Gambling Roulette Strategy – Does Your System Work?

People who are into gambling know that the best way to make money from games of chance is to exploit whatever edge the player has over a casino. These days, there are a lot of debates as to the game which provides the biggest advantage to a player. There are people who insist that poker is the most profitable game but there are also others who propose that wheel games, particularly, roulette is the most profitable game. Indeed, with a good gambling roulette strategy, a player has the ability to make tons of money from a casino.

When playing roulette, the system or strategy that a player makes use of when betting plays a vital role. Strategies could make or break your game, so it is best to know which strategies is nonsense and which ones you should go for as far as roulette is concerned.

How To Know If a Gambling Roulette Strategy Is Useless

After becoming more familiar with the types of roulette systems that are popular among roulette players, it becomes easier to sift through effective systems and the ones which are ineffective. Here are some pointers on what strategies you should be applying on the way you play roulette.

  • Your strategy should increase your prediction’s accuracy. Your goal in playing roulette is to guess what slot the ball will land on after it rests on the wheel. This means that your ability to evaluate which is the right spot is the only way to decrease the house edge and for the game to be in your favour.
  • Increasing each bet after losing will not improve your chances of winning.If not coupled with a strategy that allows you to predict where the ball will land on the wheel, it will not be useful to increase the amount of bets on roulette. This will just make the player lose more money.
  • The result of each spinis not related to each other. If there’s one thing that statistics should teach us, it would be that the result of each spin is independent from each other. With this in mind, a winning streak or a losing streak is not supported by any theory and it is merely caused by chance.

With these pointers, you should be able to see that without clear-cut guidance on which strategies will increase your chances of manipulating the game’s results, you will be at a loss. And what you should be looking for is a way to have an edge over the house which in the case of roulette, comes in the form of a method based on physics.

How Physics Makes It Possible To Beat Roulette

The realm of Physics includes the realm of motion and force, things which should be considered when you are devising a gambling roulette strategy. However, even with the fact that you have a sure way to beat roulette by computing the speed of the wheel and the ball, this technique may not sit well with a lot of players because they do not fully understand how this method is used. To give you a clearer idea of how roulette becomes predictable when physics is used, here are some ways to actually tell where the ball will rest:

  • Find out which diamonds are hit more often by the ball. Diamonds refer to metal deflectors that are placed on a wheel with the purpose of making the results less predictable. However, this could actually aid an observant player as it makes it easier to tell if the wheel is tilting. A tilted wheel is not unusual and a good indication is to find the “dominant” diamond or the deflector that the ball hits most often. You could have a clearer idea once you spend some time observing the roulette wheels.
  • Predicting the area where the ball will bounce first. After the croupier releases the ball, the ball would make its first bounce. The area where this bounce will happen could differ but it is predictable. In most instances, the ball used in roulette will make its first bounce fifteen pockets from where the ball was released by the dealer.

Combining these two, it would be easier to see where the ball will finally come to rest. The accuracy of the prediction may not be a hundred percent but it will surely narrow down the choices for the player. With different betting options that include a wide bet selection, making a winning bet is totally possible.

Basically, a roulette strategy can be considered as effective when it has the ability to beat the house edge and instead, give the player the edge to increase his ability to predict the ball’s resting place. With this knowledge, the player can bet on colors, on odd or even numbers or make other kinds of bets that would be in line with his predictions. Armed with this information, players could make winning bets.

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