving toward wireless technology has seen businesses and developers adopt Bluetooth into their devices and features. For example, companies such as Amazon and Apple have developed their wireless tech by using the Bluetooth feature. Amazon has developed smart hubs whereby people can connect different features of their homes to one place, controlled by Bluetooth. Moreover, Apple has now created wireless earbuds which allows its customers to listen to music via Bluetooth. It has become so common that a lot of smartphones have actually removed the earphone jack as wireless listening is becoming a highly common feature of most smart devices.

Final thoughts

This article has discussed some of the primary tech features that have been implemented and updated since the late 1990s. The advancement from then until now allows people to connect and experience a whole new online world that’ll only keep developing.

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