The Roulette Strategy With The Best Chance Of Winning

Most gamblers have a limited understanding of the basics of games. If you’re after a simple answer to the question of “which strategy is best”, there are many variables that determine this.

But I’ll give a thorough answer, so you understand the variables, and which strategy to use for your casino for your best chance of winning. And yes, the most suitable strategy depends on your casino.

The Definition Of “Chance Of Winning”

The word “chance” loosely means the odds of something happening. But in terms of profit, much more should be considered.

For example, on the European roulette wheel, there are 37 pockets. If you bet on all 37 pockets, you have a 100% chance of winning. But you will still make a loss, because the payout is an unfair 35 to 1.

Now consider if you bet 30 numbers. Your chances of profiting on a single spin are 30/37. It looks like great odds, but is fundamentally no different to betting on every number on the wheel. The only exception is betting 37 numbers guarantees you a loss. While betting 30 numbers at least has a chance of profiting you.

My point is you need to understand the definition of chance. And once you understand it, you know that chance is irrelevant. What matters is the difference between the odds of winning, versus the payout.

All gambling games are odds vs payout. Each game has a mechanism to determine odds of winning. In roulette, it’s the wheel – and that’s what must be attacked.

Odds Vs Payout and The House Edge

Casinos profit from an inbuilt advantage called the house edge. You probably heard a lot about it, and browse over boring statistics. But at least the principal needs to be understood.

All gambling games have an outcome, and the payout if you win with a bet on the outcome. The house edge is simply unfair payouts for the odds of winning. So even when you think you have one, you actually lost because the casino gives an unfair payout.

It doesn’t matter what the game is – this unfair advantage to the casino is unavoidable. But there are still ways to consistently beat roulette, and indeed other casino games. I’ll get to that later.

In a nutshell, the key to beating any casino game is predicting the game outcomes with better than random odds. So on the roulette wheel, you need to predict the winning number with better than one in 37 odds.

Curiously, most roulette strategies do not even consider where the ball is likely to land. Most strategies focus on the betting table, which is a scattered representation of the real physical wheel. The betting table has nothing to do with the physical wheel, which determines the winning numbers. So forget about the betting table. Beating roulette is all about understanding roulette wheel physics.

Why physics? Because that’s the only thing that determines the winning number. It certainly isn’t voodoo or witchcraft.

An Overview of Roulette Physics Strategies

There are actually a variety of different roulette strategies that exploit physics. The best known is roulette wheel bias. This is where you study and exploit physical defects of the wheel. For example, one pocket may be slightly larger than others because of the flaw in the pocket separators. The difference would of course not be noticeable to the naked eye. But over the long-term, it would cause certain pockets to win more.

Roulette wheel bias is just one example. Although there are numerous others, such as visual ballistics.

Adapting The Strategy For Your Casino

The two main types of casinos are land-based casinos, and online casinos. Professionals looking to play online roulette will focus on casinos that offer live dealer wheels. These are fundamentally exactly the same as the wheels you would find in land-based casinos. It doesn’t matter where the wheel is physically. It’s the same whether it’s viewed in person, or live by WebCam.

The two main differences between land-based roulette, and online roulette are:

1. Online casinos usually close bets before spinning the wheel.

This limits your ability to use particular strategies, such as visual ballistics or roulette computers. Because these strategies predict winning numbers based on the speed of the wheel and ball. After the prediction is calculated, the player has a short time in which to place bets. There are still a few online casinos that allow late bets.

However, almost all land-based casinos allow late betting. This is mostly because it speeds up the game, and allows players to make more bets. And the vast majority of players don’t have a winning strategy, such as visual ballistics. So casinos aren’t generally concerned about professional players. Casino staff focus more on early detection of professional players, rather than making it impossible to win. The key difference here is professional players can be physically observed by staff in real casinos. This can’t be done with online casinos.

2. It’s harder to hide winnings at online casinos.

In most conditions, is not particularly difficult to predict the winning number, at least with better than random odds. So the problem isn’t beating the wheel, it’s getting away with. Because if the casino notices your consistent wins, they won’t tolerate it for long.

Still it’s quite easy to win a tidy sum, and still avoid detection in real casinos. But at an online casinos, avoiding detection requires the use of multiple accounts, and proxies to hide your IP address. This part is easy enough, but then you need a verified account before withdrawing funds. And this requires government identification with a photo.

Of our players that have done best online, most of them have numerous verified accounts. The wheels are closely monitored, and play begins when wheels are most vulnerable. Then the team may make a quick $10,000 profit. To the casino, it looks more like blind luck. While this process is not at all difficult, the only real problem is having enough verified accounts to play with. There is still of course a limit to what you can win. A casino won’t allow 10 suspicious accounts to win $10,000 each, all in the space of a week. That kind of activity will prompt the casino to investigate what happened. Then it would be a matter of them changing the wheel, or whatever conditions they suspect were the problem.

Again whether you play online or in real casinos, the biggest problem is not being the wheel – it’s avoiding detection.

So Which Strategy Is Best?

It depends on the wheel, and exactly what is making spins predictable. If the wheel has a physical flaw, then bias analysis may be best. Or if bets are closed late, then roulette computers are best.

The reality is there’s no single strategy that’s best for all wheels. Some strategies are devastatingly accurate for some wheels, but useless for others. But if there were the one overall best strategy, it’s roulette computers. Although they’re not legal in about half of casinos, and you can get banned for using them even if you use them where it’s legal.

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