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There are many free online roulette European games online, where you can test your roulette system or just play for fun. There is no real money involved and you can play all you like for free. Here you can get a roulette game download link for free, and unlike the free software used by online casinos, the winning numbers are determined fairly. Some online casinos give away free roulette game downloads but the software is rigged to make you win more than what you would if you played with the real money. The intention is to encourage you to play for real money and lose.

Almost all use a random number generator to determine the winning number. Is you are interested in playing slot machines, such free games are all you need. But it isn’t real roulette. The only real roulette consists of a physical roulette wheel and ball. Learn why most players lose and how to test your roulette system so you don’t waste time on a losing strategy.

As far as I know, nobody has ever devised a system to beat a slot machine. And that’s exactly what RNG roulette is – a slot machine with deceptive computer animations of a roulette wheel.

The Most Realistic Free Online Roulette Flash Game

Again no free online roulette software can ever substitute for a real roulette wheel, but a well-designed roulette wheel simulator is at

The winning number is not determined by a random number generator. It has the following key differences:

  • The wheel and ball speeds are randomized, just as what happens with a real roulette wheel.
  • The wheel direction is alternated each time, which is common in real casinos.
  • The ball bounce distance is simulated. While you don’t see the ball bounce, the internal calculations are simulated and based on real physics.

Basically the the source code of the roulette game was specially modified to simulate the main elements of a real physical roulette wheel.

How to Play The Roulette Game

The game is written in flash, so you need a compatible browser. You won’t be able to play it on an Ipad and some Apple devices. You will need a PC or other compatible computer. You may need to adjust your computer’s security settings to download the game. When the page loads at the above link, the game will load automatically. You will notice that the ball is always in view. When you begin each spin, the ball will begin to move starting with the previous location. This is an essential part in simulating roulette spins. It is not like a random number generator game where the number is entirely decided by random computer numbers.

The basic rules of roulette still apply, so there are maximum and minimum bets. You have a sufficient starting bankroll for any roulette system or betting strategy. If you ever run out of chips, simply reload the page for new betting credits.

The game is completely free without the need to download anything, and it will always be free. We do have links to recommended casinos on the game page, but they have nothing to do with the free game we provide. The statistical odds of winning are no different between the software game (aka roulette simulator) assuming your betting strategy is not advantage play, which applies an understanding of roulette physics to predict the spins outcomes.

The Game Interface & Wheel

The wheel layout used is the single European roulette wheel, because it is the most common type of wheel. The only difference with the double zero American wheel is it has an extra pocket and the wheel layout is different. If you want to test with an American wheel, understand if a system fails with the European roulette game, it will also fail with American roulette anyway.

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