Is Roulette a Fair Game?

Not all roulette is the same. You can beat some roulette, but not others.

No casino game is “fair”. The casino has the advantage, because you’re paid unfair amounts even when you win. It’s the same case with every other casino game. But that’s not the end of the story, because some types of roulette can be beaten. The question is more what the casino will let you win, before banning you.

Understanding The Casino’s Advantage

Every casino game has unfair payouts, even when you win. For example, in roulette, there are 37 pockets on the European wheel. So if spins are random, you have a 1 in 37 chance of winning if you bet on one number (see roulette odds). But when you win, the payout is only 35-1.

This gives the casino an unfair advantage known as the “house edge”. In the case of roulette, the house edge is -2.7% for European roulette, and 5.26% for American 00 wheels.

With some rare exceptions, all bets in roulette have the same house edge. The only difference is the amount of numbers your bet covers. But this has NO effect on your long-term result (loss).

The Definition of “Fair”

You should already know about the house edge. I’ve explained it above. But besides the house edge, a “fair” game is one that has game outcomes that:

i. Are completely random, and

ii. The casino has no control over.

Each point is discussed below.

Are Game Outcomes “Random”?

Nothing ever happens for no reason. Everything is just “cause and effect”. It’s the same case with any gambling game whether it be craps, blackjack, roulette or whatever.

As such, everything is predictable to some degree. So it’s more a question of whether or not the outcomes are predictable enough to overcome the casino’s unfair payouts (the house edge).

In most cases, game outcomes are not predictable enough for the player to profit. After all, that’s how casinos profit.

there are weaknesses in a variety of games. Not in all games at all times, but in enough games, and enough of the time.

The exploitation of weaknesses in games is called “advantage play”. Casinos know most players lose, because they have no idea what they’re doing. But casinos also know there are much smarter people around, who know how games can be beaten.

Do Casinos Control Game Outcomes?

It’s illegal for any casino to deliberately influence game outcomes, provided the casino is properly licensed. If the casino isn’t licensed, it’s known as a “rogue casino” – and its owners can do pretty much whatever they want to cheat players, and there’s nothing you can do. Rogue casinos are common online, and they’re as difficult to take down as movie piracy and file-sharing websites.

But assuming the casino operates legally, they are bound by law to let the randomness of the game provide random outcomes. The problem for casinos is those games are often not quite random. In fact, sometimes they’re easily predictable enough for players to win consistently. Again not at all times, but certainly enough to concern casinos.

When it comes to roulette, see the list of best roulette systems. They all have one thing in common: they exploit roulette wheel physics. Remember, it’s all about “cause and effect”.

Advantage play techniques exist in almost every casino game. But roulette wheels are nowhere near as random as most people think. And in fact, they are often predictable enough to give players over a +150% edge. Considering the house edge is a small -2.7% edge, a player edge of +150% is enormous. Such edges are possible in roulette with roulette computer devices. No other casino game can give players an edge anywhere near this.

Not All Roulette Is The Same

There are many different types of roulette. You can beat some types of roulette, but not others. The different types are discussed below:

RNG Roulette

RNG stands for “random number generator”. These are used to determine the winning number at many online casinos. Essentially they’re just glorified slot machines. They aren’t real roulette at all. You’ll know if RNG is used because the wheel is just a computer animation.

Most RNGs used by casinos are basically a computer program, which partly use the time of the computer to determine the winning numbers. There a growing number of players are enjoying online roulette, so it is important to understand how RNGs work. If you play purely for fun, then there’s nothing wrong with RNG. But RNG generally can’t be beaten, so professional players never play on RNGs.

Properly licensed casinos do not control the game outcomes. They are entirely controlled by the random number software they use. And that software is usually carefully audited to ensure “fair random” games. I say “fair random”, because that’s the term government legislators often use.

Rigged Roulette

Some unlicensed casinos pay players based on what other players have lost. For example, if other players lost $100,000, then the casino may set the software to pay out only $97,000 or so. This guarantees the casino a $3,000 profit.

In such cases, you’re guaranteed to lose. Fortunately, properly regulated casinos aren’t allowed to do this. If they do this and are caught, they’ll likely lose their license and pay a huge fine. So it isn’t worth the risk to them, especially when they already have the house edge.

With the house edge, anything can happen in the short-term. A casino can still lose money if players get lucky. But simply the more players bet, the greater the chance that the casino will profit. While short-term losses to casinos do occur, casinos are more concerned with long-term results.

The only problem casino’s have with the house edge is it doesn’t protect the casino from high-rollers getting lucky and winning big, in the short-term.

Real Roulette Wheels

This is the only kind of roulette that can be consistently beaten. The winning number is determined by physical variables, such as the wheel and ball. And these variables are measurable. Because they’re measurable, spins are predictable.

For example, a roulette computer device measures the speed of the wheel and ball to predict where the ball will fall. The measurement of variables to calculate predictions doesn’t get more direct. But you don’t need hidden electronics to beat roulette. There are in fact a variety of techniques that predict spins with sufficient accuracy to overcome the house edge. These are discussed throughout


No casino game is fair for the player, if the game outcomes are random. Games are designed to give unfair payouts even when you win. This is how casinos profit.

The only way players can get an advantage over casinos is by exploiting the mechanism that determines the game outcomes. This means predicting game outcomes, by studying cause and effect. Such methods are known as “advantage play”, because they give players a legitimate advantage over casinos.

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