Roulette Wheels For Sale In The UK

So you’re looking to buy a roulette wheel in the UK? The good news is it’s one of the easiest regions in the world to acquire the same type of wheels used in real casinos. They are much the same wheels you will also find at live roulette tables online.

Wheel Manufacturers

There are two main suppliers of wheels in the world. The first and oldest is John Huxley, which is from London, right in the heart of the UK. The other main wheel supplier is Cammegh, which is also based in the UK. However, both these suppliers operate throughout the world.

There are a few other manufacturers, with probably the next major one being Abbiati, which is based in Italy.

Which Wheel Should You Buy?

Generally any of the three manufacturers are provide state-of-the-art roulette wheels. They all have a similar lifespan, with the exception of the John Huxley Mk7, which comes with an optional Velstone Ball track. This particular type of service is essentially more durable, and will last longer. It is slightly more expensive, but worth it.

But this type of ball track doesn’t mean it’s impervious to damage. After significant use, the ball will have created a small groove along the ball track. And if you use a ball size that’s significantly different to the one that created this groove, the ball may not roll smoothly. If you attempt to gently sand down this groove, you can cause permanent damage.

The groove occurs on any type of roulette wheel. But normal ball tracks are more prone to various cracks. You can still get the cracks in Velstone ball tracks, but they are less likely to occur.

Ultimately the design and manufacturer you choose needs to be fit for whatever purpose you intend for the wheel. For example, if you are purchasing to test your roulette strategies, you particularly need a real wheel in good condition. You can also use one of the online casinos such as Dreamz, which is based in the UK. Such live online casinos use real wheels which can be viewed by live WebCam. If you play online, live casinos are the only ones we recommend. Some of the online casinos allow play for fun accounts, where no real money is needed. The only downside is if you are testing your system, you need to wait for each spin. This limits the amount of spins you can play, so your tests won’t be as thorough. Or at least it will take longer to do proper testing.

New Or Used Wheel?

Keep in mind used wheels are removed from casinos for good reasons. The most common reason is that the wheel has developed a bias or defect.

Generally none of the major manufacturers will sell you a new wheel, unless you operate your own casino. Wheel manufacturers will only sell members of the public used wheels. The used wheels almost always come from casinos. While some casinos have in-house wheel repair specialists, most don’t. So when a wheel develops a defect, it can either be sent away for repairs, or replaced. Some defects are too troublesome to repair, in which case the wheel is replaced. And this is the kind of wheel you usually find for sale via eBay, or as ex-casino stock.

Depending on what you want to use wheel for, the typical defects aren’t usually a problem. Usually the first part to wear down is the ball track. This is a critical part, and what you need to look at first when considering the use wheel.

To determine the state of the ball track, ask the seller to send you one clear video of a ball being spun hard on the wheel. If the ball decelerates very gradually, with a nice even pace, it usually means the ball track is in good condition.

If the ball suddenly decelerates, or makes a chattering sound, this indicates the ball track is in poor condition. Photos you may see on eBay do not clearly show cracks and problems with the ball track. But one clear spin with a fast release of a ball very clearly shows any problems.

In cases where the ball track is in bad condition, the ball will tend to fall from the ball track at specific points more than others. This is easily observed by noting which diamond is hit by the ball on each spin. This effect is known as dominant diamonds, and is caused by a combination of an un-level wheel, and a deformed or degraded ball track. This causes the spins to be more predictable than they should be. So if you are purchasing a wheel with such a strong defect, it may not give you a realistic idea of how effective your system or strategy is. After all, it makes no sense to practice on an easily beaten wheel.

This is not to say that real casino wheels don’t have dominant diamonds. In fact, almost every modern wheel in today’s casinos has a significant dominant diamond effect. Basically it is almost unavoidable, even on new wheels. Even if the casino very carefully levels the wheel, they only need to be inaccurate by 1 mm, and a significant dominant diamond or area will form. Furthermore, even slight wear and tear on the ball track will lead to certain areas being worn down more than others. This is because when the dealer releases the ball, there is significantly more friction at the ball release point. This causes minor scratches and deformations to occur on the ball track at the point of release. This affects snowballs to create a ball track that is not identical along the whole length of the track.


Almost every use wheel has defects of some kind. You will find it very difficult to purchase a new wheel, in the UK or anywhere in the world. The exception is if you purchase a cheaper wheel from China. These are usually imitation wheels, but they are not normally used in real modern casinos. They are designed more for illegal underground casinos, or for home entertainment purposes.

In any case, the most important part of any wheel you purchase is the ball track. Cosmetic problems such as dents and scratches on the outside of the wheel should not be such a concern for you, in particularly if you are using the wheel to test roulette systems or strategies. The only other part which causes a significant problem is pockets which are made from plastic. The glue under them comes loose, and can lead to a bias. But this is not much of a problem unless you are testing a wheel bias strategy, which wouldn’t make sense because bias is specific to individual wheels.

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