Temporary roulette computer price reduction

There is a temporary price reduction for our most advanced roulette computer (besides the Hybrid version). Full details are explained below:

We have started development on a new roulette computer. For now we’re calling it the “Uber 2″. The original Uber version (Uber 1) uses the most advanced algorithms possible to beat modern roulette wheels. The Uber 2 uses exactly the same algorithms, but will have the following additional features:

* Software upgrades without needing to send me back the phone(s): this is more of a convenience benefit.

* Quicker and simpler methods to evaluate wheels: before you place any bets, you must evaluate the wheel to ensure it can actually be beaten. This way you can know the results you’ll achieve before risking real money. The evaluation is 90% accurate. The Uber 1 still has these capabilities, but it involves using separate phone software we supply you with for free. The Uber 2 has all the capabilities integrated into it.

* Simpler application of the advanced settings: The advanced settings are required to beat the “difficult” wheels. They are rarely required, although if they are needed, the Uber 2 makes it easier.

* Ability to send me the data for any wheel, so I can more easily advise you: This makes supporting you easier.

Basically the Uber 2 will be EASIER to use. It will not be more accurate because the Uber 1 already does everything possible to maximize accuracy. We’re creating this new version because not everyone is tech-savvy, and your profits depend on your proper understanding, and correct application of the technology.

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