Casino Games Compared: Which Is Most Profitable?

If you ask a random person from the street “which casino game is most profitable?”, they’ll probably respond “casinos cant be beaten, otherwise they wouldn’t exist”. If you ask someone with a bit more knowledge, they’d probably say “blackjack card counters have been known to beat casinos, but you can’t beat other games”. If you ask someone with lots of experience and knowledge, they’ll tell you that roulette is by far the most profitable casino game for professional players. This issue will explain why.

My initial gambling systems (horse racing)

I developed horse racing systems before roulette systems. But I eventually switched to roulette once I saw greater potential in roulette. Don’t get me wrong, because horse racing can be very profitable although profiting today is a lot more work than it used to be, because you are basically competing with other punters. If horse racing interests you, my advice is focus on VALUE bets. This is what my systems did. Any bet you make must be based on risk vs reward. For example, generally you don’t back a horse with a payout like 2:1, because this particular horse may be “saturated” with bets, and the payout may not worthwhile for the risk. For example, perhaps a TV presenter said the horse is likely to win, and people watching all rushed to bet on the horse. The payout may have started at 10:1, but after all the bets, the payout became 2:1. But in reality, perhaps the horse was just as likely to win as 5 other horses in the race. And perhaps each of these other 5 horses have payouts of 10:1. So why would you risk betting on the horse with a 2:1 payout? Although I have done well with horse racing, it became more work than it was worth. As it is now, the horse racing industry is saturated with “value bettors” who apply the same principle. So now it’s at the point where you need a lot of extra information and research to determine which horse is the best value bet.

My casino systems

While still developing horse racing systems, I developed casino gambling systems. Although I was most interested in roulette, I was not limited to any particular game. After a lot of losses, I concluded the following:

Slot machines

No known way to beat them, except for cheating devices. One of which is called the “light wand”. It is basically a small torch you stick into the payout slot to blind the mechanism that counts coins. So when a machine is paying out, it literally doesn’t know when to stop. But this is highly illegal and now old technology anyway (no longer effective). There has been other technology that is supposed to blast slot machines with radiation, and somehow force a payout. My experience with these is they have no real foundation, and do not work at all.


Edge could be obtained from card counting. Almost everyone knows this. But shuffle machines and changed procedures made counting cards increasingly difficult. It was not until many years later that I developed anything specific to beat blackjack. The latest technology is explained at, which is the CCSA (card counting & shuffle analysis computer). It does as the name suggests – it detected patterns from poorly designed shuffle machines, and counted cards at the same time. Even more recently is technology I’ve developed to see through cards. There are actually a few ways of doing this, and the technology I have works quite well. But the problems at this stage are the equipment needs to be made smaller, and that it can take 30 seconds to get a clear enough image of a card. This is not quick enough. I haven’t yet developed this technology further because my private teams focus on the hybrid roulette computer ( which can already achieve an enormous edge. Besides the “x-ray” technology (no it doesn’t actually use x-rays, it uses ambient radiation), the CCSA computer can achieve an edge of up to 10% in rare conditions. But in most modern casinos, the edge is around 2%. This may not seem like much, but keep in mind the typical edge against roulette players is just -2.7%, and it earns casinos a fortune.

The big wheel

Almost every casino has these, but they are called different things in different casinos. It’s just a big wheel like the “wheel of fortune”. There are ways to beat it, but there are too FEW variables that actually CAUSE predictable patterns, but they are time consuming to determine. Still though, it is a fact that any player can spend a lot more time studying a game than casinos or gaming equipment developers, so they are likely to learn more about it, and discover ways that game outcomes can be predicted. In my case I’ve been developing ways to beat casinos for around 20 years.


Roulette has countless variables, and more variables means there is greater potential to uncover patterns that casinos will not know about. But my first systems were the typical “double up” after losses, looking for streaks and the alike. Just when I thought I had discovered a working system, I’d learn a hard lesson with a big loss. It took me many years to stop looking at the table, and start focusing on what happens at the wheel. While I don’t know precisely, it took me roughly 8 to 10 years to develop anything that actually worked. So indeed I wasted a lot of time. This was mostly because I wanted something simple and “mechanical” with no guesswork. I wanted to place my bets after a few spins of preparation, and walk out with thousands.

Eventually I “got over” my stubbornness and focused more on what I knew worked, which was applying physics to predict where the ball will land. 10 years ago, I thought I knew it all. Now I know that back then, I knew relatively nothing. And today, I know better than to say I “know it all”. I am still learning new things about predicting spins. Perhaps the learning will never stop.

Although I’m always open to more learning, my conclusion, which has been the same for around a decade, is that:

a. An edge of 30% to 120% can be regularly achieved with roulette, with the use of roulette computers, where it measures ball and wheel speed, then you bet just after ball release. But the computer needs to work properly and account for important variables. Very basic computers only work on very easily beaten wheels. Almost every wheel can be beaten this way provided that “no more bets” is called at least a few seconds after ball release.

b. An edge of 5% to 15% is possible when predicting spins and betting BEFORE the ball is released. It involves accurately modelling the relationship between the physical variables, the spin outcomes, and other spin outcomes. So there are three main groups of variables, and they must be correlated to each other. There is nothing “voodoo” about it. One analogy is it’s like using a 3D chart to see how everything matches up, but no, we don’t actually use a 3d chart in this case. We use “permutations” which are basically testing countless combinations, with the variables and data we have, to determine a “best fit” model. Approximately 1/3rd of modern wheels can be beaten this way. These days I focus on roulette computer use instead of this system’s use, so I don’t need it anymore. This is one of the reasons I offer it to other players. But one of the main problems with other players using it is they would need to learn how to use it. So I created what I call the JAA software, which essentially makes a complicated system easy to use.

So it is not just “possible” to beat roulette. It is a fact that it can and is being beaten.

However, I have never achieved my goal of a magical system where you can walk straight up to a wheel and start winning, without the casino doing anything about it. The closest I’ve ever gotten to this is the hybrid roulette computer. It will usually start producing an edge after 1 spin (that gradually increases), with the maximum edge being achieved after around 60 spins on a “difficult” wheel. Although, you can resume play virtually instantly on following days. Realistically, there doesn’t appear to be anything close to the hybrid computer. Besides, most players aren’t comfortable using hidden electronics. This is the main reason why the most popular method used by my players is the JAA system, which uses the “permutations” and cross referencing explained above. The JAA system is explained and is available at

Although these are legitimately effective methods to beat roulette, understand they are not magic and still have limitations. There are many variables that determine if you can win roulette. Winning is not just about predicting spins. It is easy to beat almost any wheel at home. But winning in a casino requires many other elements including patience, remaining undetected, and dealing with ever-changing casino procedures that are designed to make professional play more difficult. And while casinos are gradulally making it harder to win, there is likely still many years to come in which roulette will still be reasonably easy and practical to beat, with the right approaches.

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