How to Predict Roulette Spins Before Ball Release

In the previous issue, you learned some of the basic principles that make roulette spins predictable. You can easily test the principles explained for yourself to know without a doubt they are legitimate. After all, that’s why I’m teaching you this – so you can test it for yourself and know for yourself, rather than just take my word for it.

Getting Predictions Before “No More Bets” is Called

To explain this part, I’ll use video demonstrations. You may have already seen the first video but the other videos are only available to subscribers of this free course.

Video 1: Principles that Make Roulette Predictable, and Introduction to “visual ballistics techniques

Video 2: Getting predictions early enough to place bets

These videos explain all you need to know for this issue. It covers a basic “visual ballistic” method.

You may or may not have been aware of such “visual ballistics” techniques. There are in fact an enormous variety of visual ballistics methods, but they all do much the same thing. Generally the more accurate they are, the more difficult they are to apply.

While I do teach a variety of visual ballistic methods, I generally consider visual ballistics comparatively a waste of time. I have developed much better methods to beat roulette, without the need for electronic devices, and without the need to bet after the ball is released. I believe if you want to bet after ball release, you are far better off using a roulette computer device in jurisdictions where it is legal (see My full roulette system is primarily applied with bets BEFORE the ball release, so it is much easier to use, overall more profitable, and importantly much more covert so you can win more without drawing attention from casino staff. Learn how to use my full system and join the largest team of professional roulette players at

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