The Secret Patterns in Roulette Spins

Are there really secret patterns in roulette spins? Yes, but it depends on your knowledge and understanding of roulette. Because the patterns might be “secret” to inexperienced players, but common knowledge to professional players.

Before continuing, you must understand to beat roulette, you need patterns. Because they enable you to improve your odds of winning, so your win rate is better than random. Because if your win rate is the same as random, your system has changed nothing.

Patterns Are Different For RNG and Live Roulette

RNG roulette isn’t real roulette at all. It’s basically a computer game that uses software to determine winning numbers. The only real roulette involves a physical roulette wheel and ball.

RNG roulette can be beaten in some rare cases. But normally, professional focus on live roulette wheels because they’re far easier to beat.

But assuming you attempted to beat RNG roulette, you’d need to understand the patterns of RNG roulette are very different to patterns on live roulette wheels. This is because RNG is just random numbers, with no relation to real-world physics. Whereas live roulette wheels are predictable, because they follow basic laws of physics.

RNG Patterns Are Different For Each Game

Previously I discussed how RNG can be beaten. Ultimately it’s possible, but extremely difficult. A key point to understand is that you must exploit the RNG algorithm to beat it. And the algorithm is different for each game. This means even if your system beat one RNG roulette game, it won’t beat other RNG games.

An analogy is decrypting a secret message or email. To decrypt it, you need the decryption key. If you have the correct decryption key, you can decrypt and read the message. But the decryption key will only apply to that individual message (or sender). Likewise, a system the beats a particular RNG game will apply only to the game (or casino).

So if someone claims their system beats all RNG games, you have good reason to be skeptical.

The Difference Between Patterns and Pattern-Types

Real physical roulette wheels are very different to RNG roulette. You don’t need to physically visit a real casino to verify they are legitimate. There are live and online roulette casinos live Olybet which use real wheels.

Before I explain more about patterns, a bit of background information is needed.

Let’s again use the analogy of encrypted emails. A different type of encryption cipher is like a different type of roulette pattern. And the different encrypted email is like the actual patterns of individual roulette wheels.

An example of a type of pattern is dominant diamonds. Diamonds are the metal deflectors which are situated around the rim of the roulette wheel. They are designed to disrupt the movement of the ball, and randomize how the ball bounces. But the truth is they make spins more predictable. Wheel designers know this, which is why diamonds have become smaller over the years. But that’s a topic for another article.

With many professional roulette systems, an initial step is observing which diamonds the ball hits most. So typically players create a small diagram like shown below:

Diamond hit chart, showing which diamonds the ball hits most.

In this case, the diamond hits are the type of pattern. And the chart above shows the pattern itself. Again you can observe any wheel, in real or online casinos, and you’ll find almost every wheel has dominant diamonds. Or at the very least, the wheel will have a particular diamond that is notably hit less. Still it’s not “random”, which gives us an opportunity for an advantage.

If you’re a professional player, none of this will be new to you. But if you’re a beginner, you might call this a “secret pattern” in roulette.

You can try a little experiment, to prove casinos know about it. Stand around the wheel and draw a little diagram like the one above. Mark which diamonds the ball hits. Make your chart nice and visible for the casino staff. The chances are you’ll eventually be asked to leave. Why? Because casinos know such diagrams are an initial step of professional roulette play. I’ve said before many times: beating roulette is not difficult. The real challenge is avoiding detection. And it’s not difficult, unless you plan on winning millions of dollars each night.

Ball Scatter Patterns

An even more important type of pattern is ball scatter. This is essentially how predictable the ball bounces, once it hits the rotor. There are a few variations to how ball scatter is measured. But the below image is a typical ball scatter chart:

Typical chart showing how far the ball bounces after first hitting the rotor.

Other Types of Patterns

Overall there are nine different types of patterns I have identified. They occur only on real physical roulette wheels, and are exhibited by all types of roulette wheels. This includes both new and old wheels.

There are indeed other types of patterns I have discovered, although I haven’t yet found a way to exploit them. For example, there are predictable long-term patterns that occur, and appear as fractals. It happens both with RNG roulette, and real roulette. The two problems I have with these types of fractals are:

  1. Too many spins are required to formulate a practical strategy. Unless a strategy is practical, you can’t use it in a real casino.
  2. I haven’t figured out how to accurately predict the patterns, before they occur.

Nevertheless, I don’t intend to pursue research on them at this stage. This is because I’ve been playing roulette for well over 20 years now, with strategies that are already successful. So I don’t need an additional strategy.

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