The Roulette Winning Formula For Professional Players

There are more systems for roulette than any other gambling game. And almost all of them fail miserably. Exactly why is covered in our roulette strategy page. If you haven’t already read it, I suggest you do. You might not like everything I say, but it’s the truth. Casinos aren’t stupid, and they know what does and doesn’t work.

So is there a roulette winning formula? The good news is YES, there are indeed legitimately effective strategies to win at roulette. The bad news is they require time and effort – although generally less time and effort than typical 9-to-5 jobs.

For a quick summary of which systems are best, see our top five strategies page. But if you’re looking for something different, or are developing your own winning formula, this page is for you.

Specifically I’ll explain essential components for a winning formula. If your system excludes these, don’t expect sustained winnings.

If You Eventually Start To Lose, It Doesn’t Work

Almost every roulette system wins for some time, but eventually loses. Of course anything can happen in the short term. But some brief wins, followed by eventual loss, is usually only due to betting progression.

For example, if you increase bet size after losses, you will comfortably keep your head above water for some time. The most common betting progression system is the Martingale. This is when you double your bets after losses. It works for a while. But eventually you get a losing streak, which wipes out your bankroll.

There is no shortage of betting progression systems. In fact almost every roulette system uses some kind of betting progression formula. Essentially they are just elaborate versions of common betting progression. Put another way, it’s the same rubbish repackaged.

You Shouldn’t Need Betting Progression

A genuinely effective roulette winning formula does not require betting progression. If your system works, you’ll continue winning in the long-term, even if you bet the same amount on each spin.

In the previous point, I explained how betting progression can keep your bankroll positive. But it’s only short-term.

Now keep in mind every roulette spin is an independent event, with its own odds. If you use betting progression, the amount you bet may increase like below:

1 unit, 2 units, 4 units, 8 units, etc

You might think each separate bet is part of a sequence. It’s a sequence in your head alone. In reality, they are independent bets, each with their own odds of winning. Remember that all gambling games are odds vs payout. But don’t confuse odds and payouts. “Odds” are the chances of something happening. And “payouts” are what you’re paid on wins. The PowerPlay Website shows payouts on their home page for various sports. These are “payouts”, not “odds”.

Put another way, neither the casino or the roulette wheel care who is making the bets. The payouts and the odds don’t change at all.

Focus on Cause and Effect

The roulette betting table has nothing to do with the winning number. This is very often overlooked. In fact most systems are built around the betting table.

What actually determines the winning number? Only a combination of real physical variables, such as the wheel and ball. There are real physical factors at play. So nothing is entirely random or unpredictable. And the winning number is determined by cause-and-effect.

This is critical to understand because any roulette winning formula must account for real physical variables.

Most losing systems focus on patterns the player thinks they see. For example, they might see 5 reds in a row and assume red is on a streak. Of course the reality is streaks occur on any wheel, and are just normal probability. To the streaks of reds or blacks don’t matter. They don’t change what will happen next.

Most players understand the basics of what I’m saying. But the same logic goes out the window when more complicated patterns are involved. Still the same basics apply. The patterns may make sense to you, and exist in your head. But the patterns don’t really exist.

It’s important to distinguish between real patterns, and patterns in your head. A real pattern is something you can rely on, to predict future spins. A pattern in your head is a sequence of past spins that has no correlation to future spins.

Do Statistically Significant Testing

An inexperienced player may say they never play thousands of spins, so they don’t need to test thousands of spins. This is truly a boneheaded statement, and indicates the player doesn’t understand the basics.

I don’t mean this in an offensive way, because I once thought like this. In fact almost every player once did, including professional players.

But it helps to consider what casinos already know. And casinos get their advice from mathematicians and statisticians, who know what they’re talking about.

Basically, testing even 50,000 spins is generally not enough to know if your system genuinely works. If you need convincing, see the videos on our website where we test millions of spins. Specifically you see even random bets can win over tens of thousands of spins. It doesn’t mean the system works, it just means the short term results were positive. And anything can happen in the short term.

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