How To Protect Your Computer When Playing Games Online

We wake up, log on to work, make sure the kids’ Zoom is working, make dinner—wash, rinse repeat. It seems like most of our lives are a routine that never shifts or sees an end. In this day and age more than ever, our forms of entertainment are dwindling. Not many of us can go out to a concert or a movie. Date nights have been constricted to a distant memory, atrophied to maybe a glass of wine and a chat. As humans, we need stimulation, and today is the age of the online video game. 

Online games, especially ones with some monetary stake in it, have blown up to the point where everyone seems to have a poker login. Online casinos are the norm. They’re the new global grownup pastime. But in this new boom of finding the right online casino, we may have inadvertently compromised our devices. We’re so used to clicking down the link and referral rabbit hole that we forget that some sites are less secure than others. Not to say that you shouldn’t explore. But you should have a bit of protection while doing so. Here are some of the best ways that you can protect your computer while playing online games. 

Choose Reputable Casinos 

The first thing you need to do is find a reputable place to play your favorite games. That seems like a no-brainer concept, but then again, that rabbit hole of clicks and links can lead one to some odd places. Your best bet is to find a website that’s hosted by a well-established country with a decent history in licensing and online protection. That includes many of the techno-centric first world countries with regulating bodies. You’re most likely going to be safer dealing with an online casino in Singapore than, let’s say, a less established and unregulated gambling arm in the same region. Singapore is where the best and the brightest tech minds of Southeast Asia go to prove their concept. It’s safe to say they can adequately encrypt and protect users in an online gaming portal. The same can be said of a Canadian website or one based in Malta. The balance between legality, gambling culture, and tech security intersects quite well in these spots. 

Get a VPN

You, yourself, need to have some protections put in place if you’re going to be gambling online. Yes, you may stick to reputable and well-known websites. But there’s still a level of personal responsibility you need to keep when dealing with money. This is why you need to keep a VPN handy. Things like IP tracking and personal information attached to said IP are worth protecting. The entry points of being tracked are, as we all know, based on that IP address. Let’s say you’re traveling abroad and want to log in and play a few hands. Do you trust the hotel WiFi? Do you trust the cafe WiFi? These are legitimate questions that most individuals don’t ask themselves. We tend to just open the laptop and start of habit. A VPN is the least you can do to keep yourself safe from some strange call list or, even worse, a stolen identity case.

Check the SSL Encryption 

There are things you can look out for when you log onto a website. One such thing is a “lock” sign next to the URL. You’ve all seen one. That padlock means that the website uses a protection measure called an SSL Encryption. That encryption uses an aggregate of resources that make sure your connection is secure while sending secure information. In the context of an online casino, naturally, we’re referring to your banking information. Without that key SSL Certificate, there’s no guarantee of any kind of protections. Some of the shadier websites will swear up and down that they’re SSL certified. If you don’t see that lock, it’s a blatant lie. If you fall victim to that kind of scam, you should lawyer up. 

Secure Payments 

Payments are the name of the game in a casino. Sure, the means of winning are fun, but let’s be real. We’re there to win that cold, hard, cash. Or, in this case, transferable digital chips. This is where you need to do some research. Payment methods vary all around the globe. Not all of them are secure. If we look at recent history, a certain German digital money transfer company defrauded global investors out of $2,100,000,000 and used forged documents from a Philippine bank to do so. It seems that even the bright, new tech companies have a criminal side. So with that said, look for payment options that are both secure and well known. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, PayMaya, and AliPay are all great means of secure money movement. They’re established, trusted, and have great customer service. 

Read the Terms 

Like every casino, online casinos have a fine print. Some have hidden fees and others have stipulations that put you at a disadvantage. That’s in the terms and conditions. It’s not deceptive on their part. It’s far from it. You just have to take the time to read the terms. If you can do that, and you find something you don’t completely agree with, then you’ll be in the know, continuing your gaming armed with the knowledge that the casino gave you upfront. 

There you have it, the primary ways you can keep yourself safe while playing games online. Some of this advice is practical. Some of it may be a bit technical. But all in all, they’re necessary to keep you and your money safe while you enjoy yourself. Happy gaming.

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