Protect Yourself From Roulette System Scams is one of the leading authorities on roulette prediction. As such, I am regularly contacted by people who want an opinion on a particular roulette system they intend to purchase.

Firstly, you shouldn’t blindly trust the word of any competitor. And technically, I am a competitor to anyone also selling systems or technology to beat roulette. I am probably best known for my roulette computer technology.

It doesn’t mean what I have to say is inaccurate. It just means that you should be critical of anything I or any other competitor says. But having said that, I think you will find the advice in this article is accurate and honest. It explains the basics of identifying and avoiding roulette system scams.

Ask The Right Questions

If you ask sellers the right questions, eventually you will find the truth. The right questions back them into a corner, where they have three main choices:

The seller can either blatantly lie, give you half-truths, or refuse to answer entirely. In any case, their response is particularly helpful if you already know the truth about a matter. Some examples are explained below:

Q. Does the system beat every roulette wheel, including RNG roulette?

This should be one of your first questions. The ideal system, known as the Holy Grail, will beat all types of roulette. This includes RNG roulette, which is basically a slot machine instead of a real wheel. So actually it’s not even roulette at all.

The problem with beating a slot machine is the winning numbers are determined by a random number generator. Random number generators are rigorously tested to ensure game outcomes have no correlation with previous game outcomes. After all, a mistake can cost the casino tens of millions of dollars before it is even noticed. It is just software. It is not prone to wear and tear or physical anomalies, like real roulette wheels.

Essentially the only way to beat a random number generator is by exploiting a flaw with this design. Such a flaw may make game outcomes predictable. It has been done before with various flawed random number generators. If you don’t intend to play real wheels, and obviously your only option is random number generators. So if you are looking for the best online casino, it may pay to carefully research the underlying technology the casino uses to determine winning numbers. There are a variety of other casino listing sites like casino top deals.

The bottom line is with very few exceptions, there is no way to predict future game outcomes of a slot machine. Again, remember that RNG roulette is a slot machine. Because of this, your odds of winning have not changed at all. It doesn’t matter what the previous winning numbers were. It makes no difference which numbers were hot or cold. When it comes to roulette, the probability of one number winning next is still one in thirty-seven with the European roulette wheel. And since the payout hasn’t changed, then your system has changed nothing. This is why random number generator roulette is impossible to beat, unless the random number generator is flawed.

You can also bet that if an online casino account is regularly winning lots of money, the account will be shut down. So any system seller showing long lists of online casino account withdrawals is unlikely to be telling you the truth. Casinos online can refuse service to anyone, for any reason. Why would they allow someone constantly taking money? This is why, if you have a winning system, winnings must be spread between multiple accounts – and with using different names. Because of this hassle, very few of my serious players bother playing roulette online. Much larger amounts can be won in real casinos, and without raising red flags. But if you’re only playing for fun, then it wont make much difference.

So how do you know a RNG is flawed? Realistically it would take hundreds of thousands of spins at least. Then you would need to run particular tests to see if previous spins in any way influenced future spins. In the vast majority of cases, there is no correlation between past and future spins. This is because the algorithm that determines the winning number is run independently each time a winning number is requested. It’s like having a coin toss, except each time you pull a different coin out of a bag and toss it. So why would the previous results have ANY effect on the future tosses?

This is not the case with real roulette wheels, which involve real physics and cause and effect.

Q. Why are you selling your system?

This is an obvious question. In my case, I have a variety of different roulette prediction technologies. I sell some of the less effective versions, so the players can use them whenever and however they want. And I license my most effective technology.

The difference between selling and licensing is as follows. Selling means the purchaser has complete control, and can do whatever they want within reason. Licensing means the player does not own the technology. You have exclusive rights. I provide a variety of options for purchase, which ultimately maximize my revenue. Basically I can’t use my technology in every casino, because there are too far too many casinos. But if I license the technology for others to use, while maintaining my own private teams, maximize my revenue. And players pay a worthy fee. But I have strict limitations on the amount of roulette computers I license.

A typical answer from a scammer is that they want to help people. While this may be the case if they were genuine, I’d personally consider the answer a cop-out. In other words, it’s an easy answer to give that may sound convincing.

Q. Have you made a fortune?

The easy answer would be that they have. But you have no way of confirming it. Many scams rely on convincing purchasers that the seller is indeed wealthy. They can show cars, and even piles of cash. But this kind of proof is incredibly easy to fake, especially when it means a scammer will profit considerably by publishing the fake proof. They could just loan the funds, withdrawal the amount in cash, take photos, then return the funds. And this trick might convince gullible people, and profit them hundreds of thousands of dollars. So why wouldn’t they do it?

This question will give you a predictable response. For myself personally, anyone that shows things like piles of cash is dubious, for the following reasons.

Firstly, casinos do not pay out piles of cash. Every casino has legal reporting requirements. So if you earn above a certain threshold in winnings, you may only be permitted payment via cheque. This is ultimately to prevent money-laundering and tax evasion.

Secondly, even if you have the money, it’s a real hassle to withdrawal it from the banks as cash. Many years ago I attempted to withdrawal one hundred thousand dollars in cash. This was to demonstrate to everyone that piles of cash is not proof of anything. So I wasn’t doing it to convince people my systems worked. I was doing it to convince people that it is proof of nothing. At the end of the video where I counted the money, I explained that the money counting trick is typically used by scammers, and should not at all influence your decision to purchase any system. What it should make you do is be suspicious.

Check Online Reviews.

Every product has both good and bad reviews. If you are a plumber and have serviced one thousand customers, it only takes one unhappy customer, who then publishes a barrages of negative information about you. And this person could convincingly publish claims throughout the Internet, using a variety of different fake names. So you can’t always rely on anonymous reviews.

In my case, approximately 1 in 100 players believe my system is a scam. Usually this is because it’s an easy explanation for their lack of success. Instead of blaming themselves for incorrect use, it’s easier to blame someone else. As I put it, a bad tradesman blames their tools. Add the fact that the player may have lost money, which makes them motivated and angry. We are not even considering the 99% of players who know the system to be legitimate.

Another factor in my case is that all players submit a non-disclosure agreement. But if you have lost money, and think the system is to blame instead of yourself, you won’t respect the agreements. This creates a bias so that negative feedback is more likely to be openly published. The satisfied players adhere to contracts, and generally say nothing, except people in private who they trust. Generally successful people don’t want to brag about it. They much prefer to be quiet about it.

So while claims published on forums should be a consideration, understand they are not always reliable. Anyone can easily discredit other people by publishing whatever they want.

Verify Claims.

You might be given any answer, and it may seem convincing. But most people tend not to actually verify the accuracy of claims. You might only be verifying something small. But once you catch someone out on lying, you can present the evidence to them, and consider their response. Keep in mind that people who lie about small matters are likely to lie about important matters.

Expect Lies.

A scammer will tell you exactly what you want to hear, or what they must to convince you to buy. They aren’t going to tell you they are lying. They will twist information in any way possible, which serves a purpose. They will be relentless. And when someone is lying, after you’ve caught them out, they will usually continue spewing even more garbage as they try to cover lies.

A clever scammer will mix truth and lies. This is because the truth gains your trust. And they hope that you don’t understand other information to identify the lies. Because you might not understand some technical information, but the scammer has told you the truth on other matters, so you may be inclined to believe them.

This is where it pays to act dumb. You can contact the seller using different names and email addresses, and ask the right questions to catch them out on lies.


We have all been scammed before, including myself. It is a very painful thing to happen. And most the time, the government authorities will do nothing to help you. You could waste days or weeks of your time trying to chase down the scammer, without any result. One thing you can do is report the matter on forums, in hopes of protecting other people. But again be aware that information on forums alone is not reliable.

If you have genuine intentions to expose a scam, be professional about it. Try not to make it personal. Explain all details in a very clear manner.

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