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About Me

Firstly I’ll explain some of my background. I am widely considered the foremost expert in roulette, having developed technology such as the only automated roulette prediction device (see & I have also developed roulette systems that have won fortunes yet do not require any electronic devices. I manage the largest professional roulette team consisting of nearly 100 partners, although I have taught over 1,000 other players via

Most of my roulette income comes from partners who apply my systems for a profit-split, so I don’t need to “sell” anything to live comfortably. I own the largest roulette forums (, vlsroulette and Casinos have offered to pay me as a consultant, although I refused as I have no interest in helping casinos.

I have been developing technology and non-electronic methods to beat roulette almost every day for the last 20 years. Even when I’m on vacation, I’m still busy managing my teams. While I also manage other businesses, roulette is a primary focus for income because I find it very profitable. I am well known in the industry and over the years have acquired extensive knowledge from decades of roulette play, in addition to consorting with literally tens of thousands of other roulette players, casino staff (many who are now part of my team), and even roulette wheel designers. While it may appear “overconfident”, I believe it is likely fact I know roulette better than anyone.

Understanding What Roulette Really Is

It may appear mundane to first look at what roulette actually is, but it is necessary. Most players subconsciously consider roulette to be the table. i.e. they place bets based on what they see on the table, but the table has nothing to do with the winning number. The winning number is determined by the wheel and ball.

Many players refer to Einstein having said it is impossible to beat roulette. His exact comment was “You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it.”

Note he said the word TABLE, NOT WHEEL. And he was right, because:

1. The table is a deliberately scattered representation of the wheel to make bets represent scattered areas of the wheel.

2. The table and payouts combined mean that even when you win, you are awarded UNFAIR PAYOUTS.

Now let’s look at each of these points closely . . .

If you’re familiar with the layout of the European (single 0) wheel, you’d know numbers 32 and 0 are next to each other on the wheel, but on the table they’re at complete opposite sides. Numbers that are close to 0 on the actual wheel include 32,26,15,3,19. So the relationship between the table and wheel is deliberately randomized. If the wheel had numbers in sequential order such as 0,1,2,3,4 etc. then players would be more inclined to look at roulette for what it really is, and therefore develop strategies that at least have a chance of winning. And casinos don’t want that.

Critical Misconceptions About Software (RNG) Roulette

One of the common misconceptions that drives me nuts is many players think software roulette offered by online casinos is “roulette”. I’m talking about the “computer games” where the wheel is just a computer animation. It may look like roulette, and the odds and payouts may be the same, but that’s where the similarities end.

This is not roulette. It is a slot machine with roulette wheel animations. And you cant beat a slot machine. Why will be explained later, but basically this is because the results are obtained from a random number generator (RNG) and there are no real or measurable physical variables for you to predict the next winning number. The only real roulette involves a physical roulette wheel and ball, and it is the only roulette you can ever beat.

Believe me I have come across tens of thousands of avid roulette players, and not one of them genuinely beats RNG roulette. I myself have wasted many years trying to beat RNG roulette, but now understand WHY it cannot be beaten. You simply cannot beat RNG roulette (slot machines). For many years I have offered a $100,000 cash award to anyone who can prove me wrong: see and so far, everyone who has attempted the challenge has failed the first step, because it involves proper testing.

What Gives The Casino an Edge (why most players lose)

Understanding what gives the casino their edge is critical. It is called the “house edge” and put simply it means “unfair payouts”. We shouldn’t make this part more complicated than it needs to be. An example is if you bet on red, you would win 50% of the time IF there was no green 0. But there IS a green zero.

An example not involving 0 is as follows: there are 37 numbers on the European wheel including 0. The 0 pocket is really just another pocket. Nothing makes it special besides it being green. Now if you bet on say number 32 for 37 spins, statistically you will win once where you are paid 35 units plus the original unit you wagered. So after 37 spins, you are left with 36 units. Now this is the critical part to understand . . . If the payouts were FAIR, the payout would be 36-1 which means that after the 37 spins, you would be left with 36 units + the 1 unit you wagered, which means you have broken even.

In other words, the unfair payout ensures that even when you win on an individual spin, you still lose in the long term. Forget about betting progression (changing bet size after losses) – it wont help you because each spin is independent, and an increased bet size only means you stand to lose more on that individual spin. And forget about the notion that after 10 blacks in a row, red is more likely to spin because of some kind of “natural balance”. It just doesn’t work that way. It is a well tested fact that previous spins don’t affect future spins (there is one critical and overlooked exception I’ll explain in later issues).

Hopefully this issue has helped clear up misconceptions about what roulette is. You may need to read it a few times if the concepts are new to you. If you choose not to accept them as plain truth, you are trying to say 1+1 doesn’t = 2, but so be it.

In the coming issues, I’ll explain how perceived “random” spins are not random at all, and exactly what makes roulette PREDICTABLE. It will change the way you look at the wheel forever.

You will get a different part of the course each time. The upcoming issues include various instructional videos that provide the free trial roulette system.

By the end of this free roulette system course, you will know beyond a doubt that the methods I’ve provided are legitimately effective. But keep in mind the free methods are only a fraction of my full system used by my players. My full system is much more powerful, and much easier to use than the free methods I provide. Many players literally earn a living with it.

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