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In the previous issue, you learned a basic visual ballistics method to predict where the ball will land. Similar techniques have won millions, which is why casinos consider them a serious threat. In this issue I’ll introduce you to electronic devices called “roulette computers”, and they make the application of “ballistic” methods much easier. The below explains the basics of roulette computers.

Roulette Computers Vs Visual Ballistics

To recap, visual ballistics involves simply determining when the ball is at a specific target speed. Then you take the reference number (number A). The technique I taught is extremely simple and can determine how many ball revolutions remain in the spin, within an accuracy of about 1 revolution. There are even better methods, but the one I’ve explained is easy to learn. To refresh your memory, see below:

Video 1: Principles that Make Roulette Predictable, and Introduction to “visual ballistics techniques


Video 2: Getting predictions early enough to place bets


Typical roulette computers do exactly the same thing as visual ballistics, but they do it with slightly more accuracy. So for example, in the videos above you will have noticed sometimes my prediction was inaccurate by 2 ball revolutions. Most were accurate to the exact revolution.

If we tested the same 10 spins with both a basic roulette computer and visual ballistics, a chart showing the difference in accuracy would look like below. Basically 0 is “perfect”, +1 is one revolution off-target, and +2 is 2 revolutions off-target. Put in simpler terms, the lower the number, the better:

0 = Correct revolution
+1 = Inaccurate by 1 revolution
+2 = Inaccurate by 2 revolution

Roulette Computer

Visual Ballistics

Spin 1



Spin 2



Spin 3



Spin 4



Spin 5



Spin 6



Spin 7



Spin 8



Spin 9



Spin 10



We can see the roulette computer is only marginally more accurate than clumsily estimating when the ball is at the same speed between spins. Even with a roulette computer, we still have errors because of factors such as:

1. The ball and ball track has imperfections, so the distance the ball will roll often varies, even from the point the ball is at the same speed.

2. Basic roulette computers rely on the user to “click” a button each time the ball passes the diamond. This takes timings of the ball, and determines the ball speed. This is subject to about 50ms error for each timing. Visual ballistics players are accurate to within around 150ms which is only a fraction of a second worse.

To learn more about how roulette computers work, the mathematics and algorithms behind them, and how to make one yourself, see http://www.roulette-computers.com/how-to-make/ and information below.

Basic Roulette Computers and What They Do

Level 1 Roulette Computer (simplest possible computer): The most basic roulette computer possible is called a “thumper”. It is just a small device that vibrates every second or so. It is simply a “beat keeper”. It can be used many ways, one of which is just feeling the “thumps” every second and waiting for the ball’s speed to match the timing of the thumps. I give such devices to my players for free. One particular roulette computer seller sells a similar kind of device for an incredible $2000. He calls it the “radical computer” and claims it has countless features such as being able to adjust for ball deceleration rate changes, but is nothing more than a dressed up “thumper”. This particular seller is as manipulative as they get. Anyone can make a similar device for pennies, call it the best roulette computer ever, then sell it for thousands.

Level 2 (still very basic, but slightly better than level 1): This is a roulette computer where the player clicks a button to take timings of the ball as it passes the diamond until the interval between the clicks reaches the “target ball speed”. Then it vibrates to let you know you need to look for the reference number (Number A). I give this kind of roulette computer for free to players who use the full roulettephysics.com system..

Level 3: This type of computer does the same thing as a level 2 computer, but also allows the player to take timings of the wheel (rotor). This makes the computer slightly more accurate when the rotor is at different speeds between spins. This is the most common type of roulette computer that vendors sell on the Internet, and despite claims from sellers, they are only marginally more accurate than visual ballistics because they only do marginally more than basic visual ballistics. Put simply, they only determine when the ball has reached the target speed, and the rotor position when the ball is expected to complete its last revolution. Again it is only marginally better than visual ballistics. Level 3 roulette computers typically cost between $1500 – $5000. Considering that visual ballistics gives you must the same accuracy, and visual ballistics is legal everywhere, you are usually better off learning visual ballistics.

Level 4 Roulette Computer: These computers do more than just the basics explained above. Where other computers achieve no accuracy on modern wheels, these computers achieve a high and stable edge. Examples of such computers are at www.roulette-computers.com and www.hybridroulettecomputer.com – these are computers I develop. They account for ball deceleration rate changes that occur due to variables such as air pressure and weather changes. They also adjust not only different wheel rotor speeds, but also the different types of bounce on different rotor speeds. They are also capable of targeting specific diamond hits, and utilize optional features to give predictions only when the ball is likely to bounce in the most predictable way.

My most advanced roulette computers a hidden camera and image recognition technology to automatically measure ball and wheel rotor speeds, which is a very different thing from manually clicking a button to take timings. See part of this device tracking the wheel and ball location in the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdFHGuV1vFc – this technology is very different to the average computers.

To understand the full differences between available roulette computers, see the roulette computer comparison page at www.roulette-computers.com/comparison.htm

My roulette computers are by far the quickest and most effective method to beat roulette. They are legal to use in roughly half of casinos, but even where they are legal, casinos reserve the right to ban players using them. They are the ultimate portable business that have changed the lives of many players. But as their price tag is prohibitive for many people, the full roulettephysics.com roulette system with JAA software is a more popular option for players looking to earn a living from roulette. It is just as profitable as the roulette computers with the only downside being it takes longer to apply than the computers.

To learn more about my roulette computers, visit www.roulette-computers.com and www.hybridroulettecomputer.com. Or if you prefer techniques that are completely legal everything, become a full player of my jaa roulette system at www.roulettephysics.com/purchase/

Fact Vs Fiction

Unscrupulous sellers of other roulette computers will tell you anything they must to convince you that their device is best. I suggest never take anything they say at face-value. Because their manipulation is so widespread, you need to carefully consider information if you are interested in purchasing a roulette computer that is capable of beating modern wheels in real casino conditions. Ask sellers the right questions, including myself, and approach every answer with skepticism. You will find eventually the one who is lying will either contradict themselves, find an excuse to avoid the question, or give a vague answer that doesn’t make sense.

To help clear up myths about my roulette computers, occasionally I conduct public demonstrations where anyone can attend and witness my technology, and technology from other roulette computer sellers. See the video recording from one of the previous public demonstrations at http://www.roulette-computers.com/videos/ where I demonstrated a 93% win rate covering 15 numbers. This is a win on almost every spin, on a modern roulette wheel with very early predictictions.

To get the best free roulette systems that really work, see the top 5 proven roulette systems and the video series below. It's the best 100% free information for winning roulette you'll find. It's written by professionals who are really earning a living from roulette.

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