Best Winning Online Roulette Strategy

Here we’ll discuss how to win roulette online. If you only want to know which roulette strategy works best for online casinos, see the cross reference roulette system.  It’s the most effective roulette strategy that’s legal everywhere. The roulette computer devices at are even better but more designed for real casinos.

Just about every player asks for the best online roulette strategy that works (a winning roulette strategy or bet selection). Although playing roulette online at home is appealing, my first advice is that you will find real casinos more profitable. This is because you are able to win more without being detected, and you won’t have the hassle of needing multiple online casino accounts.

With a reasonable roulette strategy for online casinos, you can learn how to win roulette online from the comfort of home, at suitable online casinos without needing an online casino bonus. And many of my players do this. I often say that the main issue faced by professional roulette strategy players is avoiding detection, because no casino will tolerate a consistent winner.

Some of my players have won close to $100,000 online in a very short space of time. In each case, it was done using large bets at a reputable casino, that is never reported to have refused payouts. Can you do this with $5 units, with the same account? Not likely, because your account will be restricted well before you win this amount.

The below video explains the recommended roulette strategy for bet selection:

Betting Red, Black, Odds, Evens and Outside Bet Combinations

Basically outside bets don’t work, specifically because they are a deliberate randomization of the bets. So if you bet red or black, you cannot increase the accuracy of your predictions within one pocket accuracy, so you cannot beat roulette this way. There is one very rare exception but it involves covering zero too, although it is beyond the scope of this article. Betting 1-18 or 19-36 is really no different, same as highs or lows, the dozens (1-12, 13-24, 25-36). You can also include street bets, corners and so on. There are some exceptions where a combination of various bets can represent sectors of the wheel, and these are the only types of bets that can win. Any successful roulette strategy must cover specific areas of the wheel.

European (single zero) Vs American (double 0)

An inexperienced gambler may think they have twice the chance of winning if there were two green pockets. It sounds unbelievable, but some players have said to me that they believe it to be true. The fact is the casino has twice the advantage over the player on an american wheel which has both single and double zero pockets. Where possible, you should always play on single 0 European roulette wheels, which have only one green pocket.

The betting tables are identical, with the exception of the additional double zero betting area. The payouts are also identical.

The Difference Between a Roulette Strategy and Roulette System

Many players consider them much the same thing. But I consider a roulette system to be a method of bet selection. An effective roulette strategy is more your plan for everything else, including:

  • How you will cash in winnings without being detected
  • Your plan of attack: will you win fast and large, or slow and small for discretion.

There is much more to it, and the strategy that works best depends on the conditions you encounter. This article will discuss the best strategies specifically for online roulette.

The Two Best Online Casino Roulette Strategies

There are over 20 online roulette casinos that are suitable for professional roulette systems such as mine. But this is no comparison to the countless real bricks & mortar casinos spread throughout the world. You will infrequently share a roulette wheel with one of my players in a normal casino. But you will very frequently be sharing the same wheels with my players at online casinos. And the more winners that are on a particular wheel, the more likely the casino will notice that something isn’t right.

If you win too much, the casino will not allow you to continue one way or another. A dishonest casino will refuse payouts and recite obscure fine print in their terms of service that makes their behavior “legal”. An honest casino will make your life more difficult by applying a countermeasure, although unknown to them, it may not even be effective anyway. One way or another, you cannot openly win lots from the same account and expect the casino to do nothing to stop you.

Below are the two online roulette strategies that work best, ultimately so you can win the most:

METHOD 1 – Slow discrete winnings, with multiple accounts: This is usually the preferred method, but it involves having multiple accounts. This way you can close an account after achieving significant winnings. But the problem is online casinos allow only one account per person. However, there are relatively easy ways around this, including:

  • Using another person’s account: many players are happy to loan you their account, for a split of the winnings. You can also find individuals in various countries who will setup an account for you, for as little as $50. You can find such people at freelance websites where people offer their services for everything and everything. But you need to be sure the target casino allows players from the correct jurisdiction.
  • Fake identification: This is quite common, although consider the legal ramifications of doing this. Generally though, it is a victimless crime, and it is perhaps rather unlikely a prosecutor’s office will waste $50,000 or so of tax-payer’s money when there was no victim. The reality is written law and applied law are different things. While written law can be applied, very often if it isn’t because government resources must be prioritized. I’m not advocating this using fake ID – I’m just explaining common practise by players. If you take this option, it is entirely your responsibility.

The advantages of method 1 are that many online players can win from the same wheel. For example, there may be 5 of my players winning with my system on a particular wheel over a week period, and there may be 100 other players who use a losing system. This way the winning players blend in with the typical losing players. The casino will still overall profit, although not as much as they could without professional players exploiting the wheel.

The disadvantage of method 1 is winning takes longer for each individual. But at least the players don’t blatantly alert the casino staff to what’s going on.

METHOD 2 – Large winnings in short spaces of time

This is a somewhat selfish strategy. It may be profitable for the individual, but it is not beneficial to multiple players who all attack the same wheel online. Basically you may play only once per month or so. First you identify when the wheel is most predictable, then play with large bets and a large bankroll. By the time the casino has evaluated your play, you will have made your winnings, and any countermeasures they apply wont matter, except to other players.

Some players have earned hundreds of thousands online this way, but at a cost to other players, because casinos became more vigilant with applying countermeasures that make winning more difficult. However, keep in mind the application of countermeasures is not a viable long-term strategy for casinos, because they usually slow down play, and this causes fewer bets to be made by the losing players. This in turn means the casino doesn’t earn as much.

So Which is the Most Effective Roulette Strategy?

This depends on the conditions you encounter. For example, the ultimate roulette strategy for William Hill would be to play in the short-term, because they are notorious for restricting accounts. If you play over the longer-term, they’ll ban your account before you can win a significant amount. But better still, don’t bother with William Hill because they’ve probably banned more players than any other online casino. Reputable casinos won’t ban you like this. Instead, they’ll apply countermeasures. And if you haven’t properly evaluated the wheel each day, you won’t know about it until you’ve lost. Wheel evaluation is something I only reveal to my players though. And to further explain which strategy is best for individual conditions, I’ll write separate articles.

Rapid roulette is also a very useful option for avoiding detection, and also allows you to place roulette bets quickly without interference.

Managing Your Bankroll

No money management is going to profit you unless your system for bet selection is effective in the first place. And by effective, I mean that it increases the accuracy of predictions. But bankroll management can help you sustain play longer. For example, while the chips are down, bet lower and you can stay at the table longer. If you are clearly profiting, then you can afford to play with the casino’s money. Be very careful of betting progressions where you vary bet size after wins or losses because you can end up blowing your bankroll very quickly if you hit a losing streak.

The Worst Systems

Let’s be honest. Most websites preaching tips to win roulette are written by people wanting to promote online casinos. And they’ll give you the worst advice that will lose you money. The only way you’ll win in the long term is with sheer luck.

Some of the worst but most popular systems include:

The Martingale: This is basically doubling up on losses.

The Fibonacci: This is where your bet size is the sum of the previous two bets, assuming you lost on the previous spin.

Among other losing systems include the Labouchere. There are too many to name, and they often have one thing in common – they don’t even attempt to predict the winning number on the wheel. They are also usually high risk betting strategies that don’t even consider basic rules of roulette such as the payouts. They don’t take into account croupier behavior, ball bounce, scatter or anything that is actually important.

Gambling vs professional betting strategies

Gambling is when you bet without any defined strategy. Whether you profit or lose depends on luck. And when you gamble, your money if gradually lost due to the house edge. An ineffective betting strategy is no different to random bets on the table. And although the betting logic may make sense in your mind, the patterns may be an illusion. So I always advise properly testing the working principles of your betting strategy.

The best types of bets

The two main types are inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets include single-number bets and splits. Outside bets include colors, dozens, streets, highs and lows, odds and evens, and columns.

You simply cannot win roulette with outside bets. So if you base a system on say a dozen, losing in the long term is a mathematical and scientific certainty.

Neighbor bets are a much better option because the numbers you bet on are physically next to each other on the wheel, hence the word neighbors.

If you check our page explaining the mathematics of roulette, you’ll understand the house edge for any of the bets are the same. There are some bets with better odds of winning, but they all have the same house edge. It’s the same case for American roulette or European roulette.

Should you use progression bets?

Progression bets are when you increase or decrease the amount you wager, based on whether you’ve had wins or losses. This doesn’t increase your chances of winning because roulette spins are independent events. One spin is not related to the next, at least in the way most players think. So a bet staking plan based on progression wont at all change the odds of winning. The progression sequence of betting only changes the amount you risk on an individual spin.

You can confirm the concept by analyzing past spin results from real wheels. Never test your strategy by first betting real money.

Best casinos to win roulette online

There are more online casinos than you’ll ever play at, but presently around 20 wheels. This is because many casinos use the same video footage of wheels, provided by companies such as Netent. See the articles about the best live roulette casinos, which use real wheels to bet on. I don’t list all of the live roulette casinos, but they aren’t hard to find. I’ve only listed the most reputable ones that have never refused payouts, at least that I’m aware of. Before you invest time and risk real money playing, take some times to ensure the casino doesn’t have a reputation of payout refusal. There are many dishonest casinos – even some of the big names, including William Hill.

To get the best free roulette systems that really work, see the top 5 proven roulette systems and the video series below. It's the best 100% free information for winning roulette you'll find. It's written by professionals who are really earning a living from roulette.

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