How to Win at Celtic Casino – Best Way To Win


How to win at Celtic casino can be summarized at which is for the JAA roulette system. Celtic casino is one of the few online casinos dedicated to live casino games. Just about any live game can be beaten one way or another, at least in my experience. I find it is more a matter of time. For example, you can increase the odds of winning at Celtic casino with blackjack. But because of modern technology, namely shuffle machines, it takes a lot of effort to get only a small increase in edge. A far better option explaining how to win at Celtic casino is explained here.

But before I continue with the best way to win, I’ll explain a blackjack cheating device I developed. Almost everyone knows about card counting, and that it does legitimately work. But again modern technology dramatically reduces the edge. The shuffle machines for the cards make card counting sometimes near impossible. At best you can only slightly improve the odds for you, but not enough to overcome the house edge.

Luckily the shuffle machines don’t fully randomise the order of the cards. So if you had a deck of cards with the sequential number, and put them into the shuffle machine, the initial shuffle may appear random. But if you repeat the process, you can see that there are patterns. If the same kind of principle that happens with methods that minute roulette. And that is that when the physical properties of any object are the same, it is inevitable that patterns will occur. In this case, it is the algorithms used by the software, and the moving parts that come into contact with the cards. More about my blackjack device is at, although I since abandoned development because there are much better ways to beat the casino. Besides I since developed technology to see through cards, but I’ll explain it another time. Briefly I’ll say it works very well, but has limitations so I prefer using the roulette computers. I could develop it further but the computers already work well enough.

What’s the Best Way To Win in Celtic Casino?

In one word, roulette. Most people believe the roulette is the most difficult game to beat, because the ball similarly bounces randomly. The fact is you can achieve an edge higher in roulette than any other casino game.

Back when card counting was very common with professional players, they got excited about a 2% edge. After all the 2% edge is not far off the casinos house edge of 2.7% on roulette. But such a small edge is enough to make the casino millions. In contrast, and edge of 80% or more is routinely achieved by roulette computer players.

The typical edge a roulette system can achieve is between 5 to 15%. This is with the cross-reference system explained at

Can this system win at Celtic Casino?

Yes, but understand Roulette wheels come and go all the time. Sometimes there will be easily beaten wheels, and sometimes they are near impossible to beat. Even with my own roulette wheel, which is a modern John Huxley wheel, sometimes it can be very easy to beat. Other times can be near impossible. Why? Because each time you set down the wheel, it needs to be levelled. This means to make sure the wheel is a perfectly flat surface. To be technical, is actually the ball track that needs to be flat or levelled.

On a different day if I rotated the wheel is a 45°, this means that specific parts of the ball track may be marginally higher than others. The result is the ball will fall at particular parts of the ball track more often than others. This is commonly referred to as dominant diamonds. More is explained on the homepage of Almost every roulette wheel as dominant diamonds, including the roulette wheels at Celtic casino.

But to get all technical, but the combination of the new dominant balls fall off point, with very subtle differences along the ball track, makes the ball fall a different way. To make this simpler, it means that a wheel can be fantastic and easy to beat on one day, but very difficult on another.

If you understand what I mean, you might ask why doesn’t casino staff do is rotate the wheels each day. They don’t firstly because they would need to then recalibrate the wheel, and it can take some time to do properly. If it is rushed, the wheel can be more easily beaten. So usually a casino will carefully recalibrated wheel perhaps once each month. They used such precision equipment that if the same wheel is moved to another part of the casino, they may think that the moving has changed the wheels patterns. But in fact all they have done is made the same conditions for the same wheel, but in a different part of the casino.

Advice from casino consultants

The average casino consultant would advise casinos to regularly move their wheels. But to a professional player, it makes little difference, other than it being a bit of an inconvenience because they need to run some tests to determine where the wheel has moved to.

Hypothetically the casino could rotate the wheel every day, and this would make a clumsy player lose. I’m referring to a clumsy professional player, instead of an attentive professional player. But realistically this will cause a worse problem for casinos, because sometimes the dominant diamond will be far too strong, and by then an attentive player will have won a fortune.


As with any online casino, the best way to win at Celtic casino is with the application of a professional roulette system. But don’t always expect the wheel is to be beatable. Sometimes they will be very easy to beat, and other times more difficult. It is important to understand quick and easy methods to assess wheels, so you know when is the best time to play and win. Again the same rules apply to any casino, not just Celtic casino.

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